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1Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; Joel 2:1
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Will You Stand When The Time Comes? And The Time IS Coming…

January 17, 2013

Honest Truth of Bold Tyranny

By: T.L Davis

The future is now. We are being asked a very serious question by Governor Cuomo and Barack Obama: “What are you going to do about it?”I contend that there has been only one thing that has gotten through the heads of the tryannical collectivists in our government, that the people will do absolutely nothing to preserve their rights. It was a lesson taught to them by George W. Bush when he created the Department of Homeland Security, when we were asked to sacrifice certain rights for our security. We should not have, it has only emboldened the Marxists in government of every level to make this final play.

We are there now. We have sought to tend our own business too long. We have sought peace. Our desire to somehow save the nation from within the system has failed. We don’t want to have to move away from what is familiar and relatively safe. We look around us and we have jobs; we have incomes; we have families; we have homes; we have lives that we have worked hard to preserve.

Now, we are being asked to abandon all of that to demand our rights. We ask for our rights to be respected, knowing that over the past several decades and administrations our pleas have been ridiculed, because the government has all the power, all the machines of war that they need to deny those rights and see no reason to negotiate with us at all.

We are the soldiers and sailors of the wars they have fought. We are the ones who built the tools they use to threaten us. We have created the wealth that they have used to erect our prisons. We supply the funds they use to build armies against us.

We have asked only that in return our rights be respected and our constitution be obeyed.

They laugh when we make our demands from our dinner tables and porches, because they know we don’t have the will to destroy all that we have built, all the memories of the lives given in defense of what we have built.

To them, we are nothing and they have finally decided to let us know exactly where we stand. They are not trying to placate us by listening to our demands. They laugh full in our faces for making them. They want this fight. They are pushing as hard as they can on the last shreds of restraint we have, to make us leap. I know the tactic. I have used it when I knew I could win. When I wanted domination. I recognize it.

They are strong now and we are weak. We have given them every other weapon in our arsenal to keep the peace, except one and now they want it, too.

It begins in New York. Cuomo has been summoned to start the confiscation to show us all that we are helpless, that nothing will happen, that we will all give up our arms willingly to breathe for one more day. Cuomo has taken the theory into practice and now waits to see what will happen with a demonic gleam in his eye, because he knows they will win.

I have been there.

The world waits to see what will happen in New York.

Beyond today, there are only three possible outcomes: 1) that the law will go into effect and the lie to Second Amendment resistance will be exposed, opening the door to absolute despotism; 2) that some resistance will be put up against the immoral laws passed by the New York government that will serve to justify police state actions to demonstrate to the rest of us that resistance is futile and deadly; 3) that resistance will begin, grow and start to gain momentum, drawing in some members of the government or military to the resistance and the war for restoration will begin in earnest.

None of these possibilities are good. None of them are safe. None of them are civil. All of them are bloody either at the beginning, the middle or the end.

Let it be known then, that we stayed peaceful as long as we could; that we took the insults and abuses as long as they were tolerable; that we clung to that last hope of restoration with the cooperation of the government until it was obliterated by the ultimate honest truth of bold tyranny.

We have been summoned to the field of battle by our own representatives and legislators. We have been called out as cowards. We have been ridiculed as harmless mice.

Taking history at its word, I see the fate of the nation and of patriots. Once the issue of gun ownership has been dealt with, one might only choose to stand before them and die, or kneel at the edge of a shallow grave and die. Death being death, I prefer to stand.

Posted by T.L. Davis at TL in Exile: http://tlinexile.blogspot.com/
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T.L. Davis
January 17, 2013 at 10:39 pm

I have been an admirer of Zion’s Trumpet for a long time and I thank you for quoting this post. I share your views more closely than many blogs and find myself nodding often at your posts.

    January 18, 2013 at 7:30 am

    Thank you so much Sir! The shared views are mutual and thank you for being a well articulted voice of reason in this upside down world we are living in. If only we could convince more people to stand up for our liberty and freedom. Keep fighting the good fight! ZTW

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