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Charles Krauthammer on Last Nights Depressing Debacle…

November 7, 2012

Krauthammer: Obama Won Small, He has no Mandate, He’s Going to Continue to Govern From the Left (Video)

November, 7, 2012 — nicedeb

Charles Krauthammer didn’t mince words tonight when asked what he thought Obama’s second term is going to look like. He said since Obama  didn’t campaign on ideas, anything large or important  (his popular vote win will be very small) he will go back to what he is – a man of the left and he will try to push his agenda through with what he thinks is a mandate and we will be right where we were a year ago with the debt ceiling argument, next year, and the problem is the country will slide because I don’t see give on either side, particularly with a President who has a very weak mandate for a second term.

Krauthammer’s take on Obama’s reelection was so depressing, he (a licensed psychiatrist) offered to write prescriptions to the Fox audience. He ended on a more positive note about the next wave of Republican standard bearers who are promising conservatives as opposed to a Northeastern liberal Republican.


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