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1Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; Joel 2:1
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Welcome to The New Communist America – And No One to Blame But Ourselves

November 13, 2012

Our Enemy Is Ambiguity

The election of Mitt Romney, while no panacea in itself, would have offered the oppressed masses the opportunity to expose the excesses and abuses of the Obama Administration. That opportunity is lost and along with it any recourse to election fraud that most probably took place. There will be no healthy cleansing of the political system, ever.

This is the poignant fact: America cannot recover from the economic and political corruption it now suffers. The media will never expose those in power, they are tied to them politically and see themselves simply as generals coordinating the future they have long worked to secure.

The flagging economy is merely an excuse to prosecute the social justice the Marxists in the media champion. The damage done by Obamacare will be recast in a positive light even while the elderly are cleansed from the non-contributing sector of society. Since the elderly are often the most wealthy, this will be done apace to redistribute their wealth through an aggressive death tax and to filter their funds down to those more heavily taxed and likely to put the funds through the economy.

The TSA is the modern SS. DHS is nothing other than an internal Gestapo. In the name of terrorism, we are all suspect.

The single and only limiting factor to the sudden devolution of the United States into a communist power would have been the election of Mitt Romney and I take no pleasure in expressing that fact. I was not a fan of Mitt’s nor a backer, but I did support his election over legitimizing Obama’s policies and practices.

Those who voted for their own goodies and payoffs will find that they don’t materialize. They will realize too late that they have been duped. I feel no sympathy for them. They are the foolish and gullible that have always existed in America. Prior to today, we could tolerate them; we could afford the luxury of their presence in our society, no more.

We have been no champions for our cause, either. We lack focus. We lack will. No one wants to be the sacrificial lamb. No one wants to be first. No one wants to take the heat for a huge majority of the population who are rightfully outraged.

For once we need to focus. We need to agree on something, or we will be nothing but by-standers to the political carnage that faces us today. If we cannot stand for something that will appeal to those likely to be displaced by the coming regulations, restrictions and increased unemployment we will lose an invaluable opportunity.

Do we focus on the treason of the media? Do we focus on the TSA? Do we focus on the DHS? The IRS? The Patriot Act? Do we focus on Obamacare and the jobs lost due to it? Do we focus on abuses of federal and local law enforcement?

We need to present an option to the increasingly disaffected, ticked off and abused. If we are the III, then let us act as the III in highlighting the abuses of our focus. We could use our blogs to focus not on every issue that raises our ire, but one single issue, one single focus, drilling down deeper and deeper until we expose everything we can on it, those who make the decisions, those who carry out the actions, names, places, addresses, etc. Expose them, open them up to the risk meted out by the oppressed.

We need to become an effective opposition group. The Tea Party is dead, useless, ineffective because they were not able to do anything other than assimilate into the opposition. We must be vigilant, even militant. We have no allies in this corrupt government. No corrupt government official can be of use to our cause which is simply the rightful exercise of our rights. If they are in government, they are corrupt and in opposition to our Constitution and our liberty.

Posted by T.L. Davis at T.L in Exile: http://tlinexile.blogspot.com/
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