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What is the Real Background of Trayvon Martin?

July 16, 2013

Can Anyone Verify These Disturbing Allegations About Trayvon’s Family?

Posted on | July 15, 2013

A commenter on the earlier post wrote this:

Here’s something else you don’t know. From the age of 3 until age 15 or 16, Trayvon Martin lived NOT with Sybrina Fulton but with Tracy Martin, a known member of the Crips, and his then-wife Alicia Stanley-Martin, who was mentioned above. Alicia Stanley-Martin in that interview with Anderson Cooper said Trayvon spent 90% of his life in her home being raised with her two daughters from a previous relationship. When Tracy Martin dumped Alicia for Brandy he sent Trayvon to live with Sybrina — a woman he hardly knew. The two didn’t get along at all. Sybrina kicked Trayvon out two days before he jumped Zimmerman. Oddly, at that point Tracy was living with his sister because he’d dumped Alicia but hadn’t yet convinced Brandy to let him shack up with her and her son Chad. According to Trayvon’s text messages the plan was for him and Tracy to move in with Brandy soon but there was no definite date. So Sybrina kicked Trayvon out knowing that Tracy had no home of his own, meaning Trayvon had no home to go to other than his aunt’s house where his father was staying. Mother-of-the-year award material. The part that gets me, however, is that Sybrina would let a known member of the Crips to raise her child from age three. I’m sorry but that’s too messed up for words. You ought to check out Trayvon’s text messages, the released ones anyway. All evidence points to Tracy initiating Trayvon into the Crips, including purchasing illegal guns on the street. Yes, you read that correctly. The text messages may be found at the website created and ran by Mark O’Mara. Look at the ten text message reports. Oh, and Tracy Martin’s Crip nickname is “Fruit.”

Is this true? The commenter references the “Third Supplemental Discovery” at George Zimmerman Legal Case, and says that all this information has previously been cited by The Last Refuge, a.k.a. The Conservative Treehouse. I find it difficult to believe that anyone — even the most biased liberal reporter at the New York Times — covering this case would look at that and say, “Irrelevant.”

As I’ve explained elsewhere, I didn’t pay much attention to this story when it broke, because in March/April 2012 I was covering the end of the GOP presidential primary campaign. Controversy about a shooting in Florida wasn’t really on my beat. So you’ll forgive me if I’m re-hashing anything everybody already knew. But . . . Trayvon’s father was a member of the Crips? Really? This is “irrelevant”?

Welcome to the New Normal, I guess.

From The Other McCain: http://theothermccain.com/

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Chris Ericksen
July 19, 2013 at 11:20 pm

If Trayvon Martin didn’t get along with Sybrina, why was her name tattooed on his wrist?
(For the record, Trayvon’s tattoos consisted of praying hands with pearls entwined (Pearl of great price- biblical), his grandparent, and, as I said, Sybrina. From what I understand he states his mom was sending him to live with his father (because of his truancy).

From what I’ve heard in the past, on Facebook Tracy was complaining of Trayvon’ s not being truthful to him- doesn’t sound like the complaint of a “gangsta”.

Evidence, please, of Tracy’s being a “known member of the Crips”?

But all of that is irrelevant to:
GZ’s getting out of the vehicle to follow TM and lying about how long he did this.
Lying about there being no addresses on the back of the condos.

And, even though GZ seemed to be reasonable when he first spotted TM (if his description of the situation were truthful), once he started to follow on foot, to HIM it might have been just following, but to Trayvon it HAD to look as if he were being pursued.

GZ’s OWN WORDS stated that he was punched AFTER he was reaching into his pocket(s) for what he says was his cell phone.
TM would have been crazy to just stand there- he had every right to punch him- this was a classic “standing (his) ground” as he had to have thought GZ were reaching for a weapon.

And so the struggle between them could very well have been for the gun that TM might have spotted even before that punch (maybe GZ was reaching for his gun, in a panic?)

The shooting was entirely unnecessary: GZ had some classes concerning crime prevention. He had to know the potential danger of taking a loaded firearm into a darkened area where a “suspicious person” might well be lurking. TM was unarmed; thugs carry some sort of weapon. He might well have been a troubled teenager, and even wanted a gun (think of the environment in which he lived) but he had done nothing criminal when GZ started to trail him on foot. Had TM just wanted to ambush him, it would have been easy. And I believe Rachel Jeantel was honest when she said she heard TM ask “What are you following me for”.

GZ admitted to never stating who he was to TM,. even though he DID have ample opportunity. Had there been a real suspect there, he could have jumped out from wherever, hit GZ, searched for and found GZ’s gun, and shot both GZ and any potential witnesses. What GZ did was reckless, irresponsible, not to mention stupid.

The issue is NOT who hit whom first- it’s what caused the fight. And, again, there was NO hitting of GZ until he went into his pockets- IF you believe GZ about this.

And, as any honest person knows who has perused the evidence, there is no way that TM could have slammed his head multiple times into the concrete.
Yes, GZ was injured but for all we know it was because TM might have been doing everything he could to keep from being shot.

But for those who think GZ was unaffected by what had happened, because his vital signs were supposedly “normal”, you have to realize that even the most depraved individual would be affected by such a struggle. He must have been in denial and shock. When he was told that no one had ID’d TM he was shocked to hear he had died. This would hardly have been credible to anyone who knew what had transpired. It seems he had blocked the fact he had killed somebody. If anything, he would have known such a statement would damage his credibility. His comment about its being “God’s will” is just another way of trying to deal with the fact that his foolish actions caused the death of a teenager who had done nothing that night to warrant what happened to him.

Trayvon’s background has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that GZ got out of the vehicle to follow, went a lot longer on foot than he said, and wound up in a deadly fight because of this. And, for the record, I have always believed that it was GZ yelling for help; he had put himself into this situation, and had no right to the legal definition of self-defense, even if he, were, indeed, defending himself.

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