Liberals bashing White people again


Simply observe all the below links from Memeorandum and you will see examples of the ever popular liberal sport of bashing white people, especially white males. What is even more amazing is that if you read many of these stories, they are written by white liberals, many of them men. White liberals who wish they were black but since they cannot change their skin color they self flagellate so they can pretend to identify with the poor, deserving, constantly overlooked blacks in whatever area of society under discussion at the moment. In this case it is the world of Hollywood but it applies to every situation that arises. Notable is that here is  Shakedown Sharpton, reining king of racism, interjecting himself into the mix, even comparing this to, OMG! – Ferguson! Overlooking a black film is the same as killing people? Compared to what is going on out in the real world, Sharpton wants to compare a bunch of narcissistic, egotistic, greedy Hollywood types getting together and patting themselves on the back by handing out meaningless awards to themselves to Ferguson? One headline screams that the Oscars are heading in the wrong direction? What direction should they be going in? An all black, lesbo, gay, transgendered, bisexual, I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-I-am-but-I-know-I-deserve-special-treatment direction? Would that make the liberal morons happy? Talk about an alternative lifestyle – these people all live in an alternative universe that exists only in their deluded minds. The movie “Selma” was snubbed. As the late great Andrew Breitbart would say, So fucking what.  ZTW


Tatiana Siegel / Hollywood Reporter:
Oscars: Acting Nominees All White

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Laughing at islam.

This is CNNyet

“CNN will not show you the new cover, which depicts the Prophet Muhammad, because it is our policy not to show potentially offensive images of the prophet,” the host declared this morning. The Weekly Standard

Here’s the image CNN (and others!) refuse to show you:

After all, what gutsy, global, trustworthy, and uncompromising news organization wants to take the chance that Islamic insects might take it into their pedophile worshipping brains to shoot up one of your offices?

From AD: