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Tell Direct TV to Drop The Terrorism Promoting Al Jazeera Network

February 1, 2013

Major Advertiser pulls-out of Al Jazeera America, Contact DirecTV

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We are holding a press conference in DC at the National Press Club on Tuesday, February 5th, on the national security breach behind Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to terror TV, Al Jazeera. In the meantime, write to the president of DirecTV here and post to FB, tweet it out — get the word out.

There is a real, present danger that Al Jazeera’s influence over jihadists in the US will inspire terrorist acts against Americans.

We sent a letter to Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, to open hearings into Jihadist propaganda channel Al Jazeera’s acquisition of Al Gore’s Current TV cable channel. “The announcement that the Qatar-funded enemy propaganda channel, which has functioned as a voice for al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, has taken over an existing U.S.-based cable TV channel, Current TV, must be examined by the Congress.” Read the letter here.

Contact Rep McCaul 202-225-2401, DC Fax:202-225-5955
Contact Representative McCaul: http://mccaul.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=133§iontree=3133 Twitter: @mccaulpressshop

Allstate is the first major advertiser to vanish from Al Jazeera America (aka Current TV). Have you sent your email to DirecTV? FFA

Click here to send your email to encourage DirecTV officials to put America first by dropping the Al Jazeera America (aka Current TV) channel.Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on January 21, 2013 that reported the organization was monitoring Al Jazeera America (aka Current TV) and contacting advertisers.  An email is being sent to the CEO and Marketing VP of each advertiser to encourage them “to put America first” by dropping their advertising.  The names of companies and their products that continue to advertise on this network after February 1, 2013 will be posted at Floridafamily.org, [and also Atlas Shrugs, SIOA, SION, Jihadwatch] and other supporting web sites that are concerned about Al Jazeera’s access to American television.

Allstate was one of the three largest advertisers that Florida Family Association recorded during the past two weeks.   However, there was a noticeable absence of the dozens of Allstate advertisements during the last two days.  Allstate is the first company to vanish from Al Jazeera America. Actually, there are very, very few companies advertising on this network. Over half of the channel’s advertising is for novelty products such as the WaxVac for ears.

Many people who have not sent their email to DirecTV yet. Write to the President of DirecTV here and politley encourage DirecTV to drop the Al Jazeera America channel.

And send this to family and friends to encourage them to send the email on this important issue. ebruary 5, 2013 and encourage concerned Americans to contact the company.

Al Jazeera America is the new, tentative name for Current TV.  Al Jazeera is the mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Spring.  The Muslim Brotherhood is the single largest promoter of the Islamist movement in the world.  Nothing less should be expected to come from Al Jazeera’s access to cable viewers in America.The January 14, 2013 email alert identified DirecTV as the leading outlet for the Al Jazeera America (aka Current TV) channel and encouraged readers to send emails urging DirecTV to drop the channel.  Time Warner has already removed the Current TV channel.  The response to this email campaign has been OUTSTANDING.  Many supporters of this campaign have sent their emails.  In fact, many DirecTV customers modified the prepared email to mention that they would switch to another company if DirecTV continues to carry Al Jazeera America.

Many people who have not sent their email to DirecTV yet.  Please click here to send your email encouraging DirecTV to drop the Al Jazeera America channel.

From Atlas Shrugs: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/

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