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Liberal Commies Want to F#*k up Wikepedia (As if it Wasn’t Enough Already)

December 5, 2012

Academics Launch Wikipedia Propaganda Blitz

If you think Wikipedia is biased and unreliable now, wait until these kooks are done with it:

Prominent gender and media studies professors from across the country converged recently to help host what was dubbed by organizers as a “Feminist, Anti-Racist Wikipedia Edit-a-thon” to create or influence dozens of entries on the online encyclopedia.

A Claremont Graduate University endowment fund sponsored the effort, which promoted creating and “improving” entries dedicated to: feminists; feminist theories; science studies; science, technology and society; human sexuality; artificial intelligence; and film theory; according to an email that announced the event to the Claremont Colleges community, as well as the “Edit-a-thon Wikipedia Page.”

“This event is … proposed because an increasing number of undergraduates are utilizing digital humanities techniques in their research, as well as studying and publishing their findings using the Internet and online spaces that can be hostile, sexist, hierarchical, overly entertainment-focused, and identity neutral,” states a blog post on the Claremont Digital Humanities website. “The Feminist/Anti-Racist Digital Humanities BLAIS project encourages more complicated expressions of difference and identity in online spaces.”

What the unenlightened think of as reality is actually only a malleable social construct. It can be changed at will so as to assert the primacy of “identity.” For example, two plus two may equal four for narrow-minded white male Christians, but only cognitively challenged homosexual African American dwarves can determine what it may equal for them — although condescending college professors reserve the right to determine it on their behalf.

The professors involved aren’t talking, so it remains unclear what bizarre alterations may have been made to Wikipedia entries. We do know that there is plenty of flakey liberal crap passing itself off as fact on Wikipedia. In the future, there will be even more:

[M]ore “Wikistorms” are in the offing, according to the inaugural effort’s organizers.

Alarmingly, the Wikistorm initiative isn’t limited to social science subjects, where people know to put on their hip waders in advance:

Its agenda also included a roundtable discussion on “feminist, anti-racist approaches to technology,” according to organizers.

Maybe they will explore the topic of how you can get a windmill to produce as much electricity as a nuclear plant by explaining to the windmill that you are historically oppressed and will suffer low self-esteem if it doesn’t crank out enough watts.

Libs are making sure you get what you pay for.

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