Geert Wilders’ Speech in Bonn


“The dogma that all lifestyles, opinions and convictions have the same value signifies the destruction of Western culture. It heralds the return to barbarism.”

Below is the English version of the prepared text for speech given by Geert Wilders yesterday in Bonn. Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for the translation.

Speech by Geert Wilders in Bonn, February 2 2013

Original German source and video still: EuropeNews

Dear Friends,

Allow me to begin with a few words of thanks. Thank you Conny Meier and Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa for giving me the opportunity of addressing all of you here today.

Thank you Stefan Herre for bestowing on me the Hiltrud-Schröter Freedom Prize, named after a great German woman, who fought to free Muslim women from Islamic oppression.

Thank you Stefan, also, for the important work which you and your team accomplish with your PI website [Politically Incorrect website].

Thank you Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and all the other fighters for freedom of speech, for speaking the truth, although you are prosecuted for it.

It requires much courage to disseminate the truth. We are living in a time in which expressing the truth and spreading it has become not only difficult, but also often very dangerous.

Last year I published my book Marked for Death in the United States of America. In it I wrote about Islam and what I think about it. A German publisher showed an interest in a German language edition and had the book translated.

According to the view of his lawyers whom he consulted, the content of the book would bring him criminal repercussions. He recommended making corresponding changes to German language text. I told them: no compromise with the truth. I insisted on a faithful translation, but according to his lawyers that was not possible.

For example, when in the English edition I criticise “Islam”, instead of “Islam” in the German edition it is supposed to read “Islamism”, “orthodox Islam”, “Sharia-Islam” and so forth. Whenever I make the case in my book that no further mosques should be built, I am only able to speak in the book about “going along with the construction of new mosques with great scepticism”. I hope you understand that this compromised text is unacceptable for me.

This German translation makes a completely different book out of it. I am convinced that there is only one Islam, and that the so called “radical Islam” is nothing other than the real, authentic Islam, and is in complete accordance with the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran.

I reject the censorship of my views concerning this. I would have betrayed my principles and all I stand for had I permitted my book be put on the market with formulations which are not only untrue, but also do not correspond to my thinking on it.

I very much regret that it is no longer possible to publish my opinion in Germany without being censored. That strengthens my assessment that free speech in Europe is in a very bad state.

I hope that there is a new German publishing house which can tell the truth. What we urgently need is something similar to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution which comprehensively protects freedom of speech.

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