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Adam Lanza Did NOT Use an Assault Rifle at Newtown School Shooting

February 1, 2013

Bill Bratton Lies on Behalf of Liberal Agenda

At this point it would be far too much to expect the apparatchiks at CBS to challenge authoritarian former police chief William Bratton on this whopper:

“If we could have kept the assault weapon out of the hands of that young man in the Newtown school shootings, those 26 lives would have been saved by just keeping it out of his hands.”

Adam Lanza did not use an “assault weapon.” Because the media is neither competent nor honest, it is still not entirely clear that he even used an AR-15, and semiautomatic AR-15s are not assault rifles except in the muddled minds of moonbats and those who feed them politically motivated lies.

But say for the sake of argument that the evil freak did use an assault weapon; does anyone really believe that he couldn’t have used anything else?

Bratton repeatedly endorses the “incremental” approach to denying us our right to bear arms. This is why we must fight ferociously to defend each and every millimeter they try to take from us.

On a tip from TrojanMan.

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