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Charlie Rangel Wants to Kill Everyone of Us Dumb, Ignorant, Gun-Clinging Southerners

January 25, 2013

Charlie Rangel and the Culture He Hopes to Overcome

By any reasonable standard, the gun control law eagerly signed by skeevy fascistic demagogue Andrew Cuomo is a disaster. Opportunistic authoritarians were so frantic to ram it through at the height of Sandy Hook hysteria that they forgot to exempt police officers from the draconian restrictions. Although the vast majority of modern handgun magazines accept 10 rounds or more, citizens are only allowed to load seven — as if the criminals they hope to defend themselves against will also abide by this absurd restriction, which can only be seen as harassment of gun owners for its own sake. The law is a perfect example of how New York is becoming a place that anyone who believes in America’s founding principles will find uninhabitable. Yet for disgraced communist corruptocrat Charles Rangel, the law should serve as a model for the rest of the country. The only obstacle is vestigial remnants of American culture, which Rangel hopes to overcome.

When asked by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts whether the farce could be imposed in other states, Rangel croaked,

“Well I hope so. New York is a little different and more progressive in a lot of areas than some other states and some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.”

Rangel, who would be in prison for tax fraud if he weren’t in Congress writing our tax laws, is to be congratulated for putting his finger on the central issue. Will progressives overcome our culture and impose collectivist authoritarianism, or will we preserve our culture and stop them?

Separated at birth?

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