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Let’s All Get Us Some of ‘em Entitlements!

December 5, 2012

Social Security Disability Becomes Popular Career Choice

Even after liberals have remade America in their own image, there will still be a place for men. That place will be on the Social Security disability roles:

In 1960, some 455,000 workers were receiving disability payments. In 2011, the number was 8,600,000. In 1960, the percentage of the economically active 18-to-64 population receiving disability benefits was 0.65 percent. In 2010, it was 5.6 percent.

One reason for the explosive growth is that you no longer need to be disabled to be disabled.

[Nicholas] Eberstadt [author of A Nation of Takers: America's Entitlement Epidemic] points out that in 1960, only one-fifth of disability benefits went to those with “mood disorders” and “muscoskeletal” problems. In 2011, nearly half of those on disability voiced such complaints.

It wouldn’t be easy for bureaucrats to prove that somebody doesn’t feel sad or have a backache. Fortunately for them, they don’t have to prove it. Their objective is to load as many dependents on the federal gravy train as possible.

As with every other serious problem we face, the situation is deliberately being made worse under the Obama Regime:

Between January 2010 and December 2011, there were 1,730,000 new jobs and 790,000 new people collecting disability.

It’s all part of the “fundamental transformation” of America into something unworthy of the name, which is personified by Obama but did not begin with him.

In 1948, 89 percent of men age 20 and over were in the workforce.

In 2011, 73 percent were. Only a small amount of that change results from an aging population. Jobs have become physically less grueling and economically more rewarding than they were in 1948.

The difference is that liberalism has had a couple generations to rot away our souls.

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