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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

November 4, 2012

What a Gas

Instinctively hostile to economic liberty, the liberal governors of New York and New Jersey have imposed price controls on gasoline, destroying the incentive for the free market to provide gas from other parts of the country in the aftermath of the mayhem Sandy wrought upon local refineries, as Reason aptly explains:

Unsurprisingly, Obama’s bosom buddy Krispy Kreme Christie has forced himself to fall back upon the authoritarian tactic of rationing.

But not to worry; the same government that breaks your kneecaps is always there to hand you a crutch paid for by some other guy. Unfortunately, the crutch is always defective:

Free gas came with gallons of chaos. …

The trouble-plagued giveaway began when Gov. Cuomo’s officeannounced in the morning that officials would try to ease the post-Sandy gas crisis by giving out free fuel to both “emergency vehiclesand the general public.”

The gas was to be dispensed from trucks at five locations around the area — and throngs of desperate drivers showed up to fill their tanks.

But by the afternoon Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing rolled back the offer of free gas, announcing that fuel was intended for emergencyvehicles first and foremost.

The change came after the US Department of Defense — which provided the gas in coordination with the National Guard — said the gas was only for first responders.

A Cuomo-administration source blamed the mix up on the military.

Bleated the source,

“It’s not our fault.”

Despite Big Government’s characteristic incompetence and blame-shifting, some civilians were able to obtain free gas to go with their Obama phones. They had to wait in line for hours, and line cutting was rampant, but at least someone else was forced to pay for it.

The proposed solution for the gasoline shortages caused largely by government meddling is as always more government meddling:

Elected officials in both New York and New Jersey said they’d push forlaws requiring gas stations to have generators to supply fuel in a similar crisis.

A commenter at the liberal Daily News summed up the free government gas farce:

“These people don’t even have cars. They getting Obama gas and selling it on the side streets.”

Even in areas controlled by moonbats, some form of capitalism will spontaneously emerge to meet people’s needs. But maybe if statists pass just a few more laws, everyone will have everything they need for free.

Lining up for free government gas in Brooklyn.

On tips from Ghost of FA Hayek, Wiggins, Bob Roberts, Lyle, and Bo-Jangles.

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