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Good Ole Cuban Health Care – Just What The Doctor Ordered.

March 30, 2012

Andrea Mitchell Continues to Push Communist Healthcare

There is clueless, there is really clueless, there is totally oblivious to reality, and then there is Andrea Mitchell. She recently traveled to the wretchedly impoverished slave state communists have made of formerly prosperous Cuba to propagandize on behalf of socialized medicine:

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell devoted part of her show Tuesday to an analysis of the upside of health care in Castro’s Cuban dictatorship. …

This is not the first time Mitchell has praised the Cuban regime.

On Tuesday, Mitchell profiled a medical school she had previously toured with Fidel Castro himself, and called the country “highly regarded for its health care.”

In this video, she uses the phrase “legendary around the world” while praising Cuban healthcare. It’s legendary, all right: among moonbats, as a sterling example of the totalitarian bureaucratic control they would like to impose; among the informed, as an unmitigated catastrophe. Here’s what Cuban healthcare looks like in real life:

cuban hospital


cuban hospital


cuban hospital

These pictures could just as easily be taken in the America of the future Andrea Mitchell et al. have planned for us.

From Moonbattery at: http://moonbattery.com/

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