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Black Memphis Finally Erases Confederate History

February 7, 2013

Note: I lived in Memphis for many years during the 80s. They were trying to rename all of those parks way back then so it is no surprise that they finally did it. If you don’t like true history, you simply re-write it to your liking and the next generation won’t know any difference. ZTW

Erasing History in Memphis

Paging Winston Smith. Your services are required in Memphis, where politically incorrect historical figures are getting purged from public awareness:

The Memphis City Council on Monday voted to change the name of the city’s Confederate Park [and] two other parks that honor notable members of the Confederacy.

MyFoxMemphis.com reports that the council voted 9-0 to pass a resolution renaming Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park, located in downtown Memphis and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, which is located a few miles away.

Forrest Park … features a large statue of the Confederate lieutenant general, who won several key Civil War battles.

Good thing KKK kleagle Robert Byrd was a prominent modern Democrat. Otherwise, think of all the buildings constructed with the pork he brought home that would need to be renamed. The same goes for buildings named after Lyndon “I’ll Have Those N*ggers Voting Democrat for the Next 200 Years” Johnson.

jefferson davis
Eventually Jefferson Davis will be completely erased.

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