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John Dewey’s Marxist “Individual” Philosophy

February 7, 2013

February 7, 2013

A Sleepy Compliance with Tyranny

By Daren Jonescu


The subversion of modern education, and hence of modern civilization, is grounded in carefully designed manipulations of language, a kind of conceptual hypnotism designed to lull an incautious population into sleepy compliance with tyranny…

…First of all, the magma at the core of the volcano. The man most directly responsible for the idea of individuality is the father of modern progressive education himself, John Dewey. His understanding of the individual was diametrically opposed to the traditional view of individualism that Dewey, channeling Marx, associated specifically with classical liberalism (which Marx identified as “capitalism”). In short, he argued that whereas the “old individualism” presumes that individual human beings exist independently of their social relations, and that society is the product of the voluntary associations of individuals, in fact the contrary is true: the individual is a product of social relations.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/02/a_sleepy_compliance_with_tyranny.html#ixzz2KDa5m3Zv

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