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1Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; Joel 2:1
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mooslim Strategy is Simple – Suck the Life out Of Europe, Then USA While Never Lifting a Finger

February 20, 2013

Anjem Choudary Spells Out the Strategy for Islamic Conquest

Islamic colonists aren’t secretive about the strategy they are employing to conquer Britain and displace its population. Why should they be? If Britons were ever going to rebel against their complicit rulers, they would have done it by now.

A controversial Muslim cleric who lives off benefits is urging his followers to also sponge off UK taxpayers by claiming their “Jihadseeker’s allowance.”

Anjem Choudary, who in the past has planned to disrupt the minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday [the British version of Veterans Day], also openly mocked hard-working Britons, calling them “slaves.”

The slaves had better work hard, because the number of Muslim welfare colonists they have to support will continue to explode until the native population has been supplanted.

Choudary called for the death of Western leaders, and predicted that Islam will soon overrun the West. He has plenty of time to spew this rhetoric, because the government pays him not to work.

The father-of-four takes home more than £25,000 [$38,800] a year in benefits and lives in a £320,000 [$496,700] house in Leytonstone, East London.

He told a crowd of around 30 fanatics: “People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working.’ But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar (non-Muslim).”

In another speech he proclaimed,

“The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar. You work, give us the money, Allahu Akhbar (God is great).”

This is what taxpayers get for their money:

Choudary spoke glowingly of the 9/11 attacks and urged his followers to have “hate” in their hearts for core British concepts like democracy, freedom and freedom of religion.

Choudary used to run the outfits al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK. Both where banned under the 2010 Terrorism Act. So he devotes himself to cashing welfare checks when not rallying growing Islamic hordes to destroy what’s left of Western Civilization.

Their national character having been rotted away by political correctness, the British put up with it, even as their country is stolen out from under them.

Paid by the British government to help destroy Britain.

On a tip from Ummah Gummah.

 From Moonbattery: http://moonbattery.com/
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