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Gates of Vienna Blog Articles from Scholar and Author Takuan Seiyo

January 22, 2013

 Editor’s Note: I first came across Mr.Seiyo over at The Gates of Vienna Blog. He is an amazing writer and scholar on many things. I highly recommend his writings. ZTW

Takuan Seiyo was born in Communist Eastern Europe and socialized there and then in Switzerland, France and elsewhere. He received his university education and was naturalized in the United States, but interest in some aspects of the Japanese culture took him eventually to Japan, where he now lives. He describes himself as bi-racial, tri-national, quadri-degreed, quinti-lingual and sexto-ethnic. As to religious conviction, he buys directly from the wholesaler while remaining a cultural Christian. Mr. Seiyo’s pen name is both his Japanese nickname that means “Western pickled radish,” and a symbolic way to honor one of his heroes, the 17th century Japanese Zen monk, Takuan Soho. (Note: This bio from The Brussels Journal – http://www.brusselsjournal.com/takuanseiyo)

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan.

To see the complete list of his available articles go to: The Gates of Vienna: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-bee-and-lamb-part-9-continued.html#more

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