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Illegal Immigration. Stop It. Now.

March 30, 2014

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So True.

February 12, 2014

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Facts are Such Pesky Things. The Immigration Battle.

February 6, 2014

“Burn The Witch!”  Heritage Foundation Scuttles Away From Jason Richwine—And The Cold Hard Facts

By John Derbyshire on May 9, 2013

The story so far (in the wee hours of Thursday morning). Following the release of a report by the Heritage Foundation arguing that the Rubio-Schumer immigration bill will cost the nation $6.3 trillion, the Slave Power set their dwarf miners to digging.

They soon found gold. One of the co-authors of the study is twentysomething Jason Richwine, a Heritage analyst. Not just an analyst, but a quantitative analyst: “Heritage’s senior policy analyst in empirical studies.”

Uh-oh. This Richwine guy deals with numbers, evidence, and facts—radioactive materials in a nation under strong ideological control.

To sift truth from error at best requires an effort; where there is no great advantage for the former, the latter often prevails, as errors are infinite, simple, and attractive—and many a fancy lends support to established position—while truth is one and often stern. The imperial order, itself irrational and hence distrusting reason, excels in credulity and superstition.

—Robert G. Wesson, The Imperial Order

After a few days’ digging the Nibelungs turned up Richwine’s Ph.D. thesis from Harvard University, title: “IQ and Immigration Policy.” The mother lode! (You can download it from here.)

The Washington Post ran a gleeful story on the find under the headline “Heritage study co-author opposed letting in immigrants with low IQs.” [By Dylan Matthews, May 8, 2013]They note that:

Richwine’s dissertation asserts that there are deep-set differentials in intelligence between races.

Eek! A witch! But how to link this evil person (for such he plainly is) with the Heritage report costing Rubio-Schumer? Easy.

First, the Post notes that Richwine’s thesis argues for selection of immigrants by IQ. (“I believe there is a strong case for IQ selection”—page 133 of the thesis.) However:

He does caution against referring to it as IQ-based selection, saying that using the term “skill-based” would “blunt the negative reaction.”

That rhetorical strategy is reflected in Heritage’s current work on immigration. His and Rector’s report recommends greatly reducing “low-skilled” immigration and increasing “high-skilled” immigration. “The legal immigration system should be altered to greatly reduce the number of low-skill immigrants entering the country and increase the number of new entrants with high levels of education and skills that are in demand by U.S. firms,” they write.

See? That Heritage report on the Rubio-Schumer bill is nothing but a conduit for the twisted white supremacist fantasies of a racist bigot!

(I note in passing that the Heritage position favoring increases in high-skilled immigration is at odds with VDARE.com’s position, and also with the data.)

Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, on secondment from Conservatism, Inc. to offer some pretense of “balance” at the Post, hastened to join the lynch mob. “It undermines the cause of all immigration opponents to have their prized work authored by such a character,” she wrote, reading Richwine out of respectable society.

It’s an unpleasant reminder that sincere opponents of reform should distance themselves from the collection of extremists and bigots who populate certain anti-immigrant groups.[ Heritage stumbles, again and again, May 8, 2013]

She then brings in Jennifer S. Korn for a quote. Ms. Korn was Secretary for Hispandering in the George W. Bush White House. (Note that her bio page on the Hispanic Leadership Network website retails the old lie about Bush getting 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004. These people live in lies like maggots in rotten meat.)

What does Ms. Korn have to tell us?

Richwine’s comments are bigoted and ignorant. America is a nation of immigrants; to impugn the intelligence of immigrants is to offend each and every American and the foundation of our country.

So you can get a Ph.D. from Harvard by submitting “comments” to the thesis examiners? Who knew?

In fact Richwine’s thesis is of a properly scholarly standard, with twelve pages of references (pp. 147-158) and a wealth of quantitative data from published academic sources.

As to Richwine having “impugned” the intelligence of immigrants: My dictionary defines “impugn” as “cast doubt upon.” Far from casting doubt, Richwine’s thesis seeks to remove doubt by careful quantitative analysis.

Even if you take Ms. Korn’s usage of “impugn” to mean Richwine has stated that immigrants have lower mean IQ than natives, she is wrong. Table 2.2 in the thesis (p. 30) gives an average estimated mean IQ of 105.5 for immigrants from Northeast Asia. Should Mrs. Derbyshire consider herself impugned? (I asked: she doesn’t.) The estimated mean for European immigrants—that’s me!—in that table is 98.0. Am I thereby impugned? I’m reaching for it, trying to feel it, but . . . no, it’s not there.

The comment thread to Jennifer Rubin’s piece is laden with the usual driveling ignorant obscurantist piffle one gets in these cases. “I’m an immigrant and I’m smart!” (Commenter at 5/8/2013 8:42 PM.) Not smart enough to understand the concept of an average, apparently. “Goddard said Jewish immigrants were dumb!” No he didn’t. Fox News . . . the Koch brothers . . . You know how it goes.

The Godwin Quotient (GQ)—percentage length into the comment thread at which one of the words “Nazi” or “Hitler” appears—was 4.88 at 2 a.m.

(Not even trying! Ms. Rubin herself, by way of slandering George Borjas, one of Richwine’s thesis advisers, links to an 849-word column by Hispanic race shill Raoul Lowery Contreras that has “Nazi” at word number three—a sensational GQ of 0.35!)

There is, though, in that comment thread, some good push-back against the nitwits. A shout-out here from me to “Bob017,” whoever he is (I have no idea), for stalwart service. Our own Steve Sailer is in there, too. Magna est veritas et prævalebit—“The truth is great and it will prevail a bit.”

And so another “anti-racist” witch hunt commences. I know how Jason Richwine feels right now: about the same way I felt the weekend of April 7th-8th last year.

The forces of orthodoxy have identified a heretic. They’re marching on his hut with pitchforks and flaming brands. The cry echoes around the internet: “Burn the witch!”

Here’s what you can expect, Jason.

First, you’re not going to come to any physical harm (though your email might get sabotaged). It’s not really personal. The lefties are not after you, though if they mess up your life they will of course feel pleased with themselves. They are after the Heritage Foundation, just as the mob coming after me last year were after National Review.

Old Chinese proverb: sha ji xìa hóu“kill a chicken to scare the monkeys.” You’re the chicken, pal.

Second, the monkeys will be duly scared. Expect Heritage to disown you.

It’s not that Heritage people in general are jerks, though of course a few individuals may be. It’s part prudential, part ideological.

The prudential aspect is simply the hard logic of fighting a war—the Cold Civil War—with numerically inferior forces. You have to pick your fights with care, like Joe Johnston retreating up the Peninsula before the Seven Days. Joining battle with the massed forces of Cultural Marxism—the media, schools and colleges, corporations, unions, major religious establishments, government bureaucracies—on behalf of a lone staffer could be suicidal.

From where we stand here on the Dissident Right, Conservatism, Inc., of which the Heritage Foundation is one pillar, looks pretty formidable. As much as we have fun scoffing at them, though, we should remember that they see themselves, accurately, as a beleaguered minority.

And they are not a beleaguered minority of quantitative analysts, unfortunately. I doubt there are many Jason Richwines at the Heritage Foundation. Statistical numeracy is a rare talent, rare enough that you can spend many hours among the inmates of conservative think-tanks without encountering the slightest smidgeon, trace, jot, or tittle of it.

Hence the ideological factor. Absent that coldly empirical, quantitative cast of mind that Jason Richwine admirably displays in his Ph.D. thesis, one is open to infection by feelgood ideological fads. This applies to self-identifying conservatives as much as to liberals; and since the overwhelming ideological authority in our country belongs to the Cultural Marxists, not-very-numerate conservatives are generally infected to some degree.

Thus the underbusthrowing of Jason Richwine by Heritage Foundation, which seems to be already under way as I write, is not only prudential. The immigration romantics and world-saving missionaries who control Conservatism, Inc., and who are no doubt plentiful in the decision-makers at Heritage, will be repelled by Richwine’s thesis, or by the accounts of it they are fed by Cultural Marxist outlets (thanks, guys!)

In dumping Richwine they will feel vaguely that they are performing an act of institutional hygiene, cleansing themselves of the dread taint of racism. That everything he says is true, and buttressed by facts, will count for nothing. “Truth is one and often stern”—too stern for the soft minds of careerist hacks.

See you in the camps, Jason!

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amounton all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. His latest book is From The Dissident Right. His writings are archived at JohnDerbyshire.com.

Readers who wish to donate (tax deductible) funds specifically earmarked for John Derbyshire’s writings at VDARE.com can do so here.

From VDare: http://www.vdare.com/articles/burn-the-witch-heritage-foundation-scuttles-away-from-jason-richwine-and-the-cold-hard-fact

America: This is The Depravity of Diversity

February 6, 2014

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…A Police State Superbowl

By Paul Kersey on February 2, 2014 at 12:03am

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…A Police State Superbowl

Above, Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning (left); Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson (right).

Today, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks football franchises will participate in the 48th playing of the National Football League’s Super Bowl.

Most Americans will watching, indulging in the ultimate national opiate. Few understand what has happened to the country since the first championship game was held in 1967.

An awful lot has changed since the first playing of the Super Bowl on January 15, 1967, when Bart Starr led the Green Bay Packers against the Kansas City Chiefs in a game that didn’t even sell out.

Would even one of the fans then sitting in the Los Angeles Coliseum have believed that the same venue would see the US national soccer team booed in favor of the Mexican —or that a  Los Angeles Times columnist would praise this development? [Again, it's red, white and boo, By Bill Plaschke, June 26, 2011]

Would even one fan believe that an elite academic institution, Stanford University, would not only willingly abandon the teaching of Western Civilization course required of all freshmen (“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western culture’s got to go…”—Jesse Jackson), but consider Richard Sherman’s worthy of admission despite his low SAT score just because he runs an above-average 40 time?

How could you convince those fans, who had casually strolled into a stadium with almost no security, that to enter Super Bowl 48, they’d be subjected to an invasive search of their person, presumed a potentially terrorist threat until deemed innocent and worthy to enter the stadium?

More than 30 federal agencies, 100 law enforcement agencies, 700 state troopers, 3,000 private security officers, snipers hidden on among the crowd, US Army Black Hawk attack helicopters enforcing a 10-mile “no fly zone” around the stadium, and US Air Force F-16s on emergency stand-by will protect this XLVIII playing of the Super Bowl.

The America of 1967, when the first Super Bowl was played, was 90 percent white, bursting with social capital and upward mobility for its citizens. But, thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act and the simultaneous collapse of immigration enforcement, the America of 2014 is a country where the majority of births are non-white, the middle class is shrinking—and the state of social capital is devastatingly summed up by the Police State measures required to ensure the safety of a football game.

Fans with tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl can’t even tailgate outside MetLife Stadium. [No tailgating at Super Bowl, By Jane McManus, ESPN, December 9, 2013] You can’t even walk to the stadium, with the NFL devising “Fan Express Zones” (at a cost $51 per ride), where you can board a bus and be shuttled to and from the Broncos-Seahawks game.  [You Can’t Walk to the Super Bowl Because You Are the NFL’s Personal ATM, By Sean Conboy, Sports Illustrated, January 28, 2014]

What would one of those 1967 fans have thought if they’d be able to see Super Bowl 48? (Mind you, the number of black players on the field in that first game resembles the number of white players on the field in today’s game.)

You don’t have to be InfoWars.com’s Alex Jones to understand something is seriously wrong, as police state measures are implemented not just in the NFL and at the Super Bowl, but across all of America. [NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums, USA Today, September 15 2011]

Jones, whose webzine is one of the fastest growing media organizations precisely because so many Americans are becoming increasingly worried about their freedoms, has called for a boycott of the NFL, arguing that the league’s TSA-style security at stadiums is just another way of conditioning fans to accept the encroaching police state. [NFL Faces National Protest, Infowars.com, December 4, 2013]

Purses and backpacks have been banned from games, with the Department of Homeland Security providing a stamp of approval for the NFL’s safety measures. [NFL Bans Purses and Backpacks, Limits Fans to One Gallon-Sized Baggie, By Zenon Evans, Reason,  August 6, 2013]

Jones noted, in announcing his decision to call for a boycott of the NFL, that the league vetoed a Super Bowl commercial by rifle manufacturer Daniel Defense:

The company’s “offensive” ad depicts a former marine arriving home to greet his wife and child, accompanied by a voice over stating, “no one has the right to tell me how to defend them.”

The ad supposedly violates the NFL’s advertising guidelines, which bar ads featuring “firearms, ammunition or other weapons,” even though the ad doesn’t actually show any of the above, aside from an illustration of their popular DDM4 rifle featured below Daniel Defense’s logo.

[National Movement to Boycott NFL Launched: Pro-Obamacare NFL launches war on Second Amendment, InfoWars.com, December 4, 2013]

How could you tell the America of John Wayne that, one day, several U.S. states would be waging war with the 2nd Amendment and that the NFL—with Bob Costas of NBC’s Football Night in America leading the way—would be an active participant?

Some fear the NFL’s Police-State measures amount to something far more pernicious: The NFL’s Role In the Coming Martial Law, By Dave Hodges, Lew Rockwell.com, December 10, 2013]

But 2014 America is radically different from 1967 America precisely because of the racial composition of the country. With such drastic changes, the social capital that once held the country together is in short supply. And with such changes come consequences.

What was it The Economist just published about diversity? Something about the downside of diversity based on research on “ambient cultural disharmony” by Roy Y.J .Chua, of Harvard Business School, I believe:

Tension between people over matters of culture, he says, can pollute the wider environment and reduce “multicultural creativity”, meaning people’s ability to see non-obvious connections between ideas from different cultures. “Ambient cultural disharmony” persuades people to give up on making such connections because they conclude that it is not worth the trouble.

The downside of diversity, January 21, 2014]

The security measures required at Super Bowl 48 are a metaphor for the changes in America. A Police State is required to keep the peace in—to paraphrase Chua—the “polluted wider environment created by tension between people over matters of culture”?

There were plenty of seats available at the first Super Bowl in 1967, when America was a homogeneous nation of European-descended people.

Symmetrically, there apparently will be plenty of seats available (“18,000 Super Bowl Seats Still Available”) for the 48th version of the game as well, now that the US is an increasingly heterogeneous empire, with a Police State required to hold it together.

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and  Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.

From VDare: http://vdare.com/articles/diversity-is-strength-it-s-also-a-police-state-superbowl

Obama’s Goal is Always Destruction of America

February 3, 2014

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Just When You Think it can’t Get Any Worse…

January 31, 2014


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This Idiot is in Charge of Homeland Security?

January 28, 2014

Head of Homeland Security Proclaims Illegal Aliens Have Earned Right to Be Citizens

Those who predicted that letting wacky Obama fundraiser Jeh Johnson run the DHS would be a disaster have been proven correct:

Speaking at the United States Conference of Mayors on Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have “earned the right to be citizens.”

The longer you think about that sentence, the more impossible it is to get your head around it. This lunatic actually said that illegal aliens earn the right to be American citizens by violating American borders and American laws. Yet he is not some smelly, drug-addled derelict spouting self-evidently insane gibberish on a street corner, but the Director of Homeland Security.

Johnson, who had earlier served as general counsel for the Department of Defense under Obama from 2009 to 2012, told the more than 270 mayors in attendance that enforcing immigration law was one of the main missions of DHS.

That is, it is a main mission for him to enforce laws that he wants us all to know he does not believe in.

Then he concluded his remarks by calling for “comprehensive, common sense, immigration reform.”

That’s a lot of syllables to waste on the word “amnesty.”

The chances of a guy like this effectively securing are borders are nil — which of course explains why he has the job.

The Department of Homeland Security, like the rest of the Executive Branch under Obama, has degenerated into farce. It is dedicated to this nation’s downfall. The only thing protecting America at this point is the incompetence of Obama and the kooks he appoints.

Jeh Johnson
Our security is in this clown’s hands.

On a tip from Henry.

From MB: http://moonbattery.com/

Fences Do Work

January 14, 2014

From MM: http://maddmedic.wordpress.com/

Will Liberal Elitists F*#k Everyone in Europe and Western Civ In Pursuit of The Almighty Dollar?

December 12, 2013

Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter Sutherland Calls for Repopulating Europe With Non-Whites

Don’t let Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter Sutherland lull you off to sleep with his pompous, soporific drone. What he is talking about here in front of the Select Committee on the European Union for Home Affairs, Health, and Education is soft genocide through displacement. Permanently altering the demographics of Western countries — i.e., replacing the people who live in them and made them what they are with the people who live in the Third World and made it what it is — is not a bug in liberal immigration policy. It is the central feature:

Via Kitman TV:

“The demographic challenges in a number of European member states, however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states, is absolutely unquestionable in terms of a crucial dynamic for economic growth. A declining and ageing population is destructive of prosperity… So demographics are a key element of the debate, and a key argument for the development of—I hesitate to use the word because people have attacked it—multicultural states. It is impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the alternative argument can survive, because states have to become more open in terms of the people who inhabit them…

Sutherland goes on to denounce Europeans “who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others, which is precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

There won’t always be an England — or a Europe, or an Australia, or an America — if the globalist liberal elite has its way. One great big Third World hellhole with zero upward mobility or recognition of individual rights and responsibilities will be much easier for them to rule over. The European race has a very limited place in the master plan.

The Final Solution for white people won’t involve gas chambers and concentration camps. A combination of abortion, promotion of perversion, disincentives to marry and have kids, open borders, and easy access to welfare by foreigners will accomplish the task.

On a tip from DJ.

From MB: http://moonbattery.com/

Upside down World

November 17, 2013



From MB: http://moonbattery.com/

Political Correctness is Killing Western Civilization’s Cultural Identity

November 2, 2013


October 29, 2013 

Pedobear – the thin end of the wedge

On Thursday 18th September Russia’s President Vladimir Putin criticised what he called ‘excesses of political correctness’ in ‘Euro-Atlantic’ nations, referring to the ruling earlier this year in the Netherlands where a ban was overturned on a pro-paedophilia party.

His bold comments were made at the Valdai Discussion Club’s annual meeting at a Kremlin backed delegation of scholars, ministers and foreign dignitaries in north-western Russia, where among other things he vigorously defended the cosiness of traditionalism, dismissed the cultural molestation known as multiculturalism, globalisation, the ‘unipolar world’ - and the erosion of Christian values manifesting as a social focus on heart warming, pill popping, gender-bender genital mutilation.

On this theme he joked that the former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi is ‘on trial because he lives with women… if he were a homosexual nobody would have touched him.’

Such comments coming from a world leader highlight a Fascist-left agenda which enforces ‘tolerance’ for the cultural eviction of the western peoples as a moral imperative.

But his words could be taken further. It could be said regarding Cultural Marxism, and the total political correctness it spawned to impose it, that Newspeak ‘sexism,’ ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’ doesn’t even exist.

‘Neither does ‘Islamophobia’ (the irrational fear of being blown up), or ‘patriarchy,’ or ’white supremacy.’  But that’s not to say there isn’t genuine racial hatred: A bunch of black ‘youths’ beating up white families at the Wisconsin State Fair is evidence of that, Nor can it be said that homosexuals aren’t despised: Savage Muslim attacks in quaint Parisian suburbs account for that, too.

And here lies the point: Social justice twinned with political correctness means that only straight white males (in particular) can be viewed as ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’ and somehow defective. With everyone else it’s ‘cultural’ or blamed on poverty… like poverty causes 20 black men to gang rape an eleven year old Mexican. 

This means, perversely, that acknowledging the epidemic of black on white crime is ‘racism.’ It’s intolerant ‘Islamophobia’ to suggest, regarding Islamofascism, that future immigration from this demographic (miscalculating a liberal western influence on them) should be curtailed in the interests of national security and cohesion.

It means it is ‘sexism’ to assert that men and women on average have differences and that this is why disparate outcomes can be expected in their selected career choice. The useful feminist hate-word ‘misogyny’ is approved. The counter word ‘misandry’ isn’t. They know the way language shapes thought.

That’s why it’s not racist ‘hate speech’ to say that those who suffered under apartheid in South Africa fought against ‘white oppression,’ but the New York Times will damn as ‘anti-Semitic’ references to ‘Jewish oppression’ regarding Palestinians in the West Bank. Their only consistency is that white people are bad.

Armed with this hammer and sickle lexicon and social perception monopoly, the establishment Fascist-left’s army of ‘oppressed groups,’ their Stormtroopers, are encouraged to be professionally offended like proletariats in the early 20th century, a game which so far has only claimed the lives of over a hundred million souls.

Manufactured grievance being a valuable commodity, they stoke the furnace of ‘creative destruction,’ tearing down the ‘oppressive’ west which they hate – even though illegal immigrants in boats die to get there.

They are the authoritarians who call themselves ‘liberal’ while craving status and demanding unfair equality, the ideology of mediocrity. Whatever they fight for, it has nothing to do with rights – if it undermines western society they promote it.

Like paedophilia, which still inspires a healthy revulsion, but like heritage, culture and family, they are working to break down. How long before we hear of peadophobia: The irrational fear of those who want to have sex with children?

And if their Mickey Mouse words and social constructs do exist as defined, why not? It would be a word like the others, designed to frame reality to their liking.

Some of those working to liberate paedophiles today are far-left literary icon Allen Ginsberg, who during his lifetimesupported boy-love advocates, and gay rights OutRage! leader Peter Tatchell, the latter forced by paedophobes to backtrack after claiming ‘the positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-western cultures.’

The key to breaking their spell, and the Fascist-left knows this, is that once a people is free to be itself without fear and loathing, everything else, as Winston Smith observed in 1984, will follow.

As Putin remarked, people in western nations are ‘embarrassed and afraid to speak about their religious beliefs.’ And as long as this is so, everything will carry on. They will invent new forms of psychological rape – their weirdly new neologism ‘white privilege’ putting the gullible into states resembling post-traumatic stress.

Like Mao’s heartless Cultural Revolution, political correctness is a similar attack but on European consciousness. Inevitably then the first step of self-defence is a negation of it. To come to a state of mind where if one doesn’t agree with cultural genocide, they have a different opinion, they’re not ‘racist’ or bigoted. From this follows the control of culture, with that political power.

And this is liberation, not pioneering ‘hate-denial,’ a term which the Fascist-left would use. It is the recognition that only a society which embraces debate instead of criminalizing speech is the only one worth living it. It is respecting the notion that it is a human right to offend and it’s a human right to choose not to be offended.

Earning the ire of his comrades, Christopher Hitchens wrote: ‘Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt.’

From http://alternativeright.com/blog/category/zzdar47a2vhomdan7sfbm848g9kkub

Mass islamic Immigration in the UK is Destroying the Country and Planned for America

October 28, 2013

Immigration: UK public was never consulted

It’s so odd that many British politicians, especially those of the Euro-skeptic variety, always go on saying that the UK public has not been consulted regarding Britain’s position in the European Union now that the process of European integration is political and not just economical as it was when the UK held a referendum on the subject in 1975.
It’s odd because no politician ever, at least in the mainstream political parties, has ever uttered a word about another dramatically important issue affecting British people’s lives much more profoundly than the country’s European membership.
I refer to the mass immigration, legal and illegal, of so-called economic migrants as well as political refugees and asylum seekers, genuine and bogus alike, that has inundated the country with a number of people from all over the world so large and so unmanageable that nobody knows exactly what it is.
I said it’s odd but in fact it isn’t. There’s a crucial reason why the decisions about mass immigration have been taken by the various successive governments from the post-war period to now without bothering to find out what the people actually wanted.
Because politicians know extremely well that the vast majority of the British population do not want this large-scale demographic experiment performed on their own skin, as all opinion polls clearly show.

Read more: http://enzaferreri.blogspot.com/#ixzz2j1DrISnL

Come on Over! Illegals Will Swamp the US and Destroy the Economy.

August 13, 2013

Cloward-Piven Strategy Applied to Border Security

What would you get if you crossed Camp of the Saints with the Cloward-Piven strategy? This:

A sudden influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico requesting asylum is overwhelming immigration agents in San Diego, forcing agencies to rent hotel rooms for some undocumented families and release others to cities around the U.S.

Documents obtained exclusively by Fox News show Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been paying for hotel rooms for dozens of recently arrived families to relieve overcrowding inside the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa, Calif., processing centers. Some ICE employees are working overtime and others have been asked to volunteer to work weekend shifts. “Duties include intake, placements, transports and release of family groups and unaccompanied minors,” according to a memo obtained by Fox News.

The surge has raised suspicions about what is driving the influx, amid claims that illegal immigrants have learned they can attempt to get asylum by using a few key words — namely, by claiming they have a “credible fear” of drug cartels.

“This clearly has to have been orchestrated by somebody,” said former U.S. Attorney for Southern California Peter Nunez. “It’s beyond belief that dozens or hundreds or thousands of people would simultaneously decide that they should go to the U.S. and make this claim.”

Orchestrated by whom? Could it be by the very people who give the magic words “credible fear” their power? Given that the Executive Branch is now run by a community organizer who could not help but be well aware of the Cloward-Piven strategy of deliberately overloading government services, it seems likely.

Claiming “credible fear” doesn’t get you asylum. But it does entitle you to “a series of interviews, hearings, proceedings and appeals that can drag on for years.” Once in the country, few will show up for hearings. Why should they, with amnesty coming down the pipe? Besides, the government can’t be expected to chase down hundreds of thousands of scofflaws.

Documents obtained by Fox News show that recently on a single day, dozens of illegal immigrants were being transferred to an area hotel where rooms cost $99 a night. Others were released to addresses in Texas, Florida and even Brooklyn, N.Y.

ICE sources say the addresses are almost always bogus.

No worries about the $99 hotel bills. That is pocket change compared to lifetime passes on the welfare gravy train.

Although this wave of invaders comes from as far away as Iraq, most are from Mexico.

Asylum claims from Mexico are highly unusual and critics say this is an orchestrated sham — it’s not about getting asylum, they say, but about overwhelming the system and getting a free pass into the U.S. and a court date for which no one will show up.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have never returned and the list of people for whom warrants are outstanding is phenomenal,” said Nunez. “We have a long history of people absconding from immigration hearings of one sort of another, they just blend back into the community.”

ICE sources say an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 illegal immigrants a year do not show up for their court date and disappear into the U.S.

Francis Fox Piven must be very proud of having been put in charge of US immigration policy. Down in hell, her coconspirator Richard Cloward is smiling fondly.


From Moonbattery: http://moonbattery.com/

More Illegals, More Sucking the System, Eventual Collapse of The System. No more Money.

August 2, 2013

The “New Electorate Project” is going to flop.

Yes, the “legalization” will be huge on paper, but I doubt most of those people intend to live here – they just want to file for social security/disability. This of course means those systems crash fast.  (They’re already on the verge of crashing.)  Part of the “importing a new electorate” project assumes that the blue model goes on forever, and that payments are secure and unlimited.  It ain’t so.  Get Away From That Ledge III | According To Hoyt

From American Digest: http://americandigest.org/

The Pope Joins “Gang of Eight”?

July 8, 2013

The Pope Joins ‘Gang of Eight’?

Posted on | July 8, 2013

When I saw this Tweet by the Pope, I was like, “Did George Soros pay him to say that?” The House is now considering the Comprehensive Piece of Crap Bill, and I was pretty pissed about it. Had the Senate Republicans or the Ford Foundation or some other open-borders lobby group gotten the Pope involved in pushing this legislative atrocity?

Apparently not.

Did you know that thousands of Africans have died trying to reach Italy? The European Union’s disastrous immigration policies — apparently, once you set foot there, they can’t kick you out — have made the Italian island of Lampedusa a mooch-magnet:

Pope Francis has visited Lampedusa to pay tribute to the thousands of refugees who have lost their lives trying to reach the European Union. The pope also criticized what he called the “globalization of indifference.” The head of the Roman Catholic Church, who arrived on the tiny southern Italian island on Monday morning, tossed a wreath into the sea from an Italian coast guard vessel to commemorate the deceased would-be migrants. . . . Later, the pontiff celebrated a mass on the island . . . in which he slammed what he described as “the globalization of indifference” and “the culture of wealth,” that causes people to become insensitive to the plights of others. “We pray for a heart which will embrace immigrants,” he said via his Twitter account following the mass. “God will judge us upon how we have treated the most needy.” Lampedusa, which is closer to Africa than the Italian mainland, has been the point of entry to the European Union for more than 200,000 people since 1999. More than 17,000 would-be migrants have died trying to reach the island during the same time period. Around 4,000 have reached Lampedusa in the first half of this year alone, but this is well below the tens of thousands who reached the island during the Arab Spring revolts of 2011.

The “globalization of indifference”? Hey, dig this, Pope: How about encouraging the localization of responsibility?

If everybody is responsible, nobody is responsible. If it’s Europe’s job to take care of Africans, what is Africa’s job other than building boats so they can try to get to Europe? How about encouraging Africans to do something more productive than trying to leave Africa?

Also, speaking of “how we have treated the most needy,” Pope, I checked my records and you’ve never hit my tip jar. Just sayin’ . .

From The Other McCain: http://theothermccain.com/

Another Amnesty Bill Outrage

June 27, 2013

Amnesty Bill’s $3,000 Penalty for Hiring Americans

If it isn’t clear yet that the federal government is hostile to the American population, the fingers poked in our eye by the Schumer/Rubio amnesty outrage should get the point across. Combined with ObamaCare, it actually fines employers $3,000 for hiring Americans rather than foreigners who snuck into the country illegally. Read it and rage:

As I’ve outlined previously, under Obamacare, businesses with over 50 workers that employ American citizens without offering them qualifying health insurance could be subject to fines of up to $3,000 per worker. But because newly legalized immigrants wouldn’t be eligible for subsidies on the Obamacare exchanges until after they become citizens – at least 13 years under the Senate bill – businesses could avoid such fines by hiring the new immigrants instead. …

In a free market, if a new immigrant worker can do a job better than an American worker for a cheaper price, there shouldn’t be a problem with a business hiring the immigrant. But when the immigration bill interacts with Obamacare’s employer mandate, it functions as a reverse tariff against hiring American citizens. It would be like subjecting Americans to a $3,000 tax on purchasing American cars, while allowing them to avoid that tax by purchasing cars from Germany, Japan, or any other country other than America. That’s not free trade. That’s government rigging the game against American citizens.

Rigging the game against American citizens who want to work is the federal government’s stock and trade.

The rats in Washington could fix this through amendments. But it is easier just to send out their pet flying monkeys to tell lies. I’m referring of course to the mainstream media:

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker, Glenn Kessler took issue with [Ted Cruz’s revelation of the penalty for hiring Americans], claiming: 1) there is no penalty; 2) even if there is a penalty it would only apply to a small number of jobs; and 3) even if there is a penalty and it applies to lots of jobs, it is illegal for employers to take advantage of it.

Kessler is wrong on all counts. But he still deserves a pat on the head for obediently doing the government’s bidding.

illegal aliens
Good luck finding a job after amnesty.

On a tip from Bill T.    Moonbattery: http://moonbattery.com/

This Immigration Bill is One Ugly Ass Compilation of Insidious Bullshit

June 26, 2013

Abuses And Usurpations: Hear That Train A-Coming

24 June 2013 @ 17:47

Dan Collins, Necropolitan Sentinel-In-Chief, has managed in one brilliant and extended paragraph to summarize the farce that is this Politburo, er, Administration [aka: La Cosa Obama] and why many of us will never trust it on any matter whatsoever.

This the best damn rant I’ve seen in a long, long time…and the best succinct chronology of the long train abuses and usurpations committed by this Chicago Cell:

Look at the immigration bill. Look at the one in 1986. Look at Napolitano’s declaration that the border is secure, and that agencies like hers have the right to determine which laws shall and shall not be enforced. Look at Benghazi. Look at Fast and Furious. Look at ObamaCare, and how it was rammed through, and all its promises, and behind those Obama’s 2008 campaign rhetoric about the individual mandate, and keeping your doctor, and bending the cost curve. Look at the IRS, and the story about low-level employees, and the audit that wasn’t an investigation, and the preliminary results that weren’t communicated to the congressmen who asked for them, and the FBI’s lack of follow-up. Behold Pigford, with the DoJ coordinating with trial lawyers and community activists to trawl for fraud in black churches. Behold DoJ lawsuits designed to prevent states from ensuring that the rolls are clean, or that voters are who they claim to be, or that addresses given for registration are valid. Hurry, hurry, step right up and see Catherine Engelbrecht, the woman targeted by multiple federal agencies at the behest of low-level IRS employees who were just a little overzealous about doing their jobs. Watch in amazement as the IRS head approves $70 million in bonuses for a job well done, despite the sequester, while VA employees are furloughed. Feast your eyes on the spectacle of ICE agents suing the government for the right to do their jobs, and fulfill their oaths of office. Be dazzled at the EPA creating its own laws, at the DHS and lobbyists writing health care regulations, at ideologues deciding on the basis of campaign donations who will and who won’t be permitted to continue to deal GM vehicles, giving preferred stock interest to unions who helped their boss become Chief Executive of the country, creating massive subsidies for Chevy Volts. See the State Department squelch its internal investigations and persecute those who inform on Ambassadors trolling in public parks for sex with underaged girls, security agents frequenting prostitutes, abusers of female staff, under the direction of Hillary Clinton, who would like to be the first female President, because it sends the right message. Watch as Smart Power reshapes the Middle East, and leads to a general jihad of Sunni against Shiite. See the Jews and Christians evicted and murdered, watch their synagogues and churches burn at the hands of adherents of the Religion of Peace. Marvel at the lack of coverage in the MSM. Get a front-row seat to watch as military functionaries institute anti-Christian policies on behalf of Muslim extremists. Watch them all lie, lie, lie, and get away with it.

Yeah, I have trust issues.

Don’t all decent, normal people.

How much longer are we going to allow this to continue?

Could This Be One Explanation?

I urge you to read the whole of Dan’s post here — there’s much, much more — and I encourage you to check in at The Necropolitan Sentinel every day for his latest postings.

From Bob’s Place: http://thecampofthesaints.org/

Gang of Eight Liars? Come On…What Do You Take us For?

June 16, 2013

The Gang of Eight Liars

Posted on | June 13, 2013 | 41 Comments and 0 Reactions

Everything you need to know about the so-called “Gang of 8″ Senate immigration bill is this: Obama supports it.

If this bill was good for America, Obama would be against it.

If this was a bill that any conservative could honestly support, Harry Reid would have killed it in committee and Chuck Schumer would not bebegging people to support it, and the fact that 30 Republicans voted for cloture is profoundly disturbing.

Supporters of the Senate bill are lying, because if they told the truth about it, there would be a firestorm of outrage. And because we know that they are lying about it,  as Michelle Malkin explains, it’s important not to listen to what they say, but to watch what they do:

The official White House operating policy is: No illegal alien left behind. “Smarter enforcement” means no enforcement.
Remember: Exactly one year ago this week, the president announced he would halt all deportations and start granting work permits to an estimated 2.1 million illegal aliens who entered the country as children.
This blanket amnesty through administrative non-enforcement has been plagued by questions of fraud from the get-go.

Read the whole thing. Every word spoken or written in favor of this wretched legislative monstrosity is a lie, including any claim that it would require immigrants to learn English:

[ProEnglish Executive Director, Bob Vandervoort said:] “Contrary to what the Gang of 8 says, S. 744 has no requirement for illegal immigrants to learn English to get work permits or amnesty. They can renew their work permits indefinitely. They only have to show some knowledge of English IF they apply for green cards after 10 and a half years of residency! In the meantime, taxpayers will be paying for translations and interpreters. It’s time for the Gang of 8 to stop the lies.”
“For at least ten years and perhaps for their entire lives, this huge new group of predominantly non-English speaking, former illegal immigrants will create a huge new demand for costly government services in their native language, further exacerbating the dangerous and growing division of the United States into separate cultural and linguistic communities,” Vandervoort elaborates. “This would be an unprecedented calamity for our nation’s unity,” he said.

What part of “NO AMNESTY” is so hard to understand?

UPDATENo intelligent person is deceived by this “bipartisanship”:

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 84-15 — with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell among 30 Republican senators voting “yes” — to bring the bill to the floor for debate. Tea Party favorite, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, was among the GOP senators declaring support for the controversial legislation. . . .
Rubio told David Drucker of the Washington Examiner that he is working with fellow Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah to craft an amendment that would strengthen border enforcement provisions in the bill. However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, has already signaled that he will oppose stronger enforcement.
The “Gang of Eight” bill was slammed this week by two influential conservative columnists.
If the GOP Is This Stupid, It Deserves to Die,” Ann Coulter headlined her Wednesday column, saying Republican supporters of the legislation “are devoting all their energy to slightly increasing their share of the Hispanic vote while alienating everyone else in America.” And the bill was also criticized by Michelle Malkin.
“Suicidal Republicans have supported illegal alien amnesties dating back to the Reagan era,” Malkin said in her Thursday syndicated column, which concluded: “Trust them? Hell, no. There’s only one course for citizens who believe in upholding the Constitution and protecting the American dream: Stop them.”

Read the rest at Viral Read.

From The Other McCain: http://theothermccain.com/

Only White People Are Stupid Enough to Destroy Themselves Through Immigration Practices

June 14, 2013

Revenge Of The Anchor Babies: Whites To Be Minority In Children Under Age 5 By Next Year…

And we’re about to legalize another 11 million?

Via Daily Mail:

For the first time, America’s racial and ethnic minorities now make up about half of the under-5 age group and will be a majority by this year or next.

That’s according to new census numbers that show a faster shift than expected toward a minority-majority, one where whites will be in the minority by 2043.

The new estimates also show that, for the fist time in more than a century, the death rate for white Americans outnumbers the birth rate.

The Census Bureau reported earlier this year that non-white babies now outnumber white babies.

Fueled by immigration and high rates of birth, particularly among Hispanics, racial and ethnic minorities are now growing more rapidly in numbers than whites.

Based on current rates of growth, whites in the under-5 group are expected to tip to a minority this year or next, Thomas Mesenbourg, the Census Bureau’s acting director, said.

The government also projects that in five years, minorities will make up more than half of children under 18. Not long after, the total U.S. white population will begin an inexorable decline in absolute numbers, due to aging baby boomers.

From Weasel Zippers: http://weaselzippers.us/

Great Britain No Longer Great – Taking Her Last Breaths of Sanity and Freedom

May 27, 2013

OUTRAGEOUS! UK ‘Hope for Heroes’ charity tells English Defence League to take their contributions and shove them up their ass

imagesArmed Forces charity ‘Help for Heroes’ has announced that it will not accept any donations raised by the leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson. The charity has said that donations from EDL leader Tommy Robinson will be refunded to the contributors.

(Good, I will take my refunded donation and send it to the English Defence League)


Guardian  The charity will check for any further donations from EDL members and said they would not accept any donations from the group.

A Help for Heroes spokesman said: “He is the only one that has come to our attention but tonight we will be doing a cross-count to make sure that anyone else saying they are EDL will not be allowed to fundraise for us. ”It is the same for any political party, we do not allow political fundraising. As a charity, we are non-political.” (The EDL is NOT a political party)


Robinson’s Just Giving page shows that the EDL leader has raised more than £3,300 so far and was aiming to raise £5,000 with a sponsored walk across London.

On the page, Robinson wrote: “On Saturday the 29th June I am going to walk from Westminster in West London to Woolwich in East London (Just over 17 miles) to lay a wreath in support of our troops (Lee Rigby RIP). I plan to raise as much money as possible for Help for Heroes.


“As you can probably tell the last time I exercised was at school, I think a 17 mile walk might be end of me! The chance of me popping my clogs due to my fitness or the likely threat I will have from the religion of peace throughout the route might even tempt David Cameron and the rest of his weak leadership to sponsor me on the off chance that this was to happen!”

Earlier on Monday, more than 1,000 far-right supporters gathered outside Downing Street, where Robinson addressed the crowd. The EDL demonstrators chanted “Muslim killers off our streets” and “There’s only one Lee Rigby” as they marched through London.

Robinson told the demonstration: “This is a day of respect for our armed forces”, and “They’ve had their Arab spring. This is time for the English spring.”



Suddenly…Everyone Speaks English

May 24, 2013

Found at Mad Medic: http://maddmedic.wordpress.com/

Terror on a Wednesday Afternoon in Britain

May 23, 2013

This Afternoon.

22WednesdayMay 2013



It appears that a soldier has been beheaded on the streets of London this afternoon.

Although I’m anything but ‘surprised’, the cruelty of the act still defies belief.

I should never have to write about beheadings, nor even contemplate them happening so close to my home. Such events were typical of London two hundred years ago. This is 2013. Fatalities like this are the violent tax we pay on importing those from another century.

Do not blame the political climate for this. That climate includes everyone. I am entirely innocent of this man’s brave and wasted blood, as are you. It is our leaders who are guilty and we must be clear about this from the start. For the last fifteen years, the British political class has imported the most hideous depravity into one of the birthplaces of the modern age. Now these opposite forces are coming to war with each other in a way so natural it barely merits detailed analysis.

The most simple elements are also the most fundamental and contradictory. Light repels dark, good repels evil, and modernity should repel barbarism; There is no coexistence possible for concepts so starkly and absolutely opposed.

As for a motivation for this latest murder, don’t flatter the savages by looking for one. Anyone who has a political mind will have already decided their position on Islam in the Western world. We should now stand back and let the (non-political) masses soak in the events of today and trust them to draw the right conclusions.

I for one hope this spitting on the fabric of British Patriotism acts as a more general ’wake-up call’, compelling us to act faster and with greater mental clarity than before. I hope the EDL make some sort of appearance when it is respectful and right for them to do so. I also hope that the right-wing and left-wing can unite on something so basic and important as the lives of British soldiers and condemn this action together.

Lastly, I hope for popular decorum and an atmosphere of respect. If you’re already on the intelligent side of the Islam debate, the temptation when something like this happens is to feel ‘smug’… But this is too close to feeling ‘good’, and how can anyone feel ‘good’ about today?

D, LDN. From Defend the Modern World:http://defendthemodernworld.wordpress.com/

Britain Has Sown the Wind and They Are Reaping the Whirlwind – Allowing mooslim Immigrants to Come in and Destroy Them

May 23, 2013

UNREAL: It Took British Cops 20 Minutes To Respond To Islamist Terror Attack Because They Had To Wait For Officers With Guns To Show Up…

Mind-blowing to think cops in the UK don’t carry guns.

Via Telegraph:

… “One of the guys had a knife that looked about a foot long and a machete and the other bloke had a gun.

“They started slashing him up with the knife and hitting him in the stomach with the machete.

“I don’t think it took long before he was dead.

“There were people passing by who were screaming and running away. I’ve never seen anything like it.

“I’m still really shaken up.

“When he was dead, they dragged him out into the road and left him there.

“It was strange, they didn’t run off, they just stood there as if they were waiting for the police.

“It must’ve taken about 20 minutes for the police to arrive, I think it must’ve been because they were waiting for armed police.

“The police officers got out of the car and the two black men ran towards them with the gun.

“The police shot them.

“They fell to the ground. Then a helicopter landed.

“Think it must’ve been an air ambulance.


From Weasel Zippers: http://weaselzippers.us/

British Soldier Beheaded In London By Attackers Shouting “Allahu Akhbar” – Update: Police Call It “Islamist Terrorist Attack” – Update: Video Of Attacker Talking – Update: ”We Swear By Almighty Allah We Will Never Stop Fighting You”…

The British government just announced it is likely “terror related.” Gee, ya think?

Report: British Soldier Beheaded Outside London Barracks — Bloomberg News

A U.K. lawmaker said he believed that a serving British soldier was killed outside of an army barracks in southeast London and two suspects are in custody.

The London Times reported that one of the attackers shouted “Allahu Akhbar” (“God is Great in Arabic) as they attacked the soldier with meat cleavers.

One of the suspects is injured and in the hospital and no other people are being sought, Nick Raynsford, a lawmaker who represents the Greenwich and Woolwich areas of London, said in an interview on Sky News. The incident may have started because of a traffic accident, he said.

“Sadly one patient, a man, was dead,” London’s Ambulance Service said in a statement. “Staff treated two other patients, both men, who were taken to hospital, one of them in serious condition.”

London police said on Twitter they were responding to a “serious incident” on John Wilson Street in the Woolwich area. More than 30 police officers are still at the scene.

Keep reading…

Update: The pair was asking people passing by to take pictures so they obviously wanted this to get as much publicity as possible.

Via Sky News:

Sky sources understand that senior police officers believe the killing was likely to be a politically-motivated Islamist terrorist attack.

Dozens of weapons – including a number of knives – and pools of blood could be seen on the ground, where a man wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt is said to have been attacked by two men.

Sky sources say that following their attack, witnesses heard the pair chanting “Allahu akbar” – and asking passers-by to take photographs of them.

Armed officers arrived at the scene and opened fire on two men thought to be the attackers. The two are now in hospital with gunshot wounds.

Update: “In our lands women have to see this every day… you people will never be safe.” Note his blood-stained hands.

Update: New video source added.

Update via CNN:

[T]he two suspects in the killing were injured in a confrontation with police and have been taken to two hospitals, where they are being treated.

CNN affiliate ITN aired a video showing a man with bloody hands and holding a meat cleaver, who says, “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.”

The man, who is black and appears to have a London accent, carries on: “The only reasons we killed this man this is because Muslims are dying daily. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.”

From Weasel Zippers: http://weaselzippers.us/

One of Great Britain’s Problems: islam Surging and Christianity Receding

May 17, 2013

Report: Christianity Facing “Catastrophic Collapse” In Britain, Number Of Muslims Surges By 75%…

We can all see where this is headed.

Via Telegraph:

Christianity could be facing a catastrophic collapse in Britain according to official figures suggesting it is declining 50 per cent faster than previously thought.

A new analysis of the 2011 census shows that a decade of mass immigration helped mask the scale of decline in Christian affiliation among the British-born population – while driving a dramatic increase in Islam, particularly among the young.

It suggests that only a minority of people will describe themselves as Christians within the next decade, for first time.

Meanwhile almost one in 10 under 25s in Britain is now a Muslim.

The proportion of young people who describe themselves as even nominal Christians has dropped below half for the first time.

Initial results from the 2011 census published last year showed that the total number of people in England and Wales who described themselves as Christian fell by 4.1 million – a decline of 10 per cent. [...]

They disclosed that there were in fact 5.3 million fewer British-born people describing themselves as Christians, a decline of 15 per cent in just a decade.

At the same time the number of Muslims in England and Wales surged by 75 per cent – boosted by almost 600,000 more foreign born followers of the Islamic faith.

From Weasel Zippers: http://weaselzippers.us/

mooslims Taking over Paris – Coming to an American City Near You if We Do Not Stop Them NOW.

May 11, 2013

Islamization of Paris – a Warning to the West

by SPARTA on MAY 9, 2013


On YouTube:

Uploaded on Sep 3, 2010 by CBNnewsonline

The French have become increasingly fed up with what they see as the growing Islamization of France… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com

CBN has the story:

PARIS – Friday in Paris. A hidden camera shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and enforced by a private security force.

This is all illegal in France: the public worship, the blocked streets, and the private security. But the police have been ordered not to intervene.

It shows that even though some in the French government want to get tough with Muslims and ban the burqa, other parts of the French government continue to give Islam a privileged status.

An ordinary French citizen who has been watching the Islamization of Paris decided that the world needed to see what was happening to his city. He used a hidden camera to start posting videos on YouTube. His life has been threatened and so he uses the alias of “Maxime Lepante.”

Lepante’s View

His camera shows that Muslims “are blocking the streets with barriers. They are praying on the ground. And the inhabitants of this district cannot leave their homes, nor go into their homes during those prayers.”

“The Muslims taking over those streets do not have any authorization. They do not go to the police headquarters, so it’s completely illegal,” he says.

The Muslims in the street have been granted unofficial rights that no Christian group is likely to get under France’s Laicite’, or secularism law.

“It says people have the right to share any belief they want, any religion,” Lepante explained. “But they have to practice at home or in the mosque, synagogues, churches and so on.”

Some say Muslims must pray in the street because they need a larger mosque. But Lepante has observed cars coming from other parts of Paris, and he believes it is a weekly display of growing Muslim power.

“They are coming there to show that they can take over some French streets to show that they can conquer a part of the French territory,” he said.

France’s Islamic Future?

If France faces an Islamic future, a Russian author has already written about it. The novel is called “The Mosque of Notre Dame, 2048,” a bestseller in Russia, not in France.

French publisher Jean Robin said the French media ignored the book because it was politically incorrect.

“Islam is seen as the religion of the poor people, so you can’t say to the poor people, ‘You’re wrong,’ otherwise, you’re a fascist,” Robin explained.

The book lays out a dark future when France has become a Muslim nation, and the famous cathedral has been turned into a mosque.

Whether that plot is farfetched depends on whom you ask. Muslims are said to be no more than 10 percent of the French population, although no one knows for sure because French law prohibits population counts by religion.

But the Muslim birthrate is significantly higher than for the native French. Some Muslim men practice polygamy, with each extra wife having children and collecting a welfare check.

“The problem of Islam is more than a problem of numbers,” said French philosopher Radu Stoenescu, an Islamic expert who debates Muslim leaders on French TV. “The problem is one of principles. It’s an open question. Is Islam an ideology or just a creed?”

“It doesn’t matter how many there are,” he aded. “The problem is the people who follow Islam; they’re somehow in a political party, which has a political agenda, which means basically implementing Sharia and building an Islamic state.”

In Denial or Fed Up

From the 1980s until recently, criticizing or opposing Islam was considered a social taboo, and so the government and media effectively helped Islam spread throughout France.

“We were expecting Islam to adapt to France and it is France adapting to Islam,” Robin said.

About the burqa controversy, one French Muslim man told a reporter that Europeans should respect Muslim dress. One Parisian woman wearing a headscarf said “the veil is in the Koran” and “we only submit to God and nobody else.”

But even if many government elites are in France are in denial over Islam, the people in the streets increasingly are not. Some have become fed up with what they see as the growing Islamization of France.

They’ve started staging pork and wine “aperitifs,” or cocktail parties in the street. They’re patriotic demonstrations meant to strike back against Islam.  Another national demonstration is planned for Saturday, Sept. 4.

A Warning to the West

The French parliament debated the burqa law in this year. Jean-Francois Cope, president of the Union for a Popular Movement political party, has a warning for the West and for America.

“We cannot accept the development of such practice because it’s not compatible with the life in a modern society, you see,” he said. “And this question is not only a French question. You will all have to face this challenge. ”

For more insight on the slide toward a post-Christian Western society, check out Dale Hurd’s blog Hurd on the Web.

For more insight on ‘Islamization’ around the world, check out Stakelbeck on Terror

**Originally published September 1, 2010.

Clarion: Exclusive interview with Maxime Lépante, undercover Islamization fighter!

1. What made you get involved in countering radical Islam in France?

For me, as for many people, 9/11 was a turning point. It was the proof that Muslim terrorists will stop at nothing to kill as many people as possible. I began to read more and more about Islam and its threat, in the books and in the news. Then, in July 2009, I witnessed, in the heart of Paris, my beloved town, thousands of Muslims taking over 4 streets, and praying on the pavement.

Ni voile ni burqa: ripostelaique.com

2. What have you done as part of these efforts?

In August 2009, I joined Riposte Laïque, a French secular organization dedicated to fight islamization. I bought a hidden camera, and went in the 18th district of Paris, to videotape those illegal Muslim prayers, which take place there each Friday, only 500 meters away from Sacré-Coeur, a big and famous church. In one year, I have produced 40 videos showing this scandal, and I have uploaded them on our French YouTube channel. I also wrote more than 80 articles denouncing this scandal. Finally, one week ago, I opened a new channel on YouTube, totally in English, on which I have already uploaded 5 of my videos translated in English. I’m planning to translate and upload on this channel 30 other videos showing the illegal Muslim prayers in Paris, in the coming months, with the help of a professional translator.

3. How do you define radical Islam? How is it different than Islam?

Radical Islam equals Mohammed plus the Koran, and Mohammed plus the Koran equals Islam, so radical Islam and Islam essentially are the same thing. The only difference is that radical Muslims don’t hesitate to kill, while standard Muslims don’t usually kill. But both share the same goal: to impose Islam on the world by establishing a worldwide caliphate under shariah, Islamic law.

4. What was the most shocking thing you discovered in your fight against radical Islam?

Everything in radical Islam is shocking, and therefore everything in Islam is shocking, since Islam is the doctrine of radical Islam. I watched some horrendous videos of Muslims slaughtering and beheading men and women, and many photos of Afghan women disfigured by sulfuric acid, I read about all those good Muslim fathers who suddenly butcher their daughters because they haven’t made their prayer or because they have put some lipstick on… The list could go forever.

5. What do you think the government could and should do to help stop radical Islam?

Shariah law has to be denounced as fascism and banned from all the Free World. Governments have to arrest and expel all Muslims who refuse to denounce shariah law. Immigration from Muslim countries shall be completely stopped. Islamic finance has to be banned, and all money transfers from Muslim countries forbidden.

6. Is radical Islam something that should concern everyone? Why or why not?

Radical Islam’s aim, the same as Islam’s aim, is to submit or kill every human being. So everyone is at risk and should be concerned.

7. You may not be a prophet, but do you think radical Islam will ever be stopped?

Yes, radical Islam, and its doctrine, Islam, will be stopped. There are 5 times more non-Muslims than Muslims in the world, and the fastest growing religion is Christianity, not Islam. So the Muslims don’t have demography on their side, contrary to what the mainstream media say. But this will not be an easy task. Many people are killed by Muslims around the world and many more people may die before Islam is stopped.

8. What’s the danger of radical Islam to the typical person?

The first danger is simply to be killed. Then, to be maimed or hurt in a bombing. Then, to be threatened to be killed if the person refuses to convert to Islam. Then, to be raped, if the person is a woman wearing a skirt. And so on.

9. How could the average person help fight radical Islam?

There are many way to fight radical Islam, and its doctrine, Islam. First is to inform people of the danger, like what Radicalislam.org does. You can make personal inquiries about illegal actions committed by Muslims, like I do with my hidden camera. Contact the MSM and ask them to report the truth about Islam, and to stop to ban the words “Muslims” and “Islam” when Muslims commit a crime or a bombing, as they often do. Tell your elected official to fight shariah. Demonstrate against political leaders who are siding with Muslims, and are therefore traitors. Vote for political leaders who are aware of the threat that the Free World is facing.

10. You have an opportunity to tell something to our 45,000+ subscribers. What do you wish you to say?

I want to say that we, people of the Free World, are facing a threat even bigger than what Nazism was. The more we wait to fight back, the more innocent people will die, killed by Muslims. This is an existential battle. No less. I want to survive, do you?

From 1389 Blog: http://1389blog.com/

Stop mooslim Students from Entering the United States. Period. They are Wanna Be Terrorists.

April 23, 2013

Dear Liberals, even Bob Beckel gets it


Gets what you wonder? This!

Via Politico:

Fox News analyst Bob Beckel defended his comments about temporarily prohibiting Muslim students from entering the country Tuesday saying it wasn’t a position he takes lightly.

“My point is not to suggest that there’s a cell of 70,000 people here. What I’m suggesting is that those students coming from those countries where [they] harbor resentment against the United States, if we could save one Boston marathon event or one child’s life by saying we’re going to take a two-year hiatus from countries that we know do not like us and know from whence terrorism is coming,” Beckel told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on her show.

On Monday evening’s edition of “The Five,” which Beckel co-hosts, he suggested “cutting off” Muslim students from coming into this country for some time, in response to the Boston bombing.

“I think we really have to consider, that given the fact so many people hate us, we’re going to have to cut off Muslim students from coming to this country for some period of time so that we can at least absorb what we got, look at what we’ve got and decide whether some of the people here should be sent back home or sent to prison,” Beckel said Monday.

We area  sovereign nation, and therefore possess every right to determine who we give visas to. 

From he Daley Gator: http://thedaleygator.wordpress.com/

Geert Wilders – A Voice Crying in The Wilderness

April 18, 2013

Geert Wilders and The European Race against Time.

16TuesdayApr 2013

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I am not a moderate on the Islam-in-Europe debate. I do not want ‘European’ Muslims reformed, still less integrated. I oppose any kind of Muslim presence in Europe on the grounds of security and the preservation of liberal society. In my more sentimental moments, I long for a sublime evening of victory, when young Englanders toast with drinks and fireworks, a new, Muslim-free London.

So you see, my position has at least clarity on its side. What it lacks, still, is popular understanding or support. Who in Europe speaks openly such ideas?

“Lots of people!” might come back the answer, so let’s redesign the question.

Who in Europe with any power speaks such things?

The answer here is ‘a few’; a tiny clique, most members of it already familiar to one another, and to the rest of us. One of them is a Dutch politician named Geert Wilders.

Since 9/11, only Wilders has spoken clearly about the endgame of our confrontation with Islamism. While most are happy to state in a variety of new, tedious ways the nature of the problem, Wilders strides ahead into the (altogether more perilous) domain of how to fix it.

Who has the stomach to join him?

Not the Dutch apparently, who lamentably knocked the flame-haired hero out of the political mainstream in the 2012 election. The BBC said, at the time, that the Dutch had ‘bigger’ things on their mind than Wilders and his ‘fringe’ concerns….

Really? Like what? Europe, Taxes, Unemployment?

All of these will be become meaningless if Wilders is not re-embraced.

You see, the Islam/Europe battle is winner-takes-all. If the Muslims win, the Christians will be made extinct. If the Christians are to win, then Muslims must be made extinct from Christian nations. This understanding motivates the truest type of opposition to Islam in Europe. All others, however admirable, are falling short.

When Wilders elucidates his manifesto, mouths are typically left long and open. The politician is direct like a bullet, sharp like a meat cleaver and (most troubling for the bourgeois) entirely unconcerned with the sentiment of political correctness.

But however ‘horrifying’ they are, Wilders’ political views have behind them a very sensible moral realization – one that we must all, in time, heed for ourselves,  and this is it -

Given that there are still many more Christians than Muslims in the Netherlands, the vital ethical measure concerns which option harms the greatest number – the forcible Islamisation of the 80% who do not currently profess Islam, or the Christianisation or expulsion of the 20% of the population who do, and the only sane, rational answer to this is the former. The second, though unpleasant, rescues us from the first.

Christopher Caldwell in his admirable but incomplete book ‘Reflections on the Revolution in Europe’, went so far as to defend the idea that native Europeans have a moral right to say who should enter their countries and who should not. Perhaps predictably, reviewers were violently shocked by this. Caldwell you see, is not some fringe lunatic, but a lead writer for the Financial Times of London. And yet here he was, openly promoting a selective immigration policy!

Such outrage as greeted Caldwell’s book, demonstrates how much work still has to be done on this debate. If people are shocked by the suggestion that future immigration must be modified for the sake of social cohesion, how distant they must be from the idea that previous immigration must be modified.

Perhaps they understand that there is only one way of modifying immigration that has already taken place, and that is deportation. Wilders, alone in the political class, has recognised this, and has spoken of his intentions to work towards that end.

If you find Wilders shocking now, then brace yourself for a surprisingly ‘shocking’ future. Islamisation in Europe is an entirely safe prediction, or as safe as can be made. The sturdy force of mathematics supports it. We know that the number of Muslims will increase, and because of those increasing numbers that the number of converts will also grow, and because of those conversions that the number of excited Islamists taking up arms will rise too. Information like this should terrify anyone who believes in a liberal, tolerant society.

After the 2012 elections, Wilders is politically alone. He is jogging on ahead, as if in a different race to those behind him.

But he isn’t, and if he loses, we all do.


From Defend the Modern World: http://defendthemodernworld.wordpress.com/

Australia Committing Cultural Suicide – Destroying Their Own Country

April 15, 2013

AUSTRALIA asking its senior citizens, yes, SENIOR CITIZENS, to take Muslim illegal aliens into their homes

wtfsMuslim asylum welfare benefits seekers will be used as live-in companions for retirees and to ‘help out’ on farms across Western Australia under a new homestay scheme starting next month and backed by the Dhimmigration Department.

(Well, there you go, a win-win solution for the Gillard government – get rid of the ‘no-longer productive’ retirees while getting cheap housing for the Muslim entitlement whores)

The Australian  (h/t Liz) Every West Australian with a spare room is being urged to sign up for the Homestay Helping Hand program, with hosts paid $50 a week for each asylum seeker in exchange for providing board and food.


Asylum seekers, in return, are urged to “help out around the home or farm”, “pick up the shopping”, or “provide company for someone who’s lonely.” (Will the government provide emergency neck alarms so the elderly hosts can call police after they’ve raped, beaten, or robbed by their new “companions”)

Muslim invaders torch Christmas Island detention center

The scheme will be run by the Australian Homestay Network, which finds accommodation for asylum seekers after they are processed on Christmas Island and released by the Immigration Department on bridging visas while their refugee claims are assessed.

Villawood Detention Center after being torched by Muslim invaders

Villawood Detention Center after being torched by Muslim invaders

Executive chairman David Bycroft said placements would start within a month and it was a “chance for Australians to put their hand up and be part of the solution instead of complaining about the problem.” He said live-in asylum seekers could not replace paid staff but they were available to help with jobs and chores around the house or farm.

The scheme is separate from another homestay program called the Community Placement Network (CPN), which started in May last year but has stalled with just over 30 placements so far this year. CPN placements last six weeks but in the Helping Hand program, asylum seekers can stay with a host for years if both parties want it.


Mr Bycroft said there would soon be thousands of would-be refugees living in the community under the Helping Hand program because Australia “faces a massive wave of asylum seekers looking for affordable accommodation”. “The asylum seeker can help out, pick up the shopping, perhaps drive the car,” he said.

“We’re after retirees or couples, maybe their kids have left the home, they’ve got empty rooms and they want to do something good. For a single person it gives them company a great idea for someone who’s lonely.”


SHE admits to “a little bit of trepidation”, but Fremantle retiree Maureen Ramsay will soon open her home to an asylum seeker and says she is looking forward to it. The former TAFE lecturer and manager is a mother of four and grandmother of eight who now lives alone and has two empty bedrooms.

Fremantle retiree Maureen Ramsay, with a death wish, will soon open her home to an asylum seeker and says she is looking forward to it

Fremantle retiree Maureen Ramsay, with a death wish, will soon open her home to an asylum seeker and says she is looking forward to it

“I feel quite concerned about the situation for asylum seekers and refugees and I thought, ‘I can do something, I’ve got space’,” the 70-year-old said. ”It might be intense at the beginning but I feel it would be more frightening for them than for me. (Lock this woman up, she has clearly lost her mind)

“I have no idea what to expect. I suppose there will be some cultural hurdles. They may not speak English. (Yep, Granny, ‘communication’ will be your main problem)


“Some of my friends think I’m quite naive and I guess I have a little bit of trepidation because some people are quite anti-refugees and think that anyone who is sympathetic is a bit naive. I don’t agree with that. We should give people a chance.

Mrs Ramsay said her family supported her decision. She said the $50 a week she will receive under the Homestay Helping Hand program would mostly cover the cost of providing meals.

From Bare Naked Islam: http://www.barenakedislam.com/


The United States Should Say The Same Thing…We Don’t Need You

April 10, 2013

Found at 90 miles: http://ninetymilesfromtyranny.blogspot.com/

Oriana Fallaci: A Voice That Cried in The Wilderness

April 2, 2013

She Told us So: The Brilliance of Oriana Fallaci.

02 Tuesday Apr 2013


“Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam. And Italy is an outpost of that province, a stronghold of that colony…In each of our cities lies a second city: a Muslim city, a city run by the Quran. A stage of Islamic expansion.”

The most beautiful, talented and inspiring political writer of the millennial age was an Italian named Oriana Fallaci.

Her name, so musically pleasant to hear and say, unlocks a reputation of beauty, courage and indefatigability (let’s not allow that last word to be forever tarnished by Mr Galloway).

Fallaci wrote, before most of us had found our bearings on the issue, the two greatest books about the Islamisation of Europe ever written – “The Rage and the Pride” and “The Force of Reason”.

These volumes are not like any other book on the subject published before or since. They are written not by an academic, or a soapbox agitator, but by a witness to history of the first rank. The language used in the expression of their content is so passionate, well-chosen and spiritual, it easily ascends to poetry. While the books aren’t particularly complex, they reward slow and thoughtful reading and settle eventually more as philosophy than journalism.

Praise for Ms Fallaci (particularly in her native Italy) often takes on a tone reminiscent of Saint-worship. This is easily explained. As a polemicist, she wrote with an emotional, Latin urgency which tends to either greatly repel or greatly endear.

When her writing repels, it shocks. When it endears, it turns one from an admirer into a devotee.

Fallaci’s prematurity created a strong and strange mystique, much like that which attaches to George Orwell and his lonely stand against prevailing orthodoxies. Fallaci like Orwell, got to the point of the era before the intellectuals. She had the correct answer before the question was widely known. To protest against Muslim immigration now is common-sense, but when Fallaci wrote those books, it was regarded as outrageous racism. Her willingness to be misunderstood in this respect truly deserves the epithet ‘heroic’.

Fallaci was instrumental in waking up the Western intellect to the horror of Muslim immigration (and not just terrorism). Her books predate those which made the anti-Islamisation position easy and fashionable. Her volumes never topped the bestseller stands either here or in Europe. She tragically died of cancer before her opinions were vindicated or broadly accepted. As terrible as such facts are, they have served to embalm her reputation from the arrows of her (numerous) critics.

Fallaci’s physical beauty greatly amplifies the effect of her writing. This brilliant, beautiful, empowered Italian woman when compared against the house-bound wretches of the Islamic World adds great emphasis to our struggle. How could we give up the cultural foundations which allow for this superior kind of womanhood?

Age and ill-health never completely diminished Fallaci’s appearance. At 75, she still looked like a film star. The fight for liberty never looked so dignified.

Leftists – of course – continue to despise her. For as long as they do this, I will despise Leftists. On dozens of occasions liberals have trotted out the same Fallaci quote in which she complains that Muslim immigrants ‘breed like rats’ and held it up as if it was a bleeding knife, hard evidence of some kind of nascent National Socialism in her personality.

But this is ridiculous. As a metaphor, it is nicely to the point and entirely correct. Muslim immigrants are breeding like rats. Rats, rabbits, bacteria…whatever you might want to compare it to, that is what they are doing, and should it continue, we will end up with a continent burning with hatred and war.

Fallaci’s tone was often furious, even – some say - ’fanatical’, but since our enemies are so easily enlivened by the dictats of Sharia law, we could do worse than become fanatical about our own beliefs and virtues. The Muslims are fanatical about the need for women to be veiled. We can (and should) match that fanaticism with a desire that they should remain free. Let’s not be afraid of anger, even less of passion.

As we go forward in the struggle to avoid the destiny she forewarned us of, Fallaci’s books must be our manifesto. I will continue to read her and take encouragement from her words. I hope that she will not be forgotten now that her views have become widespread. No-one has yet matched her tone of moral anger, her poetry, her cruel exactness. Her words still perfectly define our challenge….

“There are moments in Life when keeping silent becomes a fault, and speaking an obligation. A civic duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative from which we cannot escape.”


From Defending the Modern World: http://defendthemodernworld.wordpress.com/