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GroupThink – If You Don’t Think Their Way …Then Out With You.

November 27, 2012

Foster Parents Have Children Removed for Being Members of Conservative Party

In light of Obama’s reelection, it is hard to believe things could get worse in the USA. But they can, and they will — as confirmed by Britain, which is a few steps ahead of us on the progressive road to self-imposed ruin. In that once free country, foster children are removed from parents deemed by the liberal establishment to have politically incorrect views:

A council has refused to back down over its decision to remove three children from their foster parents because their membership of the UK Independence Party meant that they supported “racist” policies.

“Racist” in Britain usually means failing to support the displacement of the native population with hordes of Islamic welfare colonists like Abu Qatada.

The children taken from the alleged “racists” are foreigners and ethnic minorities.

Joyce Thacker of the council’s Director of Children and Young People’s Services bleats about the children’s “cultural and ethnic needs” and UKIP’s resistance to the form of social corrosion called multiculturalism, even while admitting that the quality of care the couple has provided is not an issue. Evidently the authorities are worried that they might assimilate into British culture, which would defeat the purpose of importing them.

“Racism” isn’t about race. It’s about culture. More specifically, it is about the liberal ruling class replacing Britons (and Americans) with members of a culture more conducive to authoritarian statism.

Hated by liberals: the ultimate endorsement.

On tips from Dean D, Smorfia48, Kevin in Auburn WA, and Henry.

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