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Whiners of CAIR Need to STFU!

February 9, 2013

VIRGINIA: Schools superintendent refuses to cancel meeting attacking hijab (Muslim headbag) as ‘a catalyst for Islamic terrorism’

The notice in the Fairfax Station Patch was brief, but to Laurie Jaghlit it felt like a punch in the gut. At the next meeting of Republican Women of Clifton, a guest speaker would discuss “the treatment of women in Islamic society and how she believes the hijab is a catalyst for Islamic terrorism.”

 Laurie Jaghlit in headbag

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Laurie Jaghlit in headbag

Washington Post  The Feb. 20 meeting would take place at Fairview Elementary School, five miles from Jaghlit’s house. Jaghlit, a 52-year-old grandmother who raised nine children in Fairfax Station and Herndon, wears the hijab, or Islamic headbag. She had heard about talks like this in other parts of the country but had never confronted the issue so close to home. “If that’s not hateful and inciteful speech, I don’t know what is,” she said. “This is a diverse area. You’d think that hopefully we’d be beyond this. “


On Thursday, the Washington-based Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) contacted Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Jack D. Dale and asked him to rescind approval for the group to use the school. In an e-mail that CAIR shared with The Washington Post, Dale denied the request, saying, “After school hours, anyone may rent the public facilty.”

19fe100a8b496ed0ad529fdaa2c3f20b-1Republican Women of Clifton, a seven-year-old, 100-member club, meets monthly at the school. In a news release, it said the talk, by Stephanie Reis, founder of the Omaha chapter of ACT! for America, “will focus on the treatment of women in Islamic society and how the Hijab is a catalyst for Islamism because it leads to the mentality of passive terrorism and silent support for Sharia Law in Western societies.”

burka free

RWC’s president, Alice Butler-Short, identified sharia, or Islamic law, in the news release as one of “the forces working to destroy our liberty.” Susan Lider, the group’s public relations chairperson, said that while the group often hosts political speakers, she does not recall this kind of controversy before. “That’s why I was so surprised, because we have speakers all the time on lots of topics,” she said. Lider said Reis had recently moved to the area and joined the club.

Asked if the hijab or sharia were common concerns for club members, Lider said, “Let’s put it this way, it’s one of the things that people talk about.” She said she had been reading up on the hijab, adding, “I don’t know a lot about it other than that I wouldn’t ever want to wear one.”

That is what the western women are  told by the conniving mullahs. Some  women   who are very frustrated at the society for whatever reason  or   some misguided very liberal muslim loving leftist women fall  for the bull crap and convert. They  put on a hijab and  and  start going to the  mosque  and  soon   marry a   smelly crotch scratching  bearded  muslim looking for an immigrant visa .  Smart ones realize their folly in time and leave; while  the morons stay  put and suffer.  One ex-muslima has some questions for muslim women

Western women are told by conniving mullahs that women have a very high status in Islam. Some women who are very frustrated at the society for whatever reason or some misguided very liberal muslim loving leftist women fall for the bull crap and convert. They put on a hijab and and start going to the mosque and soon marry a smelly crotch scratching bearded muslim looking for an immigrant visa . Smart ones realize their folly in time and leave; while the morons stay put and suffer. One ex-muslima has some questions for muslim women. More Below:


The Omaha ACT! for America Web site quotes her as saying, “Although the Omaha area isn’t overrun with militant Islamists, this area is not immune to radical Islamic intimidation. Our chapter seeks to educate local citizens about the war that has been declared on America by jihadists and equip our citizens with peaceful, constructive tools to bring about a positive change in local policy and public opinion.”

The census does not identify people by religion, but according to census statistics, only a few hundred people born in predominantly Muslim countries live in Fairfax Station, and few to none live in Clifton.

Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper, a spokesIslamist for CAIR, said holding the meeting at a school would send the wrong message. “It’s one thing for hatemongers to rent a private facility and spew their bigotry, but it’s another for a taxpayer-funded public school to offer it to speakers who will promote bigotry and intolerance,” he said. “What does it say to the students who have to go to the school the next day, perhaps wearing hijab or being identified as Muslims, the day after someone has been at the school saying the hijab is a catalyst for terrorism?” (It says to them, act like an American or go live in the Islamic hellhole of your choice)

Jaghlit, who works part-time for CAIR, (what a surprise!) said that she and half a dozen other Muslim women who wear the headbags plan to attend the meeting to “have our non-terrorist voices heard.”



From Bare Naked Islam:  http://www.barenakedislam.com/

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