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Nothing Like a Hoodie Wearing Hoodlum

July 18, 2013

Representin’ Ewok and the Signifyin’ Jive

Posted on | July 17, 2013


Shocking Thuggery from @AceofSpadesHQ: “Hell, I love a good hoodie.” http://minx.cc/?post=341714 Another vapor-huffing Ewok hoodlum!


Inside jokes about Ace’s resemblance to the cuddly creatures of The Return of the Jedi are a sort of signification — an advertisement of tribal membership — in the same way I sometimes get all redneck when I’m angry and start quoting The Outlaw Josey Wales.

The AOSHQ Moron throws out the inside jokes like a Crip throwing gang signs, letting his fellow Morons know he’s one of them. Tribal membership requires one to represent — to conform to the ethos of the tribe, to defend the tribal honor, and to attack the enemies of the tribe. Belonging to the tribe confers certain benefits on the members, although these benefits may not be apparent to outsiders. Nevertheless, the valuable prestige of the tribe requires these signifying and representing customs.

Sociologists and anthropologists understand this and, if you followed the 2007-09 meltdown of the Little Green Footballs tribe, you recall that the key turning point was when Ace — tiring of Charles Johnson’s phony act — decided to throw down on that mofo.

There was a sort of blogger “street smarts” involved there. As full of crap as I have sometimes been, God forbid I should ever be so full of crap that Ace decides to blow me up. It’s like pissing off Dan Riehl — there are some errors a smart blogger avoids.

“Street smarts” aren’t especially common among elite journalists, because the path to an elite journalism career doesn’t usually involve cutting school to go get high with your hoodlum buddies — you’ll never make it to Harvard that way — and the uptight culture of the elite journalism tribe isn’t a place where a former teenage dopehead feels especially comfortable.

All of this is a lengthy preamble to Ace’s reaction to a Richard Cohen column about the Travyon Martin case. Ask yourself this: Why did George Zimmerman think Trayvon looked “suspicious,” “up to no good,” “on drugs or something”? Ace explains why understanding the signification factor is essential:

Among the poor — poor whites, poor blacks, poor Hispanics, poor “White Hispanics” — there is a big difference between the Aspirational poor and the Accepting poor. A poor person who advertises himself as a striver, an achiever, is not usually perceived as a threat. A poor person, on the other hand, who signals himself as part of the sad, cynical, violent thug culture — and every race has some version of this — is perceived as a threat. I might not be able to see a white guy’s Neck Tattoos and Iron Cross earring at the same distance I can spot someone’s skin color, but the moment I do see the Neck Tattoos and Iron Cross earring, I am in fact labeling that guy as “Likely threat, seems to advertise his identity as being based in Prison Culture. Do not approach.” There is a very big difference between people who advertise themselves as I’ve Got Nothin’ to Lose and those who advertise themselves as I Do In Fact Have Something to Lose. The fact that the latter sort of person has skin in the game himself makes him nonthreatening — he’s not comfortable with impulsive life-changing criminal decisions either. But the first sort of person is all but advertising he doesn’t think much of his own life and therefore, of course, doesn’t think much of others’ lives, which is the dangerous thing. . . .

Go read the rest at Ace of Spades HQ, or ima f–k you up, mofo.

From The Other McCain: http://theothermccain.com/

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