The West Wants to Whitewash islam

Sounding the Alarm on Expansionist Islam

F. W. Burleigh, author of It’s All About Muhammad, A Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet, sounds the alarm on expansionist Islam:

It has consumed a fifth of the human race. Yet the part of the human race that has not yet been devoured is divided between a small number of people who understand it for the carnivore that it is and the greater number who believe it is herbivorous. The ones who understand try their best to warn about it. They shout, jump up and down, pay for ads on buses, write articles and books, and blog about it until their fingers are bleeding. But the rest of the people cross their arms and say, “I refuse to believe what you are saying. It is not at all what you are talking about. It is a religion of peace.”

Even the supposed warmonger W used that preposterous mischaracterization to whitewash Islam rather than acknowledge the existential threat it poses.

It is not playful and cuddly and never will be. It has swallowed entire civilizations, worthwhile creations of humanity that had millennial histories behind them before they were devoured. Western civilization is not immune from being devoured.

Much of it already has been. Vast areas absorbed by expansionist Islam over the centuries used to be Christian.

Islam’s prophet was not a nice guy. People are dying over his vindictive grudges to this day:

He was given the name Muhammad and he grew up with epileptic experiences that led him to believe he was in communion with the divine, a common experience with people who suffer from epilepsy.

What was different about this epileptic was that he did not like being laughed at when he told his compatriots that God talked to him. Or when he came up with verses that he insisted were from God and were transmitted to him by an angel. He did not like to be made fun of and shunned by people who thought he was strange even though he was indeed strange. The more he pushed this idea about himself as someone God talked to, the more people ridiculed him — and the angrier he got.

He threatened to bring them slaughter, and he brought them slaughter after they ran him out of town. He attacked their caravans and defeated them in battles and threw the bodies of their leaders down a well. Then he turned on other people who also ridiculed his claim that God talked to him, particularly the Jews. The Jews saw he was a fraud because he claimed to be a prophet in the line of Abraham, yet he wasn’t even a Jew. And he took their prophet stories and rewrote them so that he was the hero of the narrative, the best and the last of the prophets. The Jews made fun of him, so he murdered them, and he kept murdering until people throughout Arabia were so afraid of him they joined his religion.

The more you know about threats, the more effectively you can defend yourself. Even after 9/11 and the rise of the Islamic State, most people don’t have a clue about Islam, or they would not tolerate Obama’s efforts to facilitate the fanatical Islamic regime in Iran acquiring nuclear weapons — which the ayatollahs will not hesitate to use any more than Mohammad would. Be informed.

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