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It’s “Hip” to Be A Killer as Long as You are A Black Leftist Commie or a mooslim

July 18, 2013

Rolling Stone Digs for the Last Extreme of Moonbattery by Beatifying Muslim Terrorist

When you think about the posturing entailed, it wasn’t far from glamorizing a Marxist community activist who clearly never meant this country well to doing the same for a blood-soaked terrorist:


The sales strategy of self-consciously “hip” publications like Rolling Stone is to constantly push the envelope, redefining coolness as ever more extreme in its moonbattery for the insecure sheep who want to be told what they should think in order to be more liked by their peers. This time the trendoids may have pushed it far enough to get a backlash. James Woods, one of the very few countermoonbats in Hollyweird, is denouncing this contemptible rag in the harshest terms. Even liberal singer David Draiman is sufficiently disgusted to call for a boycott.

Here’s an idea for next month’s cover, via iOwnTheWorld:


The only way to go downhill from here would be to feature genocidal collectivist dictators of the type the editors undoubtedly would have supported, if only to be “cutting edge.”

On tips from Jester, Byron, Bob Roberts, Stormfax, Ummah Gummah, and Ben S.  SOurce: Moonbattery – http://moonbattery.com/

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