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Media Madness

August 29, 2014


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Truth Has No Place in Our Media

July 25, 2014


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Shit for Brains Demonrat Voters

July 8, 2014


Brave ENough

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Political Reporting from The Lame Stream Media

June 11, 2014

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Report Real Dangers? No Way.

May 23, 2014

The role of the sycophant press in a utopia is to keep the mob state of frenzy.

The frenzy requires the mob be terrified at utterly imaginary Chicken-Little style dangers while drugged and numb to real dangers.

The frenzy requires the mob to be forever discontented at whoever the designated enemy is: in Nazi Germany, the designated enemy the Jew; in Communist Russia, the Capitalist and the Jew; in Islamic nations, the Great Satan and the Jew; in America, the rich, the white, the male, the Christian and the Jew. In all cases, the sycophant press can never report on real dangers, because this would require the Glorious Leader do actually do something to solve a problem. But imaginary dangers (Global Warming, Hole in the Ozone Layer, DDT, Acid Rain, Alar, White Supremacists, Hate Crimes, Homophobia, Heterosexual AIDS, Sexual Harassment, Income Inequality, Gender Income Bias, Theocracy) require nothing but giving the Glorious Leader ever more power to solve them.

The 3 Rs of Conservatism: Right, Reason and Reality EveryJoe

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Seriously Looney Tunes

April 20, 2014

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CNN is going to find that Airliner…Dammit!

March 30, 2014

Is it about time that we start searching for America instead of this airplane?



I am more interested in where our country has gone, and I wish we would have just as intense a focus on what has happened and where our country went down as there has been on this airplane. - – Limbaugh

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mooslim Terrorist News You Won’t hear from The MSM

March 9, 2014

Iranian Kills Himself at Georgia Tech Evidently While Preparing Terror Attack

Congratulations to our rulers on nearly solving the Muslim terrorism problem. By “our rulers,” I’m referring to the media, not the government it installed and enables.

Their solution to Muslim terrorism is simple; they don’t report it unless there is no way to keep a lid on it. That makes it disappear.

For example, how much do you know about Saamer Akhshabi? Unless you read the foreign press, probably nothing at all.

A Georgia Tech graduate student who set himself on fire while apparently experimenting with bomb-making elements in his apartment last month has died, officials confirmed Thursday.

Saamer Akhshabi, an Iranian national, had burns on more than 90 percent of his body following the February 4 explosion in his apartment near the university, where Akhshabi was studying in the College of Computing.

Law enforcement officials investigating the case found in Akhshabi’s apartment an apparent Molotov Cocktail and multiple plastic bottles filled with gasoline and kerosene.

Move along folks. Nothing to see here:

‘We have worked closely with other law enforcement agencies during the investigation of this tragic incident,’ Robert Connolly, interim police chief for Georgia Tech, said in an emailed statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ‘The FBI has relayed that, to date, they have not developed any information or evidence indicating criminal intent in this investigation.’

Of course there was no evidence of criminal intent. He might have planned to use the Molotov cocktails to help out at a weenie roast.

Law enforcement officials determined that Akhshabi wasn’t a threat to the Georgia Tech community, but it remains unclear what he planned to do with the explosive material found in his apartment.

Any ideas, other than the weenie roast? Anybody? Bueller?

Searching “Saamer Akhshabi” on Google News produced a total of six results. If he had been affiliated with the Tea Party, it would have produced 6,000.

Good thing Akhshabi didn’t succeed in killing a large number of people. The press would have been forced to make itself look ridiculous by reporting the story without mentioning Islam or the fact that Akhshabi was Iranian.

On a tip from Byron.

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Totally Unrestrained.

March 7, 2014


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I Think I would go With the Club Sandwich

February 24, 2014

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Yes He Is.

February 21, 2014

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FCC Actions are In-Your-Face Tyranny

February 21, 2014

Obama Federal Storm-troopers To Act As Government Minders To Control And Regulate News Content

Kim Jong-un Approves Of Controlling All Aspects Of News Reporting.

Galloping Marxism is upon us.  Freedom of speech, thought, affiliation and information dissemination is under attack from the radicals controlling the levers of government.  The Obama Administration is out of control and seeks to gain hegemony over all aspects of American life.
Last May the FCC proposed an initiative to thrust the federal government into newsrooms across the country. With its “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” or CIN, the agency plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. A field test in Columbia, S.C., is scheduled to begin this spring.
The FCC selected eight categories of “critical information” such as the “environment” and “economic opportunities,” that it believes local newscasters should cover. This Government wants to control the news that gets reported, this is tyranny pure and simple.  Resist Tyranny. Resist the corrupt Obama Administration. We cannot allow the Government to control the news.  Resist becoming North Korea.

From 90 miles: http://ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com/

Can we Say a “Plant”by The Government?

February 17, 2014

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Mainstream Media: Obama’s News Service

February 14, 2014

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Uncle Joe…an Amazing human Experiment You Have going Here…We Love it

February 11, 2014

Stalin Costas

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At MSNBC Everything is RAAACIST!

February 10, 2014

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Mainstream Media: Telling You Anything They Want to

February 5, 2014


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News Media Only Lets You Hear What THEY Want you to Hear

January 28, 2014

CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ Edits Out Senator Ted Cruz Condemning Obama’s Abuse Of Power (Video)

‘Face The Nation’ Edits Out Senator Cruz Condemning Obama’s ‘Abuse Of Power’ – Newsbusters

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday morning and was met with a barrage of questions from host Bob Schieffer about his involvement in the government shutdown. Apart from being the victim of Schieffer’s accusations that the Tea Party senator was to blame for the shutdown, it also appears that Mr. Cruz was the victim of editing by CBS.

Based on video from Senator Cruz’s YouTube page and what aired on Sunday’s Face the Nation broadcast, the senator’s comments surrounding President Obama’s “abuse of power” were edited from the program. Instead what aired was a segment that ignored many of the senator’s complaints directed at President Obama.


. In the video that aired on CBS, the interview between Schieffer and Cruz ended with the following back and forth:

BOB SCHIEFFER: Will you run for president?

SEN. TED CRUZ: “Well, look, my focus is on the challenges facing this country right now (UNINTEL) senate.  My focus, for example, is on the abuse of power from the president.  Let’s take something like the IRS scandal-”

BOB SCHIEFFER: “So, I’ll take that as a yes or a no.”

SEN. TED CRUZ: “Eight months ago-”

BOB SCHIEFFER: “Or still thinking about it.”

SEN. TED CRUZ: “Well, what you can take that as, is that my focus is standing and fighting right now in the senate to bring back jobs and economic growth.  Economic growth is my number one priority…”

BOB SCHIEFFER: “Thank you, so much, for joining us and we’ll talk to you again.”


However, as Senator Cruz’s YouTube channel showed, the Texas senator had extensive commentary on President Obama that mysteriously did not make it to air, just two days before the president’s State of the Union address:

SCHIEFFER: “Will you run for President?”

CRUZ: “My focus is on the abuse of power of this President. Let’s take something like the IRS scandal-”

SCHIEFFER: “Do I take that as a yes or a no?”

CRUZ: “What you can take is that my focus is standing and fighting right now in the Senate to bring back jobs and economic growth. Let me tell you something that is deeply concerning – the abuse of power from this Administration. We’ve seen multiple filmmakers prosecuted and the government’s gone after them. Whether it’s the poor fellow that did the film that the President blamed Benghazi and the terrorist attacks on, turns out that wasn’t the reason for the attack but the Administration went and put that poor fellow in jail on unrelated charges. Just this week it was broken that Dinesh D’Souza, who did a very big movie criticizing the president, is now being prosecuted by this Administration.”

SCHIEFFER: “Senator-”

CRUZ: “Can you image the reaction if the Bush Administration had went, gone and prosecuted Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn?”

SCHIEFFER: “Senator-”

CRUZ: :It should trouble everyone the government uses government power and the IRS in particular to target their enemies and you are talking a new minutes to Chuck Schumer-”

SCHIEFFER: “We are going to leave this for another day, senator. Thank you for joining us and we’ll talk to you again.”


Now it is certainly plausible that CBS edited out the ending of the Cruz interview for time, however given that Cruz’s comments were extremely critical of the president and came just two days before an embattled President Obama gives his State of the Union speech, the timing of such editing is highly inappropriate and unusual.

CBS should explain why it felt it appropriate to edit out a high profile senator accusing the President of the United States of targeting his politcal enemies. These are strong accusations leveled at the president, and CBS’s viewers deserve to hear them, yet strangely they were not.

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

From The DG: http://thedaleygator.wordpress.com/

Orwell was Right

January 24, 2014

From IAHW: http://itaintholywater.blogspot.com/

The Media Really Loves…Themselves!

January 16, 2014

Washington: The Illusion of Government

The Media: The Illusion of Coverage

January 6, 2014

By Fred Reed 

In a paroxysm of patriotic musing, I reflected that Washington  is an insular, incestuous, inward-looking city, chiefly interested in itself,  so politically inbred as to be in danger of hemophilia, out of touch with  reality, having remarkably little understanding of or interest in the rest of  the country or the world. Isnl’t this wonderful?

Inbreeding?  By comparison with the Yankee Capital, West Virginians are on the outer limits  of hybrid vigor.  We had Bush I, a  mediocrity but no worse, and later Bush II, in whom mediocrity would have been  a welcome astonishment. We had Clinton the First, Bill, who was at least  intelligent, then almost had Clinton II, who instead became Secretary of State,  for which her only qualification was having been First Basilisk. Hillary lost  the presidency to Barack Obama, whose only qualification was being black and  reading a teleprompter well. Next we are likely to get Hillary anyway, and  before that we almost had Kerry, whose only qualification was having married a  pickle heiress. He is now Secretary of State, for no discernible reason.

So  it goes in the national sandbox. Dynasty, nepotism, simony, a small  self-absorbed ruling class of no particular merit awarding itself crucial jobs  for reasons of keeping itself in power. How long will that work?  I have read that the Standing Committee of the  Chinese Communist (sic) Party consists of eight engineers and an economist. We  are ruled by a mob of provincial lawyers. Engineers make products. Lawyers make  laws. Hmmmm.

The  problem, sez me, or at any rate one problem, is that  democracy doesn’t scale well. When the  proprietor of a hardware store in Falrmville or Barstow or East Bronchitis or  wherever gets elected mayor, he may inadvertently do a good job since he  actually knows his town and the people in it. But then he runs for national office  and gets to be, say, a congressman or, God help us, moves into the Great  Double-Wide on Pennsylvania Avenue. (It occasionally happens: We don’t always  get rich twerps with private jets and twelve toes from always being in bed with  each other.)

We then have a negligible  attorney who will stay in Congress forever,, who has never been in the  military, presiding over an aggressive, nuclear-armed military that couldn’t  win a bar fight against an octogenarian in a wheel chair. He is a mere  over-promoted ward heeler, he and hundreds like him in the legislature, but  makes industrial policy. He has—they have—perhaps never even been in a foreign  country other than Arkansas, speak no language but English, but make foreign  policy for…you see.

So  how does the rest of the country know what its government is doing? It doesn’t.  It can’t. The media constitute an almost impermeable shield between Washington  and the outer reality festering beyond the Beltway. You’ve heard of synchronized  swimming? Try synchronized thinking. It should be an Olympic sport, as  everything else seems to be. America would dominate.

In  Washington, journalism is founded on diversity. This is a good thing, the  dangers of a homogeneous press corps being obvious. Thus in the newsroom of the  Washington Post, for example, you find white reporters who all think the same  things, black reporters who all think the same things as the white reporters,  Jewish, Asian, gay, lesbian, Hispanic, and undecided reporters, who all think  the same things. Diversity is their strength.

In  fact all across America you see journalistic diversity. We have a wide diversity  of newspapers, television stations, radio outlets, all owned by the same few  corporations, which all have the same interests. Diversity is their strength  too.

The  principle characteristic of the media is that they don’t cover much of  anything. They do cover themselves (which doesn’t contradict the foregoing  statement). If some bubble-headed babble-blonde—I think there is one called  Katie Couric—moves from one indistinguishable network to another, we hear about  it for weeks. I once saw on television someone called Peers, or maybe Piers,  Morgan, who displayed the incisive intelligence of a platypus. His ratings were  said to be falling: maybe there is hope for the US public after all. Anyway,  for some reason this was news, that and how Bill O’Reilly and several  helmet-haired Republican women at Fox News are doing. The media are the story.

Reporters  cover each other like Spandex pants, but—I’m serious, think about this— they  barely glance at most of the government. When did you last see coverage of HUD?  The Bureau of Indian Affairs? The Department of Transportation? FAA? EPA? We  get the occasional press release from these, but little else. No one knows what  lurks in the bureaucratic shadows, but I promise it costs a lot.

Actually  there is very little coverage of things that get a lot of coverage: the White  House, DoD, and State. At the White House everything is tightly stage-managed,  and a reporter who asks awkward questions never gets called on again. At the  Five-Sided Wind Tunnel, which I knew well in my days as an inmate of the press  corps, A Story would occur. Maybe a weapon didn’t work, or was said not to  work. So every reporter in Washington would frantically write about whatever it  was:

Instead of lots of stories, it was one story lots of times. We see the  same pattern with Obamacare  (an abortion  that contains all other abortions: It sounds like set theory). Hundreds, nay,  thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of reporters write that it is hard to sign  up. Wouldn’t one have been enough? How about some intelligent analysis from a  software weenie who designs large programs?

What  pours from Washington through the Electronic Wonderland of DC is a Bizarro  World of things that don’t exist and aren’t as they are shown. For example,  presidents don’t exist. What you see in Rose-Garden photo ops is a  virtual-reality amalgam crafted by five pollsters, three speech-writers,  several calculating back-room political strategists, an ad agency, a make-up  artist and a gestures coach. The actual president is incidental. In fact, he is  actually viewed as an impediment by his handlers, who think that the less known  about him, the better. Note that the first thing they do is hide his scholastic  record and SATs.

If  you want something resembling an accurate picture of the government and its misbehavior,  you can piece it together from the Guardian, Rolling Stone, Drudge, the Unz  Review, and Antiwar.com. If you want actual government, it’s hopeless.  But Washington’s antics are at least  interesting. You know, like watching the fingers fall off a leprosy patient.

From Fred Reed: http://fredoneverything.net/Illusions.shtml

How the Media is Controlling The Average Dumbass American

January 10, 2014


From MM: http://maddmedic.wordpress.com/

I Sure Don’t. Never Have. Nor Do I Believe the Government you Work for.

December 17, 2013

From MM: http://maddmedic.wordpress.com/

Lara Logan Benghazi Story. Was She Set Up?

December 17, 2013

Did CBS, Simon & Schuster, the FBI and Eric Holder Set Up Lara Logan?

Lara Logan is the most compelling and fearless reporter in American media.  Watching her reports would literally make me sit up on the edge of my seat worrying for her safety (despite the fact that these reports were pre-recorded).  She made the high paid news readers look like, well… news readers. Seemingly after Lara Logan fell victim in Cairo at the hands (and fingers) of anti-western Jihadists she either saw the light or was finally willing to talk about things that liberal media elites never talk about… the problem with Islam. Lara Logan, the Emmy winning journalist was apparently willing to take on the Leftist Media Orthodoxy of ignoring the Islamist problem and blaming Israel and the West for the hate and intolerance coming out of the Islamic world.  Lara Logan began saying things like this:

“There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan said. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,” who claim “they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban,” she added sarcastically. “It’s such nonsense!”

and this:

“What’s the one thing about Afghanistan that’s going to come home to haunt us? What we have done there for the last 11 years, our role in the Middle East, our role across the world, our way of life is under attack. If you think that’s government propaganda, if you think that’s nonsense, if you think that’s warmongering, you’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight”

So what to do when a major Emmy award winning journalist with a prime-time platform takes on the Leftist Liberal Media Orthodoxy? You have to take her down.  She is too dangerous, people might begin to wake up and listen.

Simon & Schuster is owned by CBS. A Book publisher has the responsibility of vetting a book before they publish it. Who vetted Dylan Davies’s book about the Benghazi Massacre, “The Embassy House”?  In order to vet this book, Simon and Schuster had to contact Eric Holder’s FBI and corroborate Dylan Davies Story.

Now check out this from the New York Times:
In a previous interview with The New York Times, Mr. Fager (the chairman of CBS News) said CBS had tried talking to the F.B.I. in advance of the report in an effort to determine what Mr. Davies had told the agency. The network’s sources led the program to believe that the account given to the F.B.I. was “in sync” with the interview Mr. Davies gave to “60 Minutes,” Mr. Fager said.
Did Eric Holder’s FBI intentionally withhold the information from Lara Logan and her Producer in order to discredit this “rogue” journalist?  Did operatives at Simon & Schuster conspire with Eric Holder to stop this journalist from reporting outside of the leftist orthodoxy?
We know that the census bureau created false employment statistics to assist the 2012 reelection of Barack Obama, we know that the IRS targeted primarily right wing organizations to suppress freedom of speech and dissemination of information, we know that Eric Holder’s ATF let guns walk across the border with no way to track them, to what end? To create fear of guns and thus implement gun control? This administration, this government is so corrupt and we know that left wingers will lie, cheat and steal in the most corrupt and despicable ways in order to accomplish their radical agenda. An act as corrupt and evil as this would merely generate a round of high fives from this ilk.  I put nothing past this group of strident ideologues who will stop at nothing to achieve their unholy agenda.

The Liberal Media Brainwashes the Masses Through “Liberal Newspeak”

December 16, 2013

Liberal Newspeak

Posted byDaniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog
(Emphasis mine. ZTW)
Orwell’s mistake in 1984 was assuming that a totalitarian socialist state would maintain the rigid linguistic conventions of bureaucratic totalitarianism. That future commissars and fuhrers would insist on everyone talking like office clerks picking out words from a coded manual of procedures.
It was an understandable mistake though. Orwell had seen 1948. But he hadn’t seen 1984.
Liberal Newspeak is the hybrid product of advertising, academia and bureaucracy. It takes ideas from creative leftists, rinses them in conformity, uses techniques from the ad world to make them as safe as possible and then shoves them down everyone’s throat.
Newspeak’s objective was to enforce linguistic schizophrenia as a means of subdividing personalities, killing rational thought and making opposition into a form of madness. Liberal Newspeak’s is less ambitious. It settles for muddling your brain. Like modern advertising, its goal is to make you feel comfortable without actually telling you anything.
Liberal Newspeak is the chirpy announcer in a drug commercial soothingly telling you about all the fatal side effects while on screen couples have romantic picnics and go whitewater rafting. That is the job of most of the news media. Forget outliers like MSNBC which caters to a self-consciously prog crowd. The media’s real job is to be that announcer telling you that if you vote liberal, your taxes will go up, your job will go to China and you will die, without getting you upset about the terrible news.

The dictionary of Liberal Newspeak is full of empty and meaningless words. Community, Care, Access, Sharing, Concern, Affordability, Options, Communication, Listening, Engage, Innovating and a thousand others like it are wedged into sentences. Entire pages can be written almost entirely in these words without a single note of meaning intruding on the proceedings.

It’s not that these words don’t have meanings. It’s that their meanings have been rendered meaningless. The techniques of advertising have been used to pluck up words that people once felt comfortable with and wrap them around the agendas of the liberal bureaucracy.
Community is a perfect example. It was the perfect word to hijack because it once seemed to mean  the dignified independence and interdependence of small town life. A community had structure. It had values. But in Liberal Newspeak, a “community” is a recognized identity group or concern group. It means a distinct population that has to be managed or rewarded or addressed in some way.
But Community is also a mandate. We are all expected to be part of communities. Community has become the opposite of individualism. It has come to mean the conformity of identity groups and unelected activists who mandate the behavior of entire identity groups. The virtual community is not a legal entity. It holds no elections or referendums. Its leadership is chosen for it from outside.
Liberal Newspeak is concerned with making people safe while telling them absolutely nothing. It’s a new language that conveys reassurance rather than meaning. Its totem words are almost pre-verbal in that they mean nothing except “You are safe” and “We are taking care of you.”
That is what gibberish like, “We are improving access options for all community interest groups” or “We are striving to innovate while listening to everyone’s concerns” means. Daily life has become filled with meaningless pats on the head like that, which dedicated liberal newspeakers spew up like newborns. This empty babble says nothing. It’s the hum of the beehive. The signal that keeps all the drones headed in the same direction.
Unlike Newspeak, Liberal Newspeak doesn’t engage in any showy inversions of meaning. Those are the games that intellectuals play and above the ground level at which most Liberal Newspeak chatter takes place, there are mountains of academic jargon that work hard to invert meanings and ideas. But like the brilliant inventions of engineers, these rarely make it down to the ground level.
Liberal Newspeak isn’t the work of the engineers of the left, but its marketers. It doesn’t bother with frontal attacks on language. Instead it reframes everything in comforting language while teaching you to use the appropriate terms that change the context completely. It owes less of its perversity to Marxism than it does to Madison Avenue. The language that was used to convince millions to buy junk that was bad for them or that they didn’t need is used to convince them to buy liberalism.

While the implications of Liberal Newspeak are ominous, its tones aren’t. It deliberately embraces the feminine side of language. It strives to be comforting, nurturing and soothing. It never tells you anything directly. Instead it makes you read everything between the lines. It rarely answers questions. Instead its answers indirectly explain to you why you shouldn’t even be asking the questions.
Liberal Newspeak is a language of preemption. It preempts questions and ideas. Its terminology is so vague that specific questions require a convoluted assemblage of words. The more specific the question, the more convoluted the sentence, until asking even a simple question is like trying to make a wish with a genie. And then the sheer amount of words makes the meaning impermeable.
You can’t think in Liberal Newspeak. You can only feel good or bad, angry or self-satisfied. There is no room for thoughts, only feelings. You can feel guilty in Liberal Newspeak. You can be outraged, self-righteous or concerned. But you can’t weigh one idea against another because it isn’t a language of ideas. It’s a vocabulary of emotional cues that could just as easily be taught to a smart animal.
Liberals policies go awry so often in part because Liberal Newspeak makes propaganda easy, but practical planning very difficult. The language they use is designed to make people comfortable with uncomfortable things, but descends into meaningless waves of bureaucratese when discussing any specifics. That is the difference between marketing ObamaCare and making ObamaCare work.
It’s easy enough to put up a glowing website full of smiling people talking about affordability, access, sharing, concern and care. But it takes more practical communications skills to make that website work. Obama’s CMS built a whole television studio to sell ObamaCare, but kept tinkering with the website specifications until the last minute and tried to manage integration with disastrous results.
Liberal Newspeak excels at telling the uninformed that everything will be fine when the government takes care of them. But project communications in Liberal Newspeak that prattle endlessly about access and relevance and community and integrity may look like a plan to the newspeakers, but is a tremendous waste of everyone’s time and resources.
Newspeaker bureaucrats think that they’re planning when they write memos about engagement and access, when what they are really doing is maintaining conformity in the same way that the Soviet and Red Chinese engineers constantly discussing Lenin and Mao as inspirations for their work.
Communist Newspeak however wasn’t a language, it was a series of formal statements of allegiance. Once those were gotten out of the way, it was possible to talk brass tacks. But there are no brass tacks or sharp corners allowed in Liberal Newspeak. No one ever gets to the point except when attacking Republicans. The point is an attack on the integrity of the group, its accessibility, engagement and innovative listening status. Once you get to the point, the hum of the drones no longer has a purpose.
Liberal Newspeak is full of terms about listening, engaging and sharing, but it’s a closed loop.
It’s language as a command and control mechanism for establishing conformity. There is no room for debate in Liberal Newspeak. Arguments are settled with emotional resorts to the dominant political agendas of the day.
There is no way to disprove anything in Liberal Newspeak. All you can do is denounce your opponent’s lack of ideological conformity while claiming that your experience gives you special insight into the form of oppression that the political agenda is meant to solve.
The empty words are signals like the noises that birds and animals in the forest make. They establish identity, rather than ideas. A Liberal Newspeak discussion is more likely to be about identities, racial, gender, sexual, than about anything tangible. Like two moose meeting in the north or two sparrows chirping on a power line, the only communication that really happens is an assertion of identity.
The “security” of Liberal Newspeak comes from that sense of mutual identity through conformity. Everyone has access, community and shares their concerns which are all about conformity. It’s an unbroken loop of reassuring gibberish punctuated by bursts of anger at outsiders who are not part of the hive and don’t understand how important community access and engaged listening really are.
Newspeak was concerned with the manipulation of meaning, while Liberal Newspeak is concerned only with emotional cues tied to identity. It doesn’t replace meaning, it displaces it. It has emotions, but no ideas. It is the noise that takes the place of the signal and the hum that ends a conversation. Its purpose is to take an individualistic culture where ideas were proven through adversarial contests of the intellect and reduce it to a conformity that promises safety in exchange for never thinking again.

From Sultan Knish: http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/

Don’t Swallow the MSM Poison

December 7, 2013

Found at Theo: http://www.theospark.net/

American Media: SCAM

December 3, 2013

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From 90 miles: http://ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com/

Black on White Crime is Spiraling Out of Control. MSM Covering it Up.

November 22, 2013

5 Sons Of Obama Beat & Robbed Unarmed White Male @ ODU, The “Diverse” Campus. Diversity My ASS

21ThursdayNov 2013

Posted by in “Black on White Crime”

5 Sons Of Obama Beat & Robbed An Unarmed White Male On A “Diverse” Campus. Diversity My ASS

They robbed and beat this young, white male because he is white. I’m sick of this!!

“Diversity” is not for minority blacks, Hispanics, lefty-Jews, Asians, etc.  Diversity is only for white people because whites are intolerant, hateful, racist, xeno, homophobe, Islamo-phobes and so many minorities are innocent, loving, & give so much to American society by receiving EBT, welfare, housing, clothes.

This crime is a race crime, not because “I” say it is, but because the diversity folks at OD Univ say so.  BUT-These are the facts:  When a ‘white’ Hispanic like G. Zimmerman attacks a young thug (Trayvon), it is reported on the news, non-stop.  When Obama’s nasty sons attack a white person, nobody cares.  That is how ‘liberal’, white-hating, racist America treats white people.


See the news: Old Dominion University says attempted robbery by five blacks on campus was racially motivated – victim was White.  Seems like  Sean Hannity has guts-his show covered racially motivated black mob attacks calling it ‘black on white crime.’

OUR blog will continue to expose these crimes.  We will NOT stop.  EVER.  Until these sons of Obama stop their violent, racial hatred.

From The Mad Jewess:  http://themadjewess.com/

The Classic Nasty Liberal. And Getting Worse by the Minute.

November 16, 2013

Martin Bashir~MSNBC: ‘P*ss’ and ‘Sh*t’ in Palin’s Mouth. Uh, Feminists? Hello?

15FridayNov 2013

Posted by  in Sarah Palin

Martin Bashir~MSNBC: ‘P*ss’ and ‘Sh*t’ in Palin’s Mouth. Uh, Feminists? Hello?

This made me want to puke.  What can I expect from a loud-mouthed Commie piece of sh*t.. This is what leftists think about, 24/7…urine and feces.  They are depraved pigs.

I am not a Palin fan.  I rarely follow anything she does.  For no other reason than.. I just don’t.  Bashir is beyond the pail.. Disgusting talk.  How in the hell does MSNBC allow their hosts to talk like this?  This is absolutely filthy.  But, just take one look at Bashir and you have an ugly, little, pussy, Aladdin-looking crumb.  Go back to your country and just get the hell out of here, you vomitous gasbag.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggested Friday that someone should defecate and/or urinate in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Where are the feminists?  Probably on their knees, worshiping Obama their bitchy girlfriend.

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No Truth Will Ever Come from The MSM. They are Obama Lap Dogs.

October 9, 2013

Why Is @Allahpundit Surprised?

Posted on | October 8, 2013

“Unbelievable,” he says, that the White House press corps is so servile:

[Obama's press conference] ran for one hour and six minutes, with 12 different reporters being called on 00 although, notably, not Ed Henry of Fox News — and between them they couldn’t muster one question about the catastrophe that is Healthcare.gov or the spectacle of National Park Rangers locking senior-citizen tourists out of war memorials and/or inside their hotels.

Try this, Allah: Watch MSNBC all day long and keep in mind that, for the vast majority of the reporters covering politics in Washington, MSNBC is the Gospel Truth. Realize that the ambitious younger journalists in the White House press corps dream of the day when they’ll have their own regular spot on MSNBC or, perhaps, they will be appointed to a job in the Obama administration itself, like their hero and mentor, Jay Carney.

All of these reporters are Democrats. They hate and despise Republicans, and consider it their most important duty as journalists to help elect more Democrats and then to help the Democrats to advance their political and legislative agenda. To these reporters, the superiority of the Democrats is an objective fact, and anyone who says a word in favor of Republicans is therefore a liar or a fool or both.

No reporter in the White House press corps watches Fox News, except for amusement, to laugh at it as crude sport. Nor, for that matter, does any reporter in the White House press corps read conservative blogs or Web sites. Insofar as the Internet has any influence on them, the sites that are most influential among D.C. journalists are such venues as Think Progress, Media Matters, Mother Jones and Salon.

Go read Brian Beutler’s savagery toward Republicans and realize that Beutler therein expresses the sentiments of the White House correspondents for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, USA Today and the Associated Press.

Was it “unbelievable” that Obama faced no tough questions at the press conference? It would have been unbelievable if he had.

The press corps is a constituency of the Democrat Party in the same way that the AFL-CIO, the NAACP and Planned Parenthood are constituencies of the Democrat Party. If any of them have any criticism of Obama, it arises from the feeling that he is not liberal enough.

Our nation’s “mainstream” media are, actually, Democrat Party propagandists. Let’s stop pretending that they are interested in truth.

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More Black on White Crime

September 10, 2013

NYC Bus Driver Attacked for Being White

The War on Whites — which was escalated dramatically by the Obama Administration and its mainstream media friends by distorting and hyping the Trayvon Martin shooting — has claimed another victim in New York City:

An attacker pummeled a bus passenger so hard he smashed the bones in his face after calling the victim a “cracker” in Manhattan – marking the second time in two days [in NYC] that people appeared to be randomly targeted in racial tirades against white people, authorities said.

In the latest incident, the suspect passed a 31-year-old rider on the M60 bus riding through Harlem, on West 127th Street, between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive, around 2:45 p.m., Friday, when he shouted the racial slur and punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket, cops said.

It must have been justice for Trayvon, or for slavery the century before last, or for only making Obama president instead of king, or for forcing the assailant to wait in line for a welfare payment — it’s hard to keep track of the many sins of the white man.

Meanwhile, 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt — who was assaulted in Union Square explicitly for being white — has died.

If incidents like this happened to supposedly oppressed blacks, Obama would have no need to start a war in Syria to distract the public from his numerous impeachment-worthy scandals. Reverse the races and these stories would dominate news coverage 24/7 for weeks on end. Everyone involved would be a household name. But since the victims are white, few national news outlets will acknowledge them at all.

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