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Hertz Being Sued By Damn Mooslims for Not Being Given PAID Prayer Breaks? You Gotta Be Kidding?

December 9, 2011

Ed. Note: You must be joking – right? Unfortunately – no. You know what chaps my ass? This would never be considered in a million years for a Christian or a Hindu or anyone else except these damn mooslims. This shit is totally out of control. All of a sudden the world has gone mad and these people are the only people on the planet who are supposed to receive special treatment? WTF? I am sick of it. You, too, better be sick of it because our rights are being taken from us here in the United States right under our noses and we are doing nothing about it. These f#*king mooslims have no more rights than any of the rest of us. Is any American company going to pay me to take five breaks a day to go pray if I am a Christian? Hell no they are not and SHOULD not. Whatever happened to the “seperation of church and state” bullshit that the liberals have always crowed about? All of the sudden that does not apply to this evil entity call islam? It most certainly does and should even more so since they are the only ones trying to kill us. I have not seen any Hindu terrorists lately or any Christian terrorists lately or any Buddhist terrorists lately but every damn day there are these islamic mooslim goat f#*kers all over the world killing themselves and others with bombs, guns, sticks, rocks, any damn thing they can get their hands on. I hope Hertz stands up to these shit heads but I’m not holding my breath. I am pissed and I am Nugene Culpper.


25 Somali Muslim Asslifters sue Hertz for not giving them several paid prayer breaks per day

Posted: December 8, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Islam in America | 32 Comments »

Twenty-five former Hertz drivers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport have filed a lawsuit claiming they were fired based on their race, religion, and nationality. Hopefully, Hertz will fight them and not dhimmi (one who submits to Islamic intimidation) themselves and re-hire them or settle out of court.

The former employees are Muslims who were born in Somalia.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in King County Superior Court claims Hertz terminated them after they refused to clock out for prayers. The lawsuit claims they had not been required to clock out previously, and the rules were changed to target Somali Muslims.

Hertz officials could not be reached for comment after business hours. But a spokesman said previously that other drivers who were suspended in September returned to their jobs after agreeing to clock out.

The workers who are suing want to be reinstated with back pay, plus reimbursement of lost benefits and attorneys’ fees.

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