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Maybe We Can Still Get One True American Patriot into Congress

November 9, 2012

Report: Allen West Now Leads Initial Vote Count In Dem-Leaning County…

Cross your fingers.

Via The Blaze:

Rep. Allen West is leading by more than 300 votes in Palm Beach County, Fla., a hopeful sign for the Tea Party favorite fighting for his political life after Tuesday’s election, a source told TheBlaze.

. . .But a Republican observer who has been monitoring the counting process said West pulled ahead in Palm Beach County on Thursday as the initial count continues. Ballot printing errors led to ballots that could not be fed through scanners in some areas, so Florida election workers have been forced to reproduce their contents onto new ballots that can be read properly, the observer said. As the votes are counted for the first time, West has taken a slim lead. [...]

The observer called St. Lucie County more Republican in makeup while Palm Beach County is a mix but overall Democratic.

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From Weasel Zippers: http://weaselzippers.us/

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