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Sotomayor is the New Skank Bitch of SCOTUS

January 6, 2013

A Real Skank in SCOTUS

From Reg T
Back on the 6th of December, I posted an article about the company called Hobby Lobby, which sells craft supplies. The article was called “No Waivers for Christians”, because this business was denied a waiver on Obamacare due to the owner’s religious objections to paying for insurance which provides for abortions. Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court appear to believe that the First Amendment doesn’t really mean anything – just as they believe about the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth.Many unions, as well as a number of businesses owned by friends of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other perverted scuzbags, have been given waivers just because they don’t want to have to pay the fines the law now requires for those who do not provide medical insurance for their employees. People with legitimate religious objections to providing insurance which covers abortion – including the Catholic Church – have been told to pound sand, as they will not be given waivers like the ones given to friends of the high and mighty in our government.

Several businesses, groups, and individuals have sued in court to fight the payment of fines for adhering to their religious convictions. Some Federal court judges (will miracles never cease) have actually issued injunctions protecting those folks from being hammered with massive fines, at least until they have had their day in court.

Enters this b*tch, the Skank of SCOTUS:

This ugly – inside as well as outside – skank is “Justice” Sotomayor. The Obama appointee to SCOTUS who feels a “wise Latina” should be able to legislate from the bench. A sick Marxist who is determined to apply her personal agenda to the Court, rather than performing the job she took an oath to perform – defending and supporting the Constitution. Just looking at her makes me want to hurl, in all senses of the word.
I have not read how she came to the decision she made, but she ruled on her own that the owners of Hobby Lobby (and a Christian bookstore) did not have any standing to seek justice from SCOTUS. That means they will be hammered, crushed by .Gov with massive fines while waiting to get their day in Court (SCOTUS, which we all know is where it will end up). So, rather than using her position to support the Constitution, and protect the First Amendment rights of the people of this country, this “wise Latina” has decided to punish them instead.
Even if their position that their religious objections must be honored wins in the end, they will most likely be driven out of business by the costs of fighting their case. Or, they will be forced to close the business in order to avoid the fines and the cost of litigation, which will put thousands of more people out of work. Good going, “wise Latina”. I hope you rot in Hell for eternity, if such is possible. If not, I would be quite pleased if something horrible, painful, humiliating, and ultimately fatal overtakes you in the not-too-distant future, like pancreatic cancer, perhaps. It would be no less than you deserved.
From Hell on Earth: http://hellonearth-1.blogspot.com/
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