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1Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the LORD cometh, for it is nigh at hand; Joel 2:1
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An Overview of The Brett Kimberlin Saga From Bob Belvedere – Zion’s Trumpet Stands With All Of Our Blogger Friends Against This Menace That Threatens Us All.

May 25, 2012

D-Day: OPERATION #BrettKimberlin Is Underway [Updated Below]

25 May 2012 @ 11:05

[NOTE: I will be updating this post throughout the day and evening.]

Bloggers, Tweeters, and Other Members of the Allied Internet Force!

You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the Leftist war machine, the elimination of Progressive tyranny over the oppressed peoples of The West, and security for ourselves in a free online world.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He has many friends within the governments at all levels. He will fight savagely and unfairly. He lives by the creed: ‘by any means necessary’.

But this is the year 2012! Much has happened since the Leftist triumphs of 2006-2008. The Rightosphere has inflicted upon the Leftists great defeats, in open battle, man-to-man. Our ridicule offensive has seriously reduced their strength on Twitter and their capacity to wage war on the Internet. The tide has turned! The free men and women of the online world are marching together to Victory!

I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in this battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory!

Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

SIGNED: General Robert ‘Bob’ Kurtz-Belvedere

-If you read one post on this Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, please make it Patterico’s entitled: Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert, and Their Campaign of Political Terrorism.

It shows you all of the methods being used by these Leftists in their campaign to destroy people on the Right and and anyone on the Left who dares rise to our defense, who do not follow The Party Line, who refuse to look the other way as they carry out their nefarious schemes. Patterico’s post exposes this cabal’s strategy and tactics, how these Leftist thugs terrorize honest, decent, law-abiding people. When you read it, you will also see how Patterico almost was killed as these bastards SWATted him [BTW: One of the things you will find out is that Ace has been a target].

-Ali Akbar and the folks over at the National Bloggers Club have, once again, stepped up to help, as Stacy McCain [still in hiding with his family] informs us:

The National Bloggers Club has been a valuable ally in supporting and defending bloggers targeted by harassment and intimidation. Today is “Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin Day.” I join with National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar in sincerely requesting that readers concerned about defending First Amendment rights online visit the club’s special site, KimberlinFiles.org, and please give generously. Fellow bloggers can help by including the image and link in their coverage of the Kimberlin case.

-Also, check out the resource site Who Is Brett Kimberlain? here.

-That Innocuous Girl has put together a timeline of events in Kimberlin’s past that is quite useful. As she explains:

…my effort is to give you a brief timeline of events during the investigation into the Speedway bombing, with some explanation. I’ve taken this info from four basic articles, which you can find here, here, here, and here . I’m offering this information only as reporters did at the time of the trial and later, so that you understand what leads the police were following…

Well done.

-Michelle Malkin:

Update May 25 midnight: As I noted on Wednesday, blogs and Twitter users are uniting today for Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin. This post will remain the lead story all day so that newcomers to this ongoing story can get the basics. The list of bloggers below who have stepped forward to write about Kimberlin — and support those he has attacked — will continue to be updated throughout the day. E-mail if I have missed you. New blog post excerpts and latest developments will also be added below. Just keep scrolling. Patterico reminds readers that a left-leaning lawyer and left-leaning blog were also targeted, which I want to make sure to note. Be sure to check Patterico’s blog for more revelations about his plight. Also bookmark Aaron Walker’s blog, Stacy McCain’s, and Liberty Chick Mandy Nagy’s Twitter feed. Read the comprehensive investigative piece Mandy wrote at Breitbart.com that set all the insanity in motion.

Mandy and Aaron will be on Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby’s radio show at 7am ET to talk about Kimberlin. Please remember: Kimberlin is a radical, violent, lying, dangerous felon. This is literally a matter of life and death, freedom vs. terrorism. We side with life and freedom.

Update II: Ali Akbar of the National Bloggers Club has stepped up to the plate and set up a donation page to help support the bloggers targeted by Kimberlin. Please help here if you can.

-While Mark Tapscott, executive editor of The Washington Examiner, has joined the fight, too many of the mucky-mucks on the Right have not. Ladd Ehlinger is justifiably angry with the people running Breitbart.

Tweet Joel Pollack and Larry O’Connor [ @joelpollak @LarryOConnor ] and ask why they aren’t involved in this offensive.

-LD Jackson is not afraid, like some others, to be involved:

Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between Brett Kimberlin and Bill Ayers? They both liked to blow up things and people, both are unrepentant of their crimes, and both have fans in the liberal crowd. I can’t help but wonder why liberals are so attracted to criminals such as Brett Kimberlin and Bill Ayers.

Since the beginnings of the Tea Party revolution, the liberals have accused us of being disorderly, rude, vicious, etc. Many on the left have said they have worried that violence would ensue from the gatherings of normal Americans who were concerned about their country. Once again, we see the liberals are guilty of the very charges they have directed at conservatives.

Some may wonder why I would write about Brett Kimberlin. I’m sure he hasn’t a clue who this small time blogger from Oklahoma is. The answer is simple. There is very little in this world I despise more than a bully and Brett Kimberlin is just such a man. He is a felon, convicted of heinous crimes against his fellow citizens, who had done him no harm. In my own small fashion, this is my way of spitting in the face of the bully and standing with my friends around the blogsphere. I’m doing my best to have their back.


-I’ll be doing a link list later on, but, in the meantime, do check out the following aggregations:

= Smitty [who throws in some much-needed humor]

= AskMarion

= Hogewash

= Radio Patriot

= Doug Ross

-As I stated, I will be updating this throughout today. Feel free to copy and paste any part of this post in a posting of your own. If you’ve got an aggregation up, please let me know in the comments; I’ve got a growing list, but doing so makes sure I don’t miss you when the time comes to publish the list.

-I’ll be back…

UPDATE at 1913…

-REMEMBER: Use the hashtag #BrettKimberlin if you send any Tweets about this story.

-John Hawkins has published an interview he conducted with Stacy McCain.  A highlight:

McCain: Exactly…Brett Kimberlin knows where I live; it’s an implicit threat. You can look at Brett Kimberlin’s record as a convicted terrorist. He conspired to kill the prosecuting attorney and at least one key witness in the case against him. That’s according to the Indianapolis Star. You can look it up. You know these are facts that are unrefuted. When someone like that indicates that they know where you live, the threat is implicit. I’m not going to be there anymore. I mean we’re gone. We’re history. We’re out of there.

-If you read Patterico’s post that I linked at the top of this one, you now understand what SWATting is.  In the Comments section below, Adobe Walls is spot-on:

This isn’t merely an attempt to stifle speech but elements of the “cold” civil war being waged in this Republic. The tactics of “swatting”, inciting racial violence, Fast and Furious and the ATF’s current plans to restrict access to most shotguns available for defense are “hot” elements of this cold war. “Swatting” is an attempt to kill, essentially no different than a booby trap. We need to recognize the difference between threats to “civil discourse” and civil war, that distinction changes the rules.

-Jeff Dunetz has posted an excellent summation of Brett Kimberlin’s career that complemnets That Innocuous Girl’s timeline that I linked above.  Velvet Hammer’s post fills in some details and links to The Blaze’s exposé.

-Over at his blog, Dustin has published a memorial to Carl De Long, the Vietnam Veteran who was so serverely injured by one of terrorist Brett Kimberlin’s bombs that he ended up taking his own life.  Requiescat in pace.

-Dan Collins’s piece over at The Conservatory is a must-read.  A highlight:

Kimberlin first ingratiated himself to the left by telling lies from prison about Dan Quayle, claiming that he’d dealt pot to the prospective Vice-President. On the other hand, the people who ferreted out and told the truth about Anthony Wiener became targets of his vicious sociopathy. And although Kimberlin has been known to lie in court on occasion—by which I mean regularly, and (perhaps) most recently by claiming that Aaron Walker beat him—he has claimed to have met personally with members of Congress. This is a claim that we mean to inspect.

Kimberlin has made a practice of attempting, with some success, to deprive people of their livelihood and their rights. It’s time, for starters, that he was deprived of his livelihood, since he subsists on the ‘charitable’ contributions of the left, given to him through his tax-exempt sinecures, the Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution. He has attempted, too, to bring charges under RICO against Patterico (whose name probably suggested the scam to him), Nagy, and others. But whose behavior here reeks of coordinated criminal activity, anyway? Not his victims’.

Kimberlin’s supporters are either deluded or mentally ill, but once again there is likely a good deal of overlap between those two categories.

And in the end, Jerry and Walt are perfectly right: those media outlets which have had this story brought to their attention and have not spoken are in effect condoning this behavior. And I want to make this clear: they owe us. They might not like to think about it, but much of what they cover is first dredged up or rounded into shape here in the blogosphere. Their egos may not permit them to acknowledge it, but even supposing they don’t believe that there are real journalists among us, or not many (though people like Mandy ought to get their props), we are the ones who distribute and amplify their stories. We bring them eyes and ears. We don’t ask for much, but we are here to collect.

You like to talk a big game about freedom of expression, MSM. It’s time to get some balls and help stop this Svengali of Nuts.

-Several of the conservtive new media organizations who we have been berating have finally joined the fight.

= Kerry Picket at The Washington Times.

= Breitbart News and, also, Dana Loesch.

= Mark Krikorian at NRO.  It’s a start.

-More to come, but I wanted to get this Update published.

UPDATE at 1949…

-William Jacobson has up the interviews Glenn Beck did with Patterico and Aaron Walker.

-King Shamus has the 411 on the Tides Foundation, which has given monies to Brett Kimberlin’s ’non-profit’ Justice Through Music Project, and is a reputed money-laundering operation for George Soros and his Leftist pals.

-Over at United Liberty, Kevin Boyd reports on the JTMP’s direct connection with the U.S. State Department [tip of the fedora to Taxpayer1234].

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Banana, meet Republic.

-More on it’s way.

UPDATE at 2043…

-J. Christian Adams believes convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin may be in violation  U.S. Code [tip of the fedora to TOM Commentator DaveO].

-Donald Douglas and Jeff Goldstein have been targeted by Leftists this week.

= Donald received a death threat [please link him].

= Jeff has been threatened by the BreitbartUnmasked [who may or may not be Brett Kimberlain].  Dumb move:

So when I read “Film at 11 as they say” coming from someone (potentially) with a demonstrable history of violent offenses, I take such dark tidings seriously. I won’t be bullied. And the quickest way to get me working actively against you is to try to assert your dominance over me.

It’s an American thing. A liberty thing. Those who pimp for progressivism wouldn’t understand.

That’s the Wolverine Spirit!

-Lisa Graas is bang-on:

This story should not be treated as a difference of opinion between Right and Left. It should be treated as a troubling reality about politics in America. That is that there are some who are willing to harbor terrorists. Unfortunately, the view that this is somehow okay has itself become mainstream because some well-known people have championed it….

Let us not forget: all Leftists have rejected Morality and therefore are free to commit and act that furthers their ends.  Let also not forget that many of those people who have embraced Leftism have done so because they hate themselves and the world — they are Nilhilists.

-Mike Hendrix, I think, is right:

Read all of the incredible, sick-making story [he's referring to Patterico's post]–which includes some perfectly typical and disgusting bile spewed by some of the violence-supporting left-wing animals who think things like this are just peachy–and gird your loins. Because it’s going to come down to shooting with these vermin eventually, if we’re to retain any rights at all. Patterico wouldn’t like me saying that, I’m sure; I don’t much like having to say it myself. But it’s a mere acknowledgment of current reality: we are in a cold war with neo-Marxists who are trying to steal our country, have already done enormous and probably permanent damage to it, and will stop at nothing–absolutely nothing–to see to it that our voices are silenced. That war must inevitably go hot, unless we’re willing to surrender to them.

Call me cynical for believing this cold war will inevitably go hot.

-More soon.

UPDATE at 2249…

Gator Doug is dead solid perfect:

So, why wold I, or any other blogger take part in exposing Kimberlin? Why would we make a target of ourselves? Well, simply put, I, and every other blogger telling this story is already a target aren’t we? I blog about the Left every day, I try to expose their agenda every day. So, the Left proven their penchant for targeting folks like me over and again. That leaves me, and all the other bloggers with a choice. Either keep doing what we love to do, or, do what the Brett Kimberlin’s want us to do, that is SHUT UP! Sorry, I am not going to be forced into silence by a thug.

There is a another point that needs to be stressed here. Why are bloggers becoming the target of choice for the Left? More than talk radio, more than Conservative columnists, more than Fox News? Well, we are most times the source of breaking news and commentary aren’t we? I do not remember the last time I listened to talk radio and heard a subject discussed that I, or Ed, or some other blogger had not already delved into. Often times bloggers are days ahead of talk radio. And there are no sponsors to target for most of us. Most of us do not have careers in media, we are not talking heads on CNN or Fox, we are everyday folks doing our best to fight for American principles. We are many, from the blogger who gets a few hits a day, to the blogger getting several hundred visits a day, to those, like this blog, that gets 3-4,000 a day, to blogs that get tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of hits a day. And we are VERY hard to control. That is what makes us all targets for the totalitarians like Kimberlin.

Kathy Shaidle has the video of Ezra Levant’s monologue on Kimberlain.  I heard it and it’s brilliant.

Jimmie Bise:

I know what you may be saying to yourself right now. “Jimmie, lying felon Brett Kimberlin has done some reprehensible things, sure, but why on Earth should I care what one guy I’ve never heard of is doing to a bunch of other people I’ve never heard of?”. That’s a great question. Here’s your answer.

Because it can happen to you, too.

Please do take the time to read the rest of his call to arms and, also, his advice.

Dan Riehl:

Someone asked me this morning, how did this guy get away with this for so long? The fact is, he got away with it because he had the cover to do it. He didn’t make the “Hall of Fame” on the Left because influential people didn’t know who and what he was, no matter how much they will repeat that myth, if asked about Brett Kimberlin today and in the future.

And because of who and what Brett Kimberlin is, they can’t simply throw him under the bus, not as easily as they might your run-of-the-mill political activist. He’s been around too long and has been too big a player on the Left for that simple solution. In short, Brett Kimberlin knows things.

The professional left bought Brett Kimberlin. Now, they own him. What they do with him is their problem, not the Right’s. But if they don’t do what Brett Kimberlin believes to be the right, or correct thing, in what Mark Singer characterized as Brett Kimberlin’s ”weird world,” they’ll have hell to pay for it, as Brett Kimberlin, to the extent he’s a product of and destined for anything in the end, it’s Hell, make no mistake about that. Now, the professional Left has to figure out a way to get out of Brett Kimberlin’s particular version of Hell without being burned by it.

Good luck with that! As far as I’m concerned, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

From The Camp of The Saints: http://thecampofthesaints.org/

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