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Obama’s Lying Weasel, Dan Pfeiffer, Goes on Tour, Knows Only One Word – Irrelevant

May 20, 2013

Obama puppet goes on five national news shows, parrots “Shut Up Republicans” and “Irrelevant Facts” over and over


Dan Pfeiffer is a “senior adviser” for Team Obama. Senior adviser meaning he advises Obama on how to lie, as if the president needed help knowing how to lie. While appearing on five Sunday shows might seem daunting, Pfeiffer could have saved everyone some time by just sending his copied talking points. As Stacy McCain points out, Pfeiffer is not looking to engage in facts, because all the facts are bad for Obama, and thus, must be called “irrelevant”

When the White House sent Obama’s senior adviser out to do five Sunday shows, his orders were obviously to claim that (a) only Republicans care whether the administration is lying about Benghazi, and (b) the answer to any question about Benghazi is “largely irrelevant”:

Wallace repeatedly asked Pfeiffer where the president was and what he was doing while terrorists were attacking the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Pfeiffer refused to answer Wallace’s question of whether Obama entered the White House Situation Room during the Sept. 11 attack, saying, “I don’t remember what room the president was in on that night, and that’s a largely irrelevant fact.” . . . On CBS Sunday, Pfeiffer said that the question of who edited the administration’s “talking points” about the Benghazi was “largely irrelevant.”

Facts are irrelevant when they prove inconvenient for Liberals. And, as I have noted, Liberalism is an ideology of convenience, so, facts become icky and irrelevant pretty quickly. What I would want every American to think about is this. If a tool like Pfeffer is sent out to say that facts do not matter, then that is only because the President told him to say that. What, you think Pfeiffer has a thought his Dear leader does not tell him to have? Come on folks. This is the thing you need to focus on. If the facts of where Obama was, and who wanted the talking points edited are so irrelevant, then why not let those facts out? Face it, facts are only irrelevant when you do not want people to know what those facts are.


Calling it “offensive” and refusing to answer direct, simple questions, make Dan Pfeiffer look like a lying weasel, which of course, is what he is.

From The Daley Gator: http://thedaleygator.wordpress.com/

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