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Latest News on Tommy Robinson – A Real Freedom Patriot

February 3, 2013

The Latest on Tommy Robinson

The English Defence League has just posted an update on Tommy Robinson’s situation. The most important thing is Tommy’s new address at Wayland Prison. People are encouraged to send cards and notes to that address, and also money orders, since he lacks all ready cash to spend inside:

Stephen Lennon
Wayland Prison
IP25 6RL

Remember: DO NOT address mail to “Tommy Robinson” or mention the EDL, as these actions are considered grounds for withholding correspondence.

The latest news on Tommy is not encouraging, but hardly unexpected. The prison authorities have clearly been instructed to make their well-known guest as miserable as possible.

Visiting time has been cut from two hours to 70 minutes, so that Tommy’s children get that much less time to spend with their father. Scheduled visits have been reassigned from the customary 2pm to 9am, forcing his family to get up before dawn on the days that they travel to see him. Then, when they arrive, the abbreviated visiting period makes the circumstances that much more difficult and painful.

As the EDL report notes:


The more anger they generate, people become more determined, more resolute, and more likely to fight harder than ever before. The EDL is not something to be subdued or pressured into capitulation which is why they are dong their upmost to cause Tommy maximum upset for the remainder of his sentence.

Tommy reports that a Muslim inmate spits through his cell door on a daily basis, while the guards look on and do nothing. When he remonstrated with one of the guards, referring to the Muslim prisoner as “a dirty tramp”, the guard was concerned only that the Muslim’s feelings might have been hurt by Tommy’s words.

Tommy resorted to blocking his door with tissue paper to keep the spittle out, but was disciplined for doing so.

As the EDL says, “The prison system really want to break him and are certainly going the extra mile to make that happen.” They urge their supporters to make complaints on Tommy’s behalf using this letter as a model, making appropriate adjustments to the text in light of recent updates.

Read more at the English Defence League website.

From Gates of Vienna: http://gatesofvienna.net

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