The Invasion of Europe

Third World Invasion: The ISIS Threat and Beyond

Past attempts by Islam to overrun and eradicate European civilization, as it had done to the many great civilizations that had previously flourished in the Middle East, were stopped at the Gates of Vienna, or by Charles Martel. If anyone stops the current effort, it will be because enough people listen to Geert Wilders:

The humanitarian disaster unfolding on the Mediterranean is likely already providing a “shield” for Islamist terrorists to infiltrate waves of migrants attempting the perilous crossing from North Africa to Europe, terrorism experts and other strategic observers are warning. And they say a UN plan to resettle 1 million refugees in Western nations would turn the situation into a full-blown security crisis.

The exodus now unfolding, as well as the UN call to take in refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern and African nations over the next five years, is providing a “shield for the passage of jihadists to Europe,” said one analyst. Once absorbed into the societies of Europe and other rich countries such as the United States, ISIS operatives would be set to eventually gain all the freedoms of other citizens of those countries – including the freedom to travel, often without having to go through the extra scrutiny involved in obtaining a passport visa.

“ISIS has threatened to [infiltrate the migrants] and German intelligence already said that this is a real threat,” Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders told from The Netherlands. “An open door policy would – both for the USA and Europe – mean that the threat of Islamists and terrorists entering our countries would increase to a very dangerous level.”

In the long term, how many of the numberless Third World colonists are actual terrorists is irrelevant. The main danger is that there are too many of them, and that on the whole they are unassimilable.

They do not come to participate, but to sponge and to conquer.

This gives an idea of what is pouring into Europe in vast numbers:

Muslims among migrants trying to reach Italy by boat from Libya tossed 12 fellow passengers overboard this month because they were Christians, Italian police said. All 12 drowned…

They are not immigrants; they are an invasion force. Their desperation, which turns Europeans against themselves by yanking on heartstrings, is a weapon far more effective than tanks and fighter jets.

If Europe has a right to exist, it has a right to defend itself. That entails stopping the invasion now, by whatever means necessary, before Europe is overrun almost exactly as foreseen in Jean Raspail’s prescience The Camp of the Saints.

Wilders is one of the very few with the courage to demand the invasion be stopped. But millions more know he’s right.

Closer to home, Moslem congresscritters Keith Ellison and Andre Carson are trying to ban Wilders from entering the USA. For obvious reasons, the enemy within does not want his voice heard.

the camp of the saints
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The UK has Gone Mad

Anarchy in the UK

Anarcho-Tyranny is when the managerial state either loses the will or the capacity to control real criminals so they harass the citizenry. The best example I can conjure is your car. In most American communities, the cops don’t even bother to look for stolen cars. They take a report and put the car in the system. The car could be on fire in front of the station and they don’t bother to notice. Car theft is simply not their concern. That’s the anarchy.

On the other hand, every street corner and intersection now has a camera for spotting violations. In my two mile commute to the office, I pass through a dozen cameras. Then there are the cops looking for broken taillights, drivers not wearing seat belts and any of an endless list of potential violations that have nothing to do with safety. That’s the tyranny.

In Britain, the process is far more advanced than in the US. There, the authorities truly are game keepers, policing every little thing about the public. If I were located in Britain, this blog would have me rotting in prison because I’m obviously a threat to the progress of mankind.

If that sounds farfetched, consider this from yesterday.

A former Monty Python cameraman has been arrested for harassment over a series of homemade satirical posters mocking local councillors.

John Wellard, 71, said the episode was “completely pythonesque” and told the six police officers who arrived at his home on Friday night: “I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.”

The pensioner was questioned by police for two hours after the police received complaints that a series of light-hearted posters appearing in Faversham, Kent, amounted to harassment of members of the town council.

Residents have been locked in an on-going dispute with councillors over fears the town’s historic creek area will be developed into expensive flats.

In the last few months, posters have been handed around local pubs and posted through doors, along with brown envelopes stuffed with copies of old Venezuelan banknotes bearing the note: “If you find this message please return it to your councillor.”

One poster depicts a Tory councillor on a donkey riding through the town, while another describes the town’s mayor and other local figures as “a growing problem in the heart of Kent”.

Mr Wellard, who refuses to confirm or deny any involvement in the posters, believes his name had been given to Kent Police because one of the posters involved a joke from the 1979 Monty Python film Life of Brian.

He told The Mail: “It was completely Pythonesque. Lampoonery and satire have been part of British public life for centuries.

“Why have six policemen threatened to go through my belongings just because a few feathers have been ruffled? Freedom of speech is being whittled away.”

Mr Wellard, who was interviewed under caution at the local police station, chose to give a ‘no comment’ answer to every question.

“It’s irrelevant who’s done what because I do not believe any offence has been committed,” he said.

“I refused to make any comment, not as a measure of my guilt but I don’t believe that I, or anyone else concerned, have done anything wrong.

“In politics people make criticisms and say all kinds of insulting things – if they can’t take the joke they shouldn’t join.

“When the six police were about to search the house I joked that “I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition”, but it fell a bit flat.

Of course it fell flat. Authoritarianism is humorless and that’s the heart of managerialism. From top to bottom the system is staffed with the narrowest of narrow minded bureaucrats, who live for the chance to fill out forms about the plenary session of the third department’s planning session for the annual meeting to discuss the last annual meeting.

Managerialism is rule by toll booth operator. Every soulless automaton in the system has one job and they are charged to do it with a ruthless efficiency. That’s how they are measured and that’s how they think. Humor, by its nature, is coloring outside the lines and that becomes a high crime in the managerial state

In Britain, Pakistani pimps are permitted to rape little English girls because that is easier for the custodians than the alternatives. That’s the anarchy. The people in the bureaucracy can never look up from their screens long enough to consider the wider implications of their actions. That risks stepping out of line and being noticed for something other than ruthlessly adhering to the rules.

On the other hand, local cut-ups make sport of the mandarins threaten order and that cannot be tolerated so they send out the cops, probably walking right past some Pakistani pimps, to harass an old man over posters. That’s the tyranny and it is coming to the US like a tsunami of sewage.

From Z Man:


The American Caste System. Slavery Demonstrated.

About the Corporate Slave Class

One of the key aspects of any slave caste is that they tend to be forbidden to carry arms, or their rights to weaponry tend to be highly restricted. Certain warrior castes can carry weapons, but priests and artisans tend to have their rights to the use of force restricted in many situations.

When going through the paintings of the Dutch masters, it’s not uncommon to see free men carrying swords and pistols, sometimes as ceremonial symbols of status, but also as a demonstration of their superior rights. Trade was not separate from war, and even before the advent of mass conscription, the levée writ small if not en masse was something that hung over the heads of many men from many social classes. The men in this painting are officers, but their lack of uniformity shows that it dates from before the democratic era (click for big):

Bartholomeus_van_der_Helst_Banquet_of_the_Amsterdam_Civic_Guard_in_Celebration_of_the_Peace_of_Münster (1)

Especially since the end of World War II and the step back from mass conscription, even in republics like the United States, baptized in the blood of citizen militias, we have instead regressed (or pro-gressed, depending on your viewpoint) to professional warrior castes holding arms in the urban areas, with a more mixed state of affairs outside the cities.

This creates a cultural and political tension between the American cities and the outside. Within the cities, the people are soft, disarmed, and androgynous. They’re lead by something like a slave caste of bureaucrats and artisans, lead by a small number of oligarchical corporate capitalists who own most of the property and the access to legal and financial leverage points over the system of trade.

Especially since the 2007 financial crisis and the escalation of the cost of living in these cities, this slave caste (which is often quite wealthy, as slave castes often have been, particularly in the East) has become more squeezed and dependent. It’s not uncommon to hear of particularly ambitious corporate slaves who have achieved ‘success’ only to be able to barely afford to buy a humble, lower middle class home in their favored region near the seat of power. Outside the seat of power, even a truck driver can afford to buy a beautiful home which would cost millions of dollars in the central cities. Inside the seat of power, most of the slaves can only afford to rent from either higher-end slaves or members of the oligarchical class.

This slave class tends to look down on the more numerous classes of dependent helots, concentrated in the same cities, but with a sense of pity, occasionally with contempt. The slave class sees it as their moral obligation to support and even uplift the helots, who are usually darker skinned. The slave class both hates, fears, and ridicules the freer middle classes from the less densely populated regions in the interior, not understanding how and why the freemen tend to value their rights to bear arms and hold their own property so much.

The slave class is entirely dependent on the activities in the modern bureaucratic courts. They’re skimmers, financiers, rule-makers, centralizers, standardizers, administrators, teachers, technologists, and cultural manipulators. They usually turn their noses up at independence, even in matters of business, preferring to raise paper money for grand projects with social missions from their oligarchical superiors. They’ll happily trade autonomy for a recognized position within the court, even if it makes them soft and dependent on the system. Hand such a man a gun, and he will tend to feel frightened of the idea of shooting it.

The reason for this is simpler if we look at our society from a broader historical perspective: to hold a gun and to use it wouldn’t be just illegal in most cities without permits, but it would be a violation of a caste boundary. You’ll hear this often from slave women, who are usually quite happy and comfortable in servitude, no matter what she says in earshot of her masters to show what a spirited, hard-working, self-abnegating little slave she is.

When a slave man she knows brings up guns or buying a gun, she will have an immediate emotional reaction to it, sometimes even babbling about how terrible and dangerous guns are, and why one shouldn’t own it or even know how to use it.

Rather than calling the slave woman addled, we should recognize her reaction for what it is — an entirely sensible enforcement of the social caste boundaries which she has intuited. The armed super-cop praetorian is the one authorized to carry a gun. Members of the helot class who are criminals can also be permitted to carry guns now and again, so long as they don’t leave their neighborhoods to menace the powder-skinned slaves too often. Every once in a while, a helot kills a slave, but slaves will tend to instead blame the inherent sin of their own class rather than the semi-feral aggression of the helot types.

These slaves, especially when they advocate for national gun control laws, are just trying to enhance the relative power of the praetorian class, their oligarchical masters, and their own harem-like social organization, so highly dependent on refined, obscure, and fashionably fluctuating religious doctrines emanating from their high academies, as dramatized in the glowing liturgical pageants emanating from screens.

The recent events in Ferguson, MO tended to be those slave classes cheering on the mass violence from the helots directed against the freemen, white and colored, who owned businesses in the downtown.

The freemen tend to be loyal to the older symbols, doctrines, religions, and philosophies of the American founding stock. The slaves, who typically own no property which isn’t contingent on their servitude, only use those symbols in cynical ways to achieve their political ends.

This is really the shape of the conflict that’s brewing on the North American continent. The higher end slaves and the oligarchs don’t like the freemen, their culture, and their resistance to their oligarchical masters who live in New York, Washington, and elsewhere, even around the globe. The Republican party essentially represents the freemen, but usually only in terms of their brokering the many surrenders to the oligarchs and their golden-chained toads.

In this, the urban slaves know that to import more helots from around the globe is to weaken the relative position of the freemen. This also increases their own burdens, but because they are slaves who’ve had the pride and independence trained out of them, this doesn’t rankle them all that much. Indeed, the elite education process is now more one more appropriate to the conditioning of a slave class (which is what it produces) than a class of free men befitting a noble republic.

This system is not particularly wisely put together, nor is it likely to survive, if only because slaves are such terrible fighters, and helots are also terrible fighters. The slave classes are making very loud noises about how much they distrust the praetorians, and how much they would prefer it if the praetorian caste came to be either replaced by helots, or made into a helot praetorian caste.

Why this is doesn’t seem to be from any sort of rational thought process. It’s more that the slave mentality within them has gone to a runaway, ‘left singularity’ signalling competition, in which the slaves are desperate to show that they are more humble and submissive to the needs of the oligarchs than the slave next to them. It’s a sort of groveling competition. The slaves also like to think that their influence over the helots — and their lauding of them as more holy and important than themselves — will also help them use those helots as proxy armies against their real rivals, the freemen.

The reason why the republic temporarily triumphed in Europe was because of physical and moral superiority of the republican army to the degenerating, unreliable monarchical military orders. Some combination of independent free fighters, privateers, mercenaries, and disciplined professional armies came to dominate the globe. Numbers aren’t really nearly as important as superiority in discipline and a sacred mission.

Slaves also lack the audacity and courage of free men, because they gain nothing when they either win or lose, whereas the freemen have everything to gain from conflict and everything to lose from surrender.

Similarly, a slave class intent on degrading the quality of their own praetorian protectors is not one which is likely to survive. It may be a typical example of slaves passive-aggressively retaliating against their own feckless masters, without really understanding what they’re doing on a conscious level.

Because freedom is unthinkable to a slave — the very thought terrifies them — appeals to liberty have no impact on their hearts. They would prefer death, and act according to their true preferences.

Any mystery around Western birth rates dissipates if you think of them as a slave class who prefer sterilization on the female side and adopting the physical and emotional persona of a court eunuch on the part of the males. An odd development in demographics becomes normal, predictable, categorizable in a logical historical context.

Similarly, the oligarchs are merely an advanced class of slave, being educated in the same religious institutions, having the same disdain for the art of war, and are themselves more predisposed to flight than fight.

The private jet is their favored vehicle for a reason. Delicate, fast, expensive, and it puts them above the land and the water, keeps them away from the zombie port rituals of security-purification, and carries no weapons or defenses whatsoever.

In this, the slaves ought to be cheered on, as they walk as in a trance state towards their own mass-suicide.

Drink the Kool-Aid: it’ll taste sweet. That burning sensation in your throat is just that feeling of liberation, as your soul separates from your flesh.

So in North America and to some extent in Europe, the political task is a bit difficult, but not all that dire, necessarily. A good first step is to call the slaves what they are, and to treat them as free men treat slaves of a foreign empire with an alien religion, which is with contempt and pity, rather than with awe, respect, and fear. The absurd slaves of a dying empire, eager to flagellate themselves and their fellows for public entertainment, can do nothing independently worth fearing. They ask to be broken, they ask to leave no traces to history, so work to break them and then erase them.

That’s only what they’re asking for, proudly so, loudly so, dramatically so, so they’re not even likely to complain when it happens to them.

Identitarians may quibble — “these slaves, they are our own people! The urban elves are us!” Which is somewhat true, and a good enough reason to needle some of them to flee the court, if only to deprive the rival system of useful human and material resources.

A few slaves, even of the better class, will often react with shame upon realizing what they really are, and in being called what they are. But most are comfortable with slave life, and should not be told that freedom would be better for them, because it wouldn’t be. But their interests and desires as slaves shouldn’t be of much concern to you, nor should you feel any special responsibility towards maintaining their happiness or the modern bureaucro-court system which they would not be able to survive without.

It’s just a matter of separating the slaves from their protectors, which they themselves seem to be eager to do, so this isn’t even pushing on resistance, but pushing with their own suicidal impulses. Once they are left with nothing but an erratic force of terrible, barbaric helot dregs, they won’t be capable of projecting force to any long term end — certainly not overseas. The primary difficulty faced by freemen is more a lack of territorial integrity, but that’s a solvable problem. The slave mentality of unquestioning obedience is also an obstacle, but a surmountable one, especially as the imperial capitol becomes more erratic, incompetent, and self-destructive.

What must be also articulated and demonstrated is a better type of civilization more appropriate to Western men who have become alienated from their own history. The reason why we dominated the globe — and still do, even in a weakened state — is because, unlike all other peoples, we have this ingrained understanding of the motive power of liberty, as it’s properly understood.

The problem with slave systems, as compared to even relatively free systems like that of feudalism, is that slaves just ain’t all that loyal, nor are they willing to go above and beyond pleasing the master and staying comfortable. When a contest appears, slaves will reliably break instead of fighting. They build up resentments, and those resentments can be used to motivate betrayals. Our modern slave system is so full of traitors that traitors have even become national heroes, as the slaves look up to them, and see the traitor that they could be if they only had the courage.

Seeing it in this light, while the suicidal empire might be dangerous in the same way that a crocodile bleeding to death from a mortal wound may lash out in fury with its remaining energy, the better course of action is to work to contain it, physically, until the animal’s body goes cold.


The West Wants to Whitewash islam

Sounding the Alarm on Expansionist Islam

F. W. Burleigh, author of It’s All About Muhammad, A Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet, sounds the alarm on expansionist Islam:

It has consumed a fifth of the human race. Yet the part of the human race that has not yet been devoured is divided between a small number of people who understand it for the carnivore that it is and the greater number who believe it is herbivorous. The ones who understand try their best to warn about it. They shout, jump up and down, pay for ads on buses, write articles and books, and blog about it until their fingers are bleeding. But the rest of the people cross their arms and say, “I refuse to believe what you are saying. It is not at all what you are talking about. It is a religion of peace.”

Even the supposed warmonger W used that preposterous mischaracterization to whitewash Islam rather than acknowledge the existential threat it poses.

It is not playful and cuddly and never will be. It has swallowed entire civilizations, worthwhile creations of humanity that had millennial histories behind them before they were devoured. Western civilization is not immune from being devoured.

Much of it already has been. Vast areas absorbed by expansionist Islam over the centuries used to be Christian.

Islam’s prophet was not a nice guy. People are dying over his vindictive grudges to this day:

He was given the name Muhammad and he grew up with epileptic experiences that led him to believe he was in communion with the divine, a common experience with people who suffer from epilepsy.

What was different about this epileptic was that he did not like being laughed at when he told his compatriots that God talked to him. Or when he came up with verses that he insisted were from God and were transmitted to him by an angel. He did not like to be made fun of and shunned by people who thought he was strange even though he was indeed strange. The more he pushed this idea about himself as someone God talked to, the more people ridiculed him — and the angrier he got.

He threatened to bring them slaughter, and he brought them slaughter after they ran him out of town. He attacked their caravans and defeated them in battles and threw the bodies of their leaders down a well. Then he turned on other people who also ridiculed his claim that God talked to him, particularly the Jews. The Jews saw he was a fraud because he claimed to be a prophet in the line of Abraham, yet he wasn’t even a Jew. And he took their prophet stories and rewrote them so that he was the hero of the narrative, the best and the last of the prophets. The Jews made fun of him, so he murdered them, and he kept murdering until people throughout Arabia were so afraid of him they joined his religion.

The more you know about threats, the more effectively you can defend yourself. Even after 9/11 and the rise of the Islamic State, most people don’t have a clue about Islam, or they would not tolerate Obama’s efforts to facilitate the fanatical Islamic regime in Iran acquiring nuclear weapons — which the ayatollahs will not hesitate to use any more than Mohammad would. Be informed.

From MB: