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Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s Main Man – Still Spewing His Usual Garbage

April 10, 2012

Jeremiah Wright Spews More Audacity of Hope

Obama’s spiritual mentor, whose sermons he attended for 20 years and inspired the title of one of his autobiographies, has given us another subtle hint into the nature of the ideological milieu that produced the Community Organizer in Chief. Highlights, via The Blaze:

• Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered three fiery sermons about faith, race and politics at Metropolitan Baptist Church in S.C.
• Wright said Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worships “some other God” outside of “Allah and Yahweh” (who are the “same” he says)
• Obama’s former pastor called Thomas Jefferson “a pedophile”
• He sees “white supremacy” driving “world policy”
• Wright condemned the U.S. military, saying, “fighting for peace is like raping for virginity.”

As for everyone being united now that the Affirmative Action mentality has placed Reverend Wrong’s pupil in the top office,

“The ignorance and arrogance of white supremacy have the movers and shapers of world policy living in a different world from people of color all together,” Wright raged on. “And the sooner you realize that the better off you’re gonna be.”

But it’s not just about race in Obama’s circles. It’s also about Marxism:

“That is called restorative justice and theology — restore the stuff that the greedy stole from the needy,” Wright continued.

People who think like this are running our government.

Obama’s spiritual and political mentors
Found at Moonbattery: http://moonbattery.com/
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