Confederate Flag is Bad. All other Offensive Stuff is Good. The Media Mob has Spoken.



Online Retailers Banned The Confederate Flag, But They Still Sell These 11 Outrageous Items

  24, 2015 By

History buffs must now look elsewhere for their Confederate flags and associated Civil War memorabilia. Under growing pressure from a mob of bloggers and writers, Internet retailers like Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy announced they would no longer sell Confederate memorabilia.

An eBay spokesperson said the flag was a “contemporary symbol of divisiveness.” Officials from Amazon and Etsy then followed suit, issuing similar statements.

But while you can’t order Old Dixie, these equally vile items remain for sale, highlighting the trend of selective news cycle-driven moral outrage.

Margaret Sanger Earings

Margaret Sanger Earrings on ETSY. How nice…

She said blacks were inferior and should be exterminated. But oh that terrible flag…

concentration cash

Concentration camp cash on E-Bay…Totally cool…

See all of these wonderful items available on the most popular websites. But don’t expect to see that terrible Confederate Flag.

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