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Trans-gender – Homo – Lesbo – Don’t know – Shit Coming to a Workplace Near You

July 11, 2013

U.S. Senate or Insane Asylum?

Posted on | July 10, 2013

At Memeorandum, I saw this headline:

HISTORIC: Senate panel advances trans-inclusive ENDA

Perhaps you thought the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill was the craziest thing the Senate could ever do, but obviously you were wrong.

What this legislation would do is to make it a federal crime to discriminate in the workplace against the “transgendered.” And you may think to yourself, “Well, discrimination is bad and I’m not prejudiced or homophobic or anything” and shrug it off. So what?

If you are indifferent to ENDA in this manner, then quite clearly (a) you don’t know how “discrimination” law actually works in the modern workplace, and (b) you lack sufficient imagination to contemplate the potential consequences. Suppose you’re Sam, the loading dock foreman at a large hardware store — Home Depot, let’s say — and you’ve got a crew of four guys whose job is to unload the trucks as they arrive each day. Driving forklifts, hauling pallets of merchandise off trucks and moving them around the store so the items can be put on the shelves. One morning you arrive for work and here comes your crew man Joe, wearing a dress, wig and makeup.

“Morning, Sam.” “Joe? What the –” “I’m not Joe anymore. Call me Delores.” “What the hell are you talking about Joe?” “Sam, I’m Delores now. If you call me ‘Joe’ one more time, I’m afraid I’ll have to report you to Human Resources.” “Human resources? But . . . I don’t understand.” “It’s simple, Sam: For years, I’ve lived with this secret — a woman, trapped in a man’s body — but I’m not hiding it any more.” “But Joe . . .” “Delores.” “OK, whatever — Delores. But this is just crazy. I’ve known you since high school. We played baseball and went fishing together. And what about your wife and kids?” “They’re entirely supportive. As a matter of fact, we got the idea this weekend, watching the news together.” “Watching the news?” “Yeah, there was a gay guy who sued his company under the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. His boss got fired and he got a $250,000 settlement. Civil rights and stuff.” “So you’re wearing a dress now?” “Yeah, you like it?” “Hell no. I mean, you’re six-foot-three and 270 pounds. Your legs aren’t even shaven. You look ridiculous.” “Ridiculous, huh? How long have I been working here, Sam?” “Three, four years.” “And when was the last time I got a raise?” “Well, your last evaluation — I dunno. What? October, I think. It was 75 cents more an hour, right?” “Sixty-five cents, Sam. Sixty-five f–king cents.” “OK. right — now I remember. What’s your point?” “My point is, I’m tired of being victimized by your transphobia.” “Trans-what? Have you gone nuts, Joe?” “F–k you, Sam. I know my rights. I’m going to Human Resources. This kind of discrimination has got to stop!” “But Joe . . .” “It’s Delores! Hater!”

As far-fetched as that scenario may seem, no one in 1965 ever imagined that claims of “discrimination” and “sexual harassment” — and the fear of such claims — would result in the situation now so widespread, where lawsuits and threats of lawsuits are a sort of constant threat of blackmail, where disgruntled employees make complaints knowing full well that companies are reluctant to go to court to defend against such claims. Instead, nine times out of 10, the complaining employee is given what’s informally called “go away money,” a settlement usually equivalent to a year’s salary, just so the company can rid itself of the legal nuisance.

Oh, and guess what happens to your insurance premiums when “non-discrimination” means that you must hire transsexuals and cover the cost of their surgery and other treatments?

People who shrug their shoulders about ENDA and other such nonsense, or who hesitate to denounce it because they don’t want to seem prejudiced, have no idea how all this talk about “fairness” and equality” actually operates, once it becomes law and people start getting sued or fired over flimsy claims of “discrimination.”

From The Other McCain: http://theothermccain.com/

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