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Oh! The Insanity of This PC, Bow down and Surrender Epidemic

June 20, 2013

NYC Police May Soon Be Allowed to Describe Suspects Only by Their Clothes

Even unions will sometimes push back against moonbattery when it makes it impossible for police to do their jobs:

Cops might as well wear blindfolds if the City Council passes a bill that would let them use little more than the color of a suspect’s clothing in descriptions — or risk being sued for profiling, according to this provocative new ad (pictured) from the NYPD captains union. …

Union President Roy Richter — who is seen in the ad wearing a blindfold in Times Square — told The Post the bill is dangerous because “it will ban cops from identifying a suspect’s age, gender, color or disability.

That is, the bark-at-the-moon lunacy of prohibiting “profiling” will be extended to anyone who deviates from normal in any way, making the meaningful description of suspects illegal.

The bill’s sponsor, Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), and Speaker Christine Quinn are going to bypass normal committee process and bring the measure directly to a vote.

Particularly pernicious legislation is always rammed through via the express lane nowadays. ObamaCare paved the way.

PBA President Pat Lynch doesn’t like the bill, yet continues to pay lip service to the demented ideology that justifies it:

“Racial profiling is already illegal — and should be.”

But if you accept any limitations on “profiling,” you have already set yourself sliding down a slippery slope to insanity.

Williams and fellow Brooklyn Democrat Brad Lander, a co-sponsor of the proposal, say it would only expand the city’s existing racial-profiling law by adding other demographic groups that should be protected, such as the homeless and gay people.

The law will inevitably lead to an avalanche of lawsuits, as anyone stopped by police who belongs to any privileged “victim” caste (i.e., anyone other than non-disabled employed white male heterosexual Christians, who are becoming increasingly rare in the moonbat dystopia of New York City) can cash in on jackpot justice. Maybe kooks like Williams, Lander, Quinn et al. are so nuts they actually believe liberal ideology should trump public safety; or maybe, like the Democrat Party, they are largely bankrolled by trial lawyers.

See no evil, speak no political incorrectness.

On a tip from Wiggins.

From Moonbattery: http://moonbattery.com/

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