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Blacks – Cure Yourself of Your Own Racism and STFU

July 3, 2013

Why Black People Don’t Understand Why White People Don’t Understand Rachel Jeantel

Posted on June 30, 2013 By 

Wherein a Frustrated Cracker rants about this awful article written by Christina Coleman at GlobalGrind.com.

Original Article HERE

If ever I thought Justice was still the objective vis a vis our Society of Laws, the George Zimmerman trial is definitely not that moment.

So let’s cut to the chase. Any attorney, jury member, judge or white person in that courtroom is not going to understand Rachel Jeantel. And I, like Christina Coleman of GlobalGrind, don’t expect them to.

In fact, I certainly, like many White Folks, understand why white Black people would presume we wouldn’t like Rachel.

She’s hard. She’s black. And your Black writers’ assumptions about White people’s assumptions about her background and lack of education make you Black writers feel like you they are better, above reproach, and entitled to caste themselves as sympathetic victims somehow. That her testimony, no matter how poorly delivered, poorly communicated, powerful and sadly counter-impactful it may be to this trial, is implausible damaging to the prosecution’s cause. Weak, maybe? Let’s impeach project her failure to communicate and be likeable on Whitey.

But maybe the reason Black people don’t understand why white people don’t understand Rachel Jeantel has something more to do with how everyone, including Rachel, has failed Rachel, rather than purposefully ignoring the likely root cause of what makes her such a sad witness and blaming it on white privilege then, what they would call, . Rachel‘s may appear to have a particular nature… but she does not possess anything, near as this Cracka sees that can be termed a capricious nature.

We don’t necessarily feel it is our obligation as White folks Let’s for one second try to understand why(or if) Rachel is “angry” (read emotional), “hood” (read blunt), and “unintelligent” (read multilingual).But apparently some people know Whitey well-enough to presume that is our Collective Read on her. I am willing to bet most White people would say she certainly appears a bit overwhelmed, unsteady, and is without a doubt unintelligible at times during her testimony. I would bet most Black people would come away with the same impression.

The thing is, what Black people presume white people see in Rachel has little to do with White people and more to do with about her their own issuesand more to say about the America that black people presume white people are blind to. Let’s take her testimony on not calling the police, for an example of a self-perpetuating cultural phenomenon in the Black Community that White people really can’t comprehend.

According to Coleman,

Rachel told defense attorney Don West that she didn’t call the police after she heard the scuffle between Trayvon Martin and the man that was following him for numerous reasons. First, she believed that he was right near his “daddy’s house,” and that Tracy would help him. She also was under the impression that, if it were a life or death situation, someone would certainly come to his aid.

To the typical White Mind, and I would bet to the typical Black Mind (although I wouldn’t presume to know), this is a complete crock. I’d be willing to bet the witness didn’t want to be involved. That is, she failed her friend. Not good enough for Coleman. She continues,

But as West continued his questioning, riddled with nuances to throw Rachel off track, the glaring subtext of this all became clear.

Don West doesn’t understand why Rachel didn’t call the police when she heard a struggle. Rachel, who is a black woman, doesn’t call the police. Why? Black people and police officers don’t mix.

White people don’t understand this fallback excuse for people who fail to respond responsibly to life or death situations, Black or White. In cases of emergency, this sort of crap explanation doesn’t cut it, and to White ears it sounds like just another excuse for poor judgment (at best) and neglect of a fellow person in need (at worst).

The tottering seesaw between black people and law enforcement leaves us in a position where we are afraid to call the cops because we’re not exactly sure they are on our side. And in an age where police responding to calls for help will still result in an innocent black person’s incarceration or death, it’s difficult to know who to trust or turn to during times of need.

White people read this and I am telling you they generally think to themselves, “Aren’t there Black police officers these days? Why do people like Coleman continue to report as if there aren’t Black cops? And how exactly is that White people’s issue? More importantly, this just sound like another convenient excuse for a segment of our society that just will not, under any circumstance, look in the mirror and/or take any sort of responsibility for its never-ending, all-consuming, disabling predicaments. Why are Blacks so friggin’ unable, in general, to do any sort of self-inventory? It is really frustrating to be the Boogey Man when we are helpless to assist. All we can do is watch our brother and sisters who happen to be Black continue to spiral. What we want to say to them is: you clearly don’t want or need help from outside your community. But all you do is complain about your station, in general. And worse, you don’t do anything at all, in general, to solve for it. In fact, you deny it has anything to do with your community and what has happened to it over the course of the last 50 years. You project, complain, and still refuse to take account of your own missteps. And you certainly do not seem interested in doing anything positive to fix what is going on in your Community.”

Distrust in police stems from decades of being disenfranchised and treated unfairly by those who were supposed to protect us. And yes, I’m taking it there…distrust in white people. Government. LAPD. NYPD. Most recently, the White Plains police department in Westchester County, NY who murdered an innocent black man named Kenneth Chamberlain when his Life Aid medical necklace was inadvertently triggered and they were summoned to his home. And just last week, the police officer in Detroit, Michigan who shot and killed 7-year-old Aiyana Jones was set free after a mistrial. Not to mention the killers of Amadou Diallo or the torturers of Abner Louiama.

On behalf of Amercans, just stop with the fucking crying and complaining. Stop with the term “disenfranchised” and the canard that is this ”subtext” you so freely accuse White people of. Injustice happens all the time. And it sucks. And all Americans worth a shit abhor injustice. You seem to have no problem indicting all Law Enforcement based on experience and actual events of injustice… but whitey fights awfully-hard to understand why we are not permitted to project as Blacks do. And therein lies the actual privilege. But it isn’t White privilege at the root of the issue.

The point is, black people can understand Rachel’s hesitancy when it came to contacting the police because the fear and doubt that comes with dealing with law enforcement is as entwined into the tapestry of our culture as is our slavery past.

You know, this sort of crap is so tiresome. Today’s White folks have nothing to do with slavery. We didn’t perpetrate it and you didn’t experience it personally. Another excuse. You think your history is the only history that includes tragedy and injustice? Cry us a river. Many of our ancestors died precisely in order to free their Black brother and sister Human Beings. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it… it was this little affair known as the Civil War. So, really, fuck you. And stop making excuses. You think there is any “race” on the planet that hasn’t been enslaved? Are you daft? You know whose ancestors were impressed into service and/or indentured when they made the passage to America? Fuck you. You know any Armenians? You know any Irish? How about Jews? You’ve no corner on historical persecution. How can I or any other living White person assist you in getting over the horribly shitty situation that was slavery in the US?  I’ll tell you how… by telling you the story of our own sufferings. But you don’t care… because for you, YOUR experience is the ONLY experience of suffering and injustice that has EVER occured in the history of the world. Deal with it. For all of our sake, we beg you to heal yourselves. And stop perseverating. Slavery, for how awful an institution it was, and for how EVIL it wa,s is not a reality today. What we think, as White people, is that you want to punish us for something we had nothing to do with. Most of our families never owned slaves at all. Most of our families were too busy starving in Ireland at the hands of the British, or being systematically wiped out in Armenia, or any host of other awful experiences to have been slave-owners. So take that projection and shove it in your fucking excuse-making ass. Enough already.

It’s not that Rachel can’t be trusted. In fact, her testimony has remained solid and consistent throughout her nearly seven hours of questioning.

But, the initial fear of not knowing what would happen is something that black people can understand. And overlook. Which is something that someone with white privilege wouldn’t exactly grasp.

But what’s more are the cultural differences between white and black people.

Excuses and intellectual dishonesty.

When asked why she omitted the words “creepy ass cracker” and “nigga” when speaking in front of Sybrina Fulton about her son’s last moments, she simply told the court that she didn’t want to disrespect her.

As West looked at her in utter disbelief, Rachel looked back, unwavering. How could he not understand that she couldn’t bring herself to upset someone who had just lost a child? Better yet, curse in front of adults.

Note: Disrespect to elders in the black and especially Caribbean communities is almost as bad as cursing the Lord.

Crap. Pure crap.

And speaking of that word “nigga,” the court might not understand Trayvon and Rachel’s casual use of the word because of how often, no matter how controversial, it is used in our communities.

So aside from the argument that we took the power out of a degrading word and made it into a term of endearment, it’s used so much that it’s become a substitute for identifiers such as “that guy,” or “him,” etc.

And for Don West to argue that the use of the word “nigga” was racial for Trayvon is incomprehensible, especially because he used it on a person who was not of African descent.

More crap. Racism is racism. Using offensive monickers is offensive. No one group gets a hall-pass on that. “Creepy ass Cracker”… fuck you, too. Don’t tell me I can’t be offended about that double-standard.

For Rachel, these little cultural differences get lost in translation. And instead of trying to understand her, people are reducing the miscommunication to semantics, what they call her broken “Kings English,” and her anger. Without even realizing that she comes from a home where Creole is her first language, or that her friend was killed just seconds after he last spoke to her. Wouldn’t you be frustrated in front of a court that refuses to understand you?

Good God. One would think this woman has zero responsibility to be intelligible. What has she been doing for 19 years? Can’t read, can’t write, can’t speak in a manner that people can understand. You know who failed her? The people closest to her. Her mother and father. Her family. Her teachers. I didn’t fail her. My daughters can speak, read, and write. Why? Because we took the time to teach them how to do these things and did not tolerate or even imagine the possibility of hobbling them by not seeing to it. Had this Black woman been raised in our White house she would know how to do these things. Look. In. The. Mirror.

But most importantly, if there is anything that black people can understand that those judging her are not, it’s the loss of life without justice.

And as Rachel Jeantel sits on the stand, nervous, mumbling and annoyed, it’s not that she’s just a “hoodrat with no media training from a hostile environment.”

It’s just that your world and our world are…excuse the cliche…worlds apart.

Our worlds are worlds apart. But you’ve made it clear we should stay far away from offering assistance. You’ve made it clear you know best and don’t want any interlopers that aren’t bearing government checks and more failed programs. You’ve made it clear you prefer to remain enslaved to your new Master. And you refuse to break those chains. By believing you cannot shake those fetters, you guarantee another generation of self-imposed slavery and suffering. What the Black community needs is its own Civil War. Will you tolerate slavery of mind and means? Or will you fight to liberate yourselves?

And that, my friends, was never Rachel Jeantel’s fault.

You talk about Justice but you don’t want justice. You talk about institutional abuse, but that is what you want in this case. You talk about racism, but you epitomize it. You talk about Whitey’s responsibilites but excuse any notion of your own responsibilities. It’s fucking bizarre.

Own it. And while you’re at it, cure yourself of your own racism.

Read more: http://globalgrind.com/news/what-black-people-understand-about-rachel-jeantel-christina-coleman-blog#ixzz2XhzvRSV8

Found at Necropolitan Sentinel: http://www.conservativecommune.com/

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